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  1. SLF True Identity has been revealed on Pie and Bovril You will need to visit P and B to find out though Chop Choo
  2. Ross County on BT
  3. Tue 16 Montrose A Sun 21 Ross County H 3pm BT Wed 24 Brechin H Sat 27 Forfar A
  4. Nothing new. Most folk would know this
  5. Callum Fraser John Stewart Callum after Callum Davidson Fraser. We both liked John Wife's Dad's name
  6. If you're into that kinda thing I prefer the auld way
  7. It's not a rumour I was definitely at McDiarmid yesterday in East Stand
  8. Rumours that Doolan was at McDiarmid yesterday
  9. According to Tommy there have been no negotiations It's all made up shite by his Agent Jackie ****in McNamara No calls from Rangers and or Derby Just made up shite Saints have however offered a new deal Time will tell if any concrete offers do come in but for now I believe Tommy
  10. Ps your starting to sound about as tight as Chubb
  11. I'll trill you ya numpty. Away into yer box and pull yer lever. Seriously Regarding poty It's a much better occasion with a meal first and I take it you were not in attendance at the old Tay Motel Saints Club when we had a marquee event with food. It was braw until an ex keeper started acting like a t***.
  12. Don't agree it's for kids It should be for Adults and kids I had some great nights at poty with my son Also the food until the last one I went to at Tulloch was excellent So I don't see how you could expect that to be free.
  13. No idea what your on about but if you mean normal nights, then I'm not sure, however functions are different In a ten year spell I have had over 200 at my 50 around 200 at my 30th wedding anniversary and over 150 at my 60th Added to that have been part of organising functions with well over 100 So not sure what your trying to say.
  14. Ando played for Patrick today so don't think that's possible.
  15. McMillan no where near Accies squad either
  16. No sign of Watt today. Could be correct.
  17. I'm no steamin £4.70 a pint at Barrowlands. No too braw.
  18. Just home from the Specials 40th Anniversary Tour at the Barrowlands Much brawness.