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  1. It would be more of a surprise if there was a home match on a Saturday. Since the beginning the season on 14th July only nine Saturday home games, this includes League Cup and Scottish Cup. There have been only two home fixture on a Saturday since the Motherwell game on the 15th of December. The next hope of a Saturday home match is after the split on the 20th April. So only two home games on a Saturday in over four months. No wonder season ticket sales and crowds are on the decline. It is complete madness to have so many scheduled midweek fixtures in the middle of winter. You will not attract the Old, young children or people who have to travel any distance on cold nights.
  2. We have played Celtic four times at Parkhead in the Scottish Cup. 1936 won 2-1 Jimmy Beattie both goals 1969 lost 3-2 Hall equalised for Saints to make it 1-1 Celtic went on to lead 3-1 Connolly scored late consolation. This is not what is reported in Manifest Destiny, as they mix it up with a league game at Muirton which Saints led 2-0 at half time and lost 2-3. Hall and Connolly scored. 1986 lost 2-0 2003 lost 3-0 Saints have only played Celtic once in Perth in the Scottish Cup, that was in 1932 losing 4-2 Jimmy Benson scoring Saints goals. Lost semi final at Hampden in 2007 2-1 Martin Hardie scored.
  3. We have knocked Celtic out of the Scottish Cup at Parkhead in 1936 2-1 with Jimmy Beattie scoring both goals. So it is time to do it again with Tony Watt getting two goals.
  4. The gate will be split as this is a cup tie. I think if the match is televised Saints and Celtic get £21,500 each. The prize money for reaching the quarterfinals is £60,000.
  5. I think the other over age player was Brian Wilson who we must have signed from the Beach Boys!
  6. The other four teams in our Betfred Group were all at home and all lost.
  7. His protruding teeth I think. Which were more obvious in early photographs of him. This was an age before political correctness.
  8. Alex Rennie one of the all time greats. A player who could play in any position and never let us down. He arrived at Muirton in late October 1967 from Stirling Albion in a swap deal for Bruce Munro (ex Kinnoull Juniors). Munro I think on his debut for Albion scored 2 goals against Rangers. We at the time thought what has Ormond done but as we were to learn he didn’t make bad signings. To begin with Alex was mainly in the reserves but you could tell he was a talented player. I don’t think that Willie Ormond knew what his best position was and I remember him playing centre forward against Keith in a Dewar Shield match and scoring a hat trick. In a match against Morton in late 68 Saints were 3-0 down and put Rennie up front and he scored 2 goals but unfortunately that was not enough. This was a time that you could see Saints were beginning to click and soon went on winning run with a settled team which didn’t include him but he was in the 13 or 14 man squad, there was only one substitute then, no Saints fan was ever disappointed if he was playing. It wasn’t until the end of season 70-71 that he became an automatic choice and played in the 2-0 win against Rangers at Ibrox to clinch third place. He also was in the team against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu His winning goal against Rangers will never be forgotten by the Saints supporters who witnessed it. Interestingly enough at that time if both teams strips were the same colour the home team changed, something that annoyed my father no end. On a lighter note does anybody else remember the Alex Rennie song. Which was a take off of the Piglets Johnny Reggae, Here comes Alex Rennie, Alex Alex Rennie, Alex Rennie score a goal. I don’t know if there were any more lines to the song. As for his time as manager after getting promoted to the Premier League it was always an uphill struggle with a part time team and little money for players. If only Saints had held out in the Scottish Cup match against Rangers. We did beat Celtic at Muirton and Hibs at Easter Road in the League Cup and beating Hearts in the race for First Division Championship being some of the highlights. Remembering You Alex Alex Rennie. Thanks

    John Muir

    Singed from Alloa from for £10,000 with the proceeds from the 1969 League Cup Final. No keeping money for a rainy day back then. Nicked named Mano by the other players as they thought he looked like Manolito a character in the High Chaparral which was on BBC 2, one of the first programmes that was in colour here. He played a lot under Jackie Stewart and strangely a high percentage that team have passed away at a relatively young age Derek Robertson, Gordon Smith, Jim Argue , Gordon Crammond and Duncan Lambie. Thanks John for the goals and the memories.
  10. We are in a bit of a mess, with so many players out of contract at the end of the season. Yet we expect them to give their all even if they realise their contracts won’t be renewed. In the position they are in it is easy for the heads to go down. We needed more long term investment in the squad at the last transfer window, instead of a sticking plaster that doesn’t last. I don’t think we have had the best of luck this season with injuries and bad refereeing decisions. Just have to hope David McMillan is the Henry Hall type of saviour when he gets fit.
  11. That is part of the problem Steve Brown is certainly not a gambler.
  12. The most sensible thing to do would be to move the match to Wednesday. This would give the thaw an extra day to work. If the tie isn’t played this week then presumably it is next midweek.
  13. Yet again games decided by refereeing decisions.
  14. I remember in the early mid sixties seeing the players in Perth at 11am or so on a Saturday morning. They would all be at Muirton by 1pm and these are the days before warm ups etc. The players dressed in their suits would then walk out on the pitch and dig their heel into the turf at about 2pm and that was that. Most players traveled by train, don’t remember any coming by car. Ormond was the first manager who sent the team out early say fifteen minutes before kickoff and they warmed up on the pitch. In 1987 coming back from a cup game with Albion Rovers about this time of year there was a fatal accident about 50 yards in front of us and we didn’t move for over 2 hours. The cars further behind were diverted so although delayed managed back to Perth sooner. I remember the emergency services used the central reservation to get to the accident. To get back to the subject I think they should meet at 12pm and have lunch together. Most supporters leave in good time for away games to make sure they don’t miss the start of the match. So you would hope the players would be keen enough to be early for games. Kilmarnock apparently traveled on Friday, which shows how seriously they took the fixture. Do we as a club ever travel the night before to a domestic match. When will the team leave for the game at Ross County on the 27th of December? At least its an evening game. Sorry about all the rambling on.
  15. It makes me wonder why we waste money paying £20 plus to see matches that are decided by the referees and not the two teams that are playing. The standard of refereeing in Scotland is absolutely shocking and as often not you leave feeling cheated.