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  1. Tony Watt at Mcdiarmid Park Now apparently.
  2. What a difference Callum Hendry makes when he comes on. It should be one of Saints priorities to sign him on a longer contract. I think the manager has his favourites and not sure if Callum is one of them.
  3. Must be a Water Polo internationalist.
  4. This reminds me of when I was at school and it was suggested that we would should start a penny a week fund for Saints to buy Jimmy Jack from Arbroath. At school you were supposed to bring in a penny every week which I think was either for the school or donated to charity. This was the Penny A Week Fund where the idea came from.
  5. Stevie May on the bench tonight for Aberdeen.
  6. Deveronvale 0 Aberdeen 2 May did not score substituted in 64 minutes at 0 - 0. Aberdeen goals 83 and 93 minutes Ross and Ruth penalty.
  7. Stevie May in Aberdeen Development Squad for tonight’s match away to Deveronvale.
  8. This is probably the most important season ever financially, as from next season the Television money increases from £18 million to £30 million. Which is an increase of 2/3 so for example if Saints prize money was £1.4 million last season for seventh place this would increase to £2,3 million in season 20/21. If it is divided at the same ratio as It is now. I am sure St. Johnstone are aware of this and why Dundee United and Dundee are gambling with signings as they are desperate to have a slice of the cake. So do you make the signings now or wait and see how it goes until the January transfer window. This is not the season to be relegated as the differential will be huge and the parachute payments to the clubs going down at the end of 20/21 season to the Championship will make it difficult for the rest of the clubs to compete with them financially. The bottom line is it is all about money and if like Saints you don’t have a big support then prize money is everything.
  9. Car park pass not in with my season ticket. I phoned and was asked if mine was a renewal if so use last seasons pass. There was a problem with the printing and they will be posted next week. You would have expected that they would have inserted a note explaining the situation. When I went to renew my season ticket my 49th in a row, the man in front of me a new season ticket holder asked if it included entry to the sectional league cup games and was told no. I didn’t want to contradict the staff member, although I was fairly sure the two matches were included. Checked renewal letter when I got home which confirmed my thought. These are fairly simple things that you would expect them to get right.
  10. It would be more of a surprise if there was a home match on a Saturday. Since the beginning the season on 14th July only nine Saturday home games, this includes League Cup and Scottish Cup. There have been only two home fixture on a Saturday since the Motherwell game on the 15th of December. The next hope of a Saturday home match is after the split on the 20th April. So only two home games on a Saturday in over four months. No wonder season ticket sales and crowds are on the decline. It is complete madness to have so many scheduled midweek fixtures in the middle of winter. You will not attract the Old, young children or people who have to travel any distance on cold nights.
  11. We have played Celtic four times at Parkhead in the Scottish Cup. 1936 won 2-1 Jimmy Beattie both goals 1969 lost 3-2 Hall equalised for Saints to make it 1-1 Celtic went on to lead 3-1 Connolly scored late consolation. This is not what is reported in Manifest Destiny, as they mix it up with a league game at Muirton which Saints led 2-0 at half time and lost 2-3. Hall and Connolly scored. 1986 lost 2-0 2003 lost 3-0 Saints have only played Celtic once in Perth in the Scottish Cup, that was in 1932 losing 4-2 Jimmy Benson scoring Saints goals. Lost semi final at Hampden in 2007 2-1 Martin Hardie scored.
  12. We have knocked Celtic out of the Scottish Cup at Parkhead in 1936 2-1 with Jimmy Beattie scoring both goals. So it is time to do it again with Tony Watt getting two goals.
  13. The gate will be split as this is a cup tie. I think if the match is televised Saints and Celtic get £21,500 each. The prize money for reaching the quarterfinals is £60,000.
  14. I think the other over age player was Brian Wilson who we must have signed from the Beach Boys!