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  1. Perth Characters who are now deid!

    heard peace (lead singer of the Trendies 70's perth band) is dead, RIP
  2. St.Johnstone v Rangers

    can i still get a ticket for this game?
  3. Our New Council

    The paedo Tory party have lot's of connections with the rich and famous, so what could go wrong eh?
  4. Accies away!

    several arrests made...... so who all got nicked?
  5. Accies away!

  6. Accies away!

    thats whats happened jeezus feck
  7. Accies away!

    we could be down to 9 men for 2nd half according to guy on radio scotland ffs
  8. Run in for Europe

    f*ck the hobo's then
  9. Run in for Europe

    how many places are up for grabs? and which team winning the scottish cup would benefit us most?
  10. Im steaming

    the Monday club, hats off to you
  11. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    it says st john's square in pic but thats taken from the roof of city hall, the main square was behind the building in middle of pic
  12. Tommy for Rangers

    the wheels have fell off the sevco zombies bus with ICT beating them tonight, we could be 3rd in league next week if things go to plan! Stay here for europa Tommy
  13. Perth Is The Place

    ah, ok how about something like this-
  14. Perth Is The Place

    Perth has got a pretty good reputation according to people i have worked with from all over scotland, so why do so many Perth'urs keep knocking it?
  15. St Paul's Church

    Hat's off to the council for doing something cool for a change