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  1. 2-0. Game over. fckin tragic in all honesty!
  2. a bit more positive after today, we definitely have enough. We’ll be fine!
  3. sounds like we dominated them, 12 corners we had....
  4. I take it everyone saying “our season starts next week” is happy to start the season on -7 goal difference? An absolute disgrace that we are in this position at the beginning of the season, the recruitment has been shambolic! How long have we known Tony Watt wasn’t going to be playing here this season and we STILL haven’t replaced him.
  5. This long ball stuff is f**king criminal
  6. Started to play a bit towards the end of the half there, nothing to fear!
  7. Tommy lost us that game today i have to say, 541 formation ? Scandalous! Then he takes off matty kennedy, the only player who looked threatening for us. One of the worst saints performances I have ever seen!
  8. I'm just across the water in Krabi just now, was in Phuket a few days ago
  9. The next two games will not define our season though. I was meaning more in the long run
  10. Hoping MacMillan and Williams have a bit about them or we're ****ed!
  11. No cxnt can put the ball in the net - everyone knew this in the summer bar Tommy
  12. Happy to hold my hands up if proved wrong but that team selection doesn't fill me with confidence.
  13. The way were playing i do not fancy us in a bottom 6 scrap