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  1. Dave is working as a Mortgage & Protection Broker (updated on LinkedIn a couple of weeks ago).
  2. We were still 2-1 down with 10 minutes left then scored 4 times in about 6 minutes.
  3. Am assuming that you are referring to Scougall and Macca?
  4. I would say that Scougall + MOH is an upgrade on Swanson + Coulson.
  5. Surely he is finished after finishing 3rd in a league cup group. I sort of wanted him to do well to prove Kris Boyd and co wrong but it appears the guy has zero aptitude as a manager.
  6. Remember playing Aston Villa in 1988. Think we lost 1-2. Tony Daley was playing on the wing and was fastest player I have ever seen.
  7. In the past 4 years we have played Aberdeen 16 times in the league, twice in League Cup, once in Scottish Cup plus summer friendly in 2015.
  8. Would it not make more sense to play a team from say Holland or Belgium who would likely have a similar style of play to what we would encounter in Europa League.
  9. You called it right Shaggy. Alston was dreadful, the other 3 were worse than dreadful.
  10. Strange one. You would think it would be the Chairman's job to set the total budget and the Manager's job to decide how that budget is divvied up. Whatever line of work you are in, it is very demotivating if your boss doesn't delegate.
  11. Norrköping look a good team on paper. Currently joint top of Swedish league. Most of their team seem to be full internationals (according to Wikipedia).
  12. Took me back to the 7-2 win v Dundee in 1997. Two virtually identical free kick goals within minutes of each other ... scored by someone called by Leigh.
  13. If life was fair then Tommy would get a job offer from the English Championship but I don't think this is very likely in the current climate. There were 5 teams in the Championship with foreign managers this season and they all finished in the top 6 so undoubtedly more clubs will look abroad. Of the 18 teams with British managers, 11 of these had previously managed in the Premier League. Realistically, a Championship chairman is unlikely to choose Tommy ahead of a Harry Redknapp or a Steve Bruce.
  14. Browsed through Totten's autobiography today in Waterstones and there are some mildly interesting stories. Apparently Andy Millen got £500 per season as a signing-on bonus but Totten said to home he wanted to see Millen play a few games before stumping up the cash. Millen was not happy about this and they fell out. Personally, I would have paid £500 out of my own pocket at that time to get rid of Millen. He did go on to have a fairly successful career but he was one of the worst players I have ever seen in a Saints journey. Totten is obviously still VERY bitter about his sacking and this topic is covered at length. He refutes Geoff Brown's claim that he never gave young players a chance by claiming credit for the transfer fees received for Callum Davidson and Fizzy Scott. This is utter bollocks as neither of them played a first team game under Totten and if he had stayed on it is likely that both would have gone the same way as Bobby Mann and David Bingham, ie free transfers to Forfar. He blames John McClelland for knifing him in the back and goes on to claim that Herman was only his 3rd choice to be his assistant after Roy Aitken and Danny McGrain. One bizarre claim is that Steve Harrison turned down the chance to be McClelland's assistant when he realised that all the Saints fans desperately wanted Totten back as manager ! A quick skim through the non Saints sections suggested that if you like stories about what Big Jock said to Coisty on the Marble Staircase etc, then this book would be the perfect gift.