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  1. Dave MacKay Testimonial Items for Sale

    Additional Collectable Shirts Following on from the sale of the outfield shirts, there is also the opportunity for fans to get their hands on the two specially commissioned goalkeeper's tops, made specially for Dave's Testimonial Match, and which were worn on the night by Zander Clark, and a special guest goalkeeper appearance by Murray Davidson. Both shirts are signed front and back by Dave Mackay, and Zander and Murray have also signed their respective shirts. Each shirt, which would make a wonderful Christmas Present for any Saints fan are being sold at £75 each. If interested in purchasing one please private message me with name/address and contact email
  2. Dave MacKay Testimonial Items for Sale

    Please note that the large banners have been personally signed by Dave Mackay
  3. Hi 

    If still available I'll buy the top pictured banner.

    let me know how to pay.

    thank you


    1. 50yrs a Saint

      50yrs a Saint

      Thanks,  i will check and confirm it is still available, I believe it is. Can you give me name/address and telephone number and once confirmed I will get someone to phone you. Many thanks 


    2. 50yrs a Saint

      50yrs a Saint

      An email address would be good too 

  4. Free weekend

    Yes, we were due to play Motherwell away https://spfl.co.uk/news/article/new-date-for-motherwell-v-st-johnstone/
  5. Dave MacKay Testimonial Items for Sale

    The signed team sheets have now sold out!
  6. Dave MacKay Testimonial Items for Sale

    In addition to the listed items, there is also the opportunity for a couple of lucky Saints fans to get there hands on one of the two large advertising banners commissioned for "Cuptie's" Testimonial events. They picture Dave with the Scottish Cup and there couldn't be a better Christmas gift to hang on the bedroom wall of any young Saints fan. They would be the envy of all their friends. The two banners, available at £50 each, measure 1550x700mm, they are made of on tear material, with eyelets at the top and weighted at the bottom. Again they will be sold on a first come, first served basis
  7. Dave MacKay Testimonial Items for Sale

    In addition to the above items there is one additional "one off" item up for grabs. On the night an official photograph was taken of both squads, including all the Saints legends. Three were framed and signed by all of players involved. One copy was presented to St Johnstone FC, one was given to Dave himself and the other is being offered for sale to the highest bidder, prior to midnight on Friday 8th December. If you are interested please reply to this topic to register a bid. All monies raised from this and the sale of items listed above go to the Dave MacKay Testimonial Fund.
  8. Dave MacKay Testimonial Items for Sale

    Want a piece of Saints memorabilia for yourself, or as a Christmas present for a family member? There are a VERY limited number of the specially commissioned Dave Mackay Testimonial Match St Johnstone shirts, which are signed by Dave Mackay on the front and the back. They are available at £75 each and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. The shirts are in Medium and Large sizes, but due to the very small number available, requested sizes cannot be guaranteed, for those lucky enough to purchase one. There are also a small number of the specially commissioned Testimonial Match Engraved Hip Flasks available, which were presented to both of the playing squads on the night. They are for sale at £25. The flasks are engraved with the St Johnstone and Dundee FC Club Crests and the words “Dave Mackay Testimonial, St Johnstone FC v Dundee FC, 6th October 2017” We have all sung “A Team of Dave Mackay’s” and in addition to the official team sheets produced on the night there were half a dozen also printed, which did indeed show the whole Saints squad as a team of Dave Mackay’s. They have all been personally signed by Dave and, once you frame it, would make a perfect present for any Saints supporter. These are available for £5 each. If you wish to get your hands on any of the above items then please send me a Private Message detailing the item you wish to purchase. I MUST REITERATE THEY ARE BEING SOLD ON FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS, BUT THEY ARE BEING OFFERED HERE FIRST. Payment will be required before any items are handed out, and anyone unable to pick up the items from Perth will require to pay P&P
  9. Ando stripped of captaincy

    To me, Joe is a natural leader and I hope he goes on to become a Saints legend
  10. Dave Mckay Testimonial match against DUNDEE Friday 6th Oct.

    Apologies, I have copied this from elsewhere, I will check but yes I assume blue 156-160. The prize was claimed on the night
  11. Dave Mckay Testimonial match against DUNDEE Friday 6th Oct.

    Raffle winners, photographs and Match Highlights Raffle prize winners from the Testimonial match. Many thanks to all who contributed. Signed testimonial shirt: Pink 181-185 Limited edition Testimonial hipflask: Green 151 – 155 Bottle of The Macallan – Blue 155-160 Saints scarf: (Donated by St Johnstone) Yellow 106-110 Pair of Saints match tickets(Donated by St Johnstone): Blue 191-195 Dunning Golf Club four ball (donated by Dunning GC): Pink 346-350 Litres of The Famous Grouse (donated by Scone Saintees): Green 1-5, Green 241-245 Signed One Final Hurdle books (Donated by Rob McInroy): Yellow 56-60 Pink 141-145 A dozen golf balls (Donated by Bannerman Decorators): Blue 186-190 Pink 256-260 Photographs from Match Fans have been asking where they can secure photographs from the Dave Mackay Testimonial match. Check out the PPA pics on the St Johnstone FC photoshelter Video Highlights Fans looking for highlights of the testimonial match should take a look at the Dundee FC website. Their social media team have kindly allowed free access to footage.
  12. Dave Mckay Testimonial match against DUNDEE Friday 6th Oct.

    As has already been explained, the committee spent a lot of time and effort working on the match and considering opposition. It would have cost several thousands of pounds to get an English team to travel up. This was the most suitable free weekend and Championship clubs were still involved in Challenge Cup, so that ruled them all out at the time of organising. The number of opposition fans is neither here nor there. Dundee and Neil McCann were willing to play and allow a number of 'legends' to turnout and should be thanked for their participation. Rather than being critical of the people who weren't there, I'd like to thank everyone that was and who made it a memorable night for Dave regardless of the crowd.
  13. Dave Mckay Testimonial match against DUNDEE Friday 6th Oct.

    On behalf of the Testimonial Committee, a massive thank you to each and every one of you who did attend the match last night , and for those who bought a programme or raffle tickets. The crowd may not have been massive, but I know that Dave Mackay and his family really enjoyed the night. The second half of the game in particular was great fun, and now that the dream of a team of Dave Mackays has been realised, I'm now dreaming of a Saints team that once again has players of the class of Jody Morris and Paul Sheerin playing every week. These guys were a class act , and together with Gary Harkins, were, in my opinion, the best players on the park, by a country mile!
  14. Dave Mckay Testimonial match against DUNDEE Friday 6th Oct.

    For those going to the game remember the Centenary Lounge is open from 5pm , as a supporter's bar. Be patient tho as the bar serving area is much smaller than the Muirton Suite. While waiting to be served you can buy a strip of raffle tickets, with some great prizes , so dig deep! Dave Mackay testimonial match - Raffle prizes Testimonial match shirt signed by Dave Mackay Dave Mackay testimonial engraved hipflask Bottle of Macallan Single Malt Whisky St. Johnstone scarf Donated by St Johnstone F.C. Pair of tickets for St. Johnstone home match Donated by St Johnstone F.C. 4 ball at Dunning Golf Club Donated by Dunning Golf Club 2 prizes of Litre of Famous Grouse blended whisky Donated by Scone Saintees 2 prizes of One Final Hurdle book Donated by Rob McInroy 2 prizes of 12-pack of golf balls Donated by Bannerman Decorators