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  1. Kilmarnock (A) - Premiership - 05/08/17

    Someone has missed the irony in my post :-) I definitely think there needs to be a club enquiry over the mismanagement of club fund's :-) Great start and continuation of a good pre-season COYS
  2. Kilmarnock (A) - Premiership - 05/08/17

    How come Brown can find the cash to buy fouls but won't put his hand in his pocket for players?
  3. Friendlies

    What's the problem with Kane getting caught offside a few times in a game. Any striker lives most of their on pitch life offside, or at least they should, it's taking that half step back and his fellow players getting the timing of passes right that's the issue. When a striker shouts for the ball to be played, he knows where he is on the line, if a teammate thinks about it for a split second, it's too late, he be offside. You cannot criticise a striker for playing the offside line, but look to those not releasing the ball when they should.
  4. New Kit launched

    It's my team, they could wear bin bags and budgie smugglers, it would make no difference to me, I'd still support them.
  5. St Johnstone Fan Fined

    Although I like the concept of the gladiator fight off, I think it may evolve into a strictly come dancing scenario with lots of well orchestrated and choreograph pavement dancing around handbags. Bottom line if CCTV captures you or you're seen in / with a crowd acting in such a manner you're acting art and part with the crowd and guilty by your actions. Fly with the crow's and get shot with them. If you walk away, ignore the others behaviour then your innocent. The bar of whether the behaviour is deemed threatening or abusive and menacing is If the behaviour amounts to anything that a "normal reasonable member of the public would find unacceptable"
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    ? are we talking a half loaf, pint of milk and a few tatties on this shopping list or have you been peeking at his pre wish list from Santa again ?
  7. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Said I'd be surprised if one or other wasn't moved on after Hamilton. Foster must be deemed to have more to give us than Swansong. Wright's got some shopping to do without doubt.
  8. St. Johnstone v Aberdeen. Saturday 15th April 2017

    Over the past few seasons we have consistently been the best or one of the best teams after the split, being the only unbeaten team last year. A strong run this season in the same vain and a top 3 position is still achievable for us.
  9. Saints v Hearts 5/4/17

    Great result, with the others only gaining a point, clear space between us and hearts and the Gurs in our sights. COYS
  10. Accies away!

    I can't in reality see how TW can justify keeping either at the club now. There hasn't been a club I can think of over the years who has kept a player who has been involved in a fight or assaulted a team-mate. History shows they're all moved on, sacked PDQ , Hartson, Barton etc. Pro football players have passion, bear grudges, niggle and have bite about them, this would fester between the two and could boil over again at any point. TW and club cannot take that chance. Sad as both do a job and are talented players for us.
  11. The Motherwell away thread.

    Big chance for going 2 points clear today so long as we don't choke. With Hearts still to play us twice before the split we need that cushion and them to have to chase us. 1-0 Dons at the mo. COYS
  12. Tommy for Rangers

    As a manager his media training and knowledge of previous dealings with them should make him realise that they dig for headlines and sensationalism, its what sells newspapers. whether orf not there has been a call, will be a call or he hopes there'll be a call, if whats reported is true he should've kept his mouth shut or given the usual bland reply especially the day before a game which is where all his concentration should be, especially with wednesdays match. his position at saints is assured, anyone who goes to rangers coat will be on a shoogly peg unless they finish second, win a cup, qualify for europe, progress into europe and conquor all in there way, because that is what their board and fans expect. it could still be the media playing mind games, trying to be the 12th man prior to wednesday night knowing if saints win today depending on hearts, it could be a third place battle. time will tell, but he has said whats been printed i'm not impressed with him and his lapse in professionalism.
  13. Cattle trucks - the future for an away support in Aberdeen

    Is your box built with yellow Lego bricks Donald Trump style ?Hmmm, delusional, hmmm, it goes against every local and national government policy, but hey, 90% of the local residents, a large number of AFC supporters, policy makers at local and national government must all of course be wrong !
  14. Cattle trucks - the future for an away support in Aberdeen

    You try and find a space at the other end of the town, if you can and walk. There'll be no parking anywhere near the stadium and afterwards sit back and relax because the 6000 cars and buses will all be trying to get along the same road at the same as well as the normal busy non football traffic
  15. Tommy for Rangers

    BIGGER is not always better !