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  1. Manager Blasts Negative Fans

    In your opinion. I don't come on here to have a pissing contest. You've made your point. Enjoy your day
  2. Manager Blasts Negative Fans

    By your responses I take it you are of a very young age - trust me as you get older you'll learn that being able to take a position and express that opinion coherently lends itself to a more rewarding debate for the both you and the reader.
  3. Manager Blasts Negative Fans

    Are you kidding? I suspect like me you have been around St.Johnstone for a long time and are a realist. Some of the posts on the board lately have been ridiculous. If you were at the match on Wednesday you must have looked around and seen the biggest thing we have in abundance are empty seats. The bottom line is we have been punching way above our weight for a very long time and naturally we start taking this time for granted. TW's record stands up to scrutiny so even if we are a bit pissed off just now and I am one of these he deserves a chance to turn it around.
  4. Manager Blasts Negative Fans

    Very articulate. If you have the wherewithal try and and sling a few words together to explain your point of view.
  5. Manager Blasts Negative Fans

    Smashing post. Nice to see some pragmatism on the board. We are Saints not Barcelona - some fans think we should be in the top 4 every year - get real.
  6. St.Johnstone v Aberdeen - 13th December

    Totally stupid even thinking about calling for Tommy Wright's head and this has nothing to do with sentiment. We were a good side a few months ago and qualified for Europe - we have the formula but we need the players to get back to doing what were great at - closing down space and working hard to nullify the opposition. Goals are all about composure and confidence and we need a break. Last night was brutal but we are better than that.
  7. St.Johnstone v Aberdeen - 13th December

    That first half performance was as bad as I can remember from Saints. We rallied at the end of the half but don't be kidded we were all over the place at the back with Aberdeen's corner's causing havoc and the loose ball always fell to their men. We could have been 5 down at the half- I can't believe this is the same St.Johnstone who have been been disputing the top places in recent years. I think Spoony is a smashing player but he just doesn't have the motor to be playing at this level, his touch is great but he's bullied out of position too easy. I would keep him as an impact sub. I don't understand the love affair with MOH either, he was way off the pace of the game and defenses have his number by 'showing' him away from goal. If anyone is thinking we are a safe bet to stay in this league - think again. We have some huge games before the new year and we better get dug in.
  8. St.Johnstone v Aberdeen - 13th December

    I will be thinking of you Larky and hope Saints give us a win to help salve this poignant occasion for you.
  9. Manager Blasts Negative Fans

    This is a far too articulate response for this thread
  10. St.Johnstone v Aberdeen - 13th December

    Please read this tomorrow and it will right
  11. Lets keep this winning run going. Tomorrow on a brass monkey evening we welcome Aberdeen fresh from the Ibrox Panto and all its concomitant fall out! The Dons have been struggling for form like us so this could be an interesting game; haven't seen a belter at McD for ages so under the lights on a cold night lets see an old fashioned bruiser. I think we can win this and don't expect too many changes from the game at the weekend. Stevie May returns for the first time- Saints legend - now a sheep shagger let's rip in to him and remind him where he made his bones. Please discuss and lets have some positive views as always!
  12. Ibrox latest...

    McInnes tells Sevco to get it right up them!
  13. Hamilton: Plastic pitch , no Macca, low on confidence, and being sucked in to a bottom six dog fight. We need to arrest this worrying run and this would be a good game to put down a marker that we still are a quality team and have the tools keep away from trouble. I expect young Hendry to get a start this week and MOH back in the frame following his travelling troubles. Tommy needs to get his tactics and team on the money. Please discuss and lets have some positive spin for a change.
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I like Alston and still think he is quality, he needs a decent run in the team and there in lies our problem in my opinion; there is too much chopping and changing around our midfield and we can all see Muzz and Paton don't gel in the same area. I like Scougal in the middle and Muzz and Alston either side of him.
  15. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Agree with this completely and if we're relying on getting in new quality players at this stage of the season to try and save us from a relegation battle we are screwed.