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  1. SaintJet

    St.Johnstone v Aberdeen Saturday 23rd Feb

    We haven't had a decent league game to look forward to on a Saturday since before Christmas so hopefully fans will be encouraged to come out since the weather is supposed to be decent.
  2. I hate starting match threads but there is serious tardiness around these days. Lets hope we get back to winning ways in Perth. No Zander and Mikey doubtful. Hope we set up for taking the games to the Dons - we can match up well them and their " Goal Machine" Cosgrove ( Willie Millar's new idol) will meet his match in the Jason the Argonaut. I think we will win this one - lets discuss.
  3. SaintJet

    Taxi for Tommy?

    All good , I'll send you a PM so you can identify me
  4. SaintJet

    Rangers v Saints Saturday 16 Feb League Game 26

    great result! well done guys. Superb effort!
  5. SaintJet

    Rangers v Saints Saturday 16 Feb League Game 26

    I can see both being available. Even without them it will be a huge task but I'm hoping we start playing to our strength - I haven't enjoyed my Saturday evening adult beverage after a win for a long time - here's hoping.
  6. SaintJet

    Rangers v Saints Saturday 16 Feb League Game 26

    That is the key to taking home one or more points
  7. SaintJet

    Rangers v Saints Saturday 16 Feb League Game 26

    I hope we start with a recognized formation and don't try anything cute here; we need to get back to that closing down game we had in Perth a week past Sunday and hope one of our shot shy forwards can take a chance or two. There is no reason we can't cant hang with this mob and hopefully frustrate them. Lets get an early goal!
  8. SaintJet

    Murray Davidson

    I agree with a lot the aforementioned points about Muzz being off the boil but players blow hot and cold all the time; remember not that long ago Sinclair at Celtic was being lambasted about his form and he looks like he's found a spark again and is in great form A fit Muzz throwing himself into tackles and breaking up the play is great asset for us and he always chips in with a goal or two.
  9. SaintJet

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    I'm glad that 3 game stand against Celtic is over; we made a decent fist of things last weekend but playing a team with their resources in quick succession is brutal. If we are playing them again I hope it's the last game of the season when the league is won. Said earlier, lets regroup and get back to playing good football and playing with a bit more freedom; not ideal that we are at the other den of inequity this weekend.
  10. SaintJet

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    This is going to be another battle of attrition. Familiarity and two good tacticians will make this very close unless someone from Saints lets their guard down early and then it's very difficult to see us come back if we open up and push for a leveler. I hate to say this and even contemplate it but I can see a return tie in Perth- God save us!
  11. SaintJet

    Hamilton Away

    It was a pretty lame performance all round last night but lets be honest it's been coming for a while and sometimes we need a good kick up the arse to get us going again. Defending was criminal last night but we have been water tight in games before the Hearts game so hopefully this is just wee hiccup. If I have one serious criticism about the manager just now it is that we seem to be setting up the differently every time we go out nowadays and with the wealth of options at his disposal it's not surprising. Lets get back to a settled side and formation and try and stick to minimum changes.
  12. SaintJet

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Most definitely good sir; it looks like Aberdeen home in a couple of weeks if that suits you.
  13. SaintJet

    Taxi for Tommy?

    I must say very encouraging to read this. I will with great pleasure buy you a pint if this all blows over and TW is still here.
  14. SaintJet

    Taxi for Tommy?

    So you are saying Tommy wouldn't be interested?
  15. SaintJet

    Taxi for Tommy?

    It never fails to amaze me the naivety of some fans; Hibs playing gash will pull attendances of 12000. It's simple economics that they have more attraction than St.Johnstone to a prospective manager even if we have our house in order and a strong squad. TW's salary will be doubled probably more and seriously this argument that he has settled lifestyle blah blah blah and wouldn't want to move is pie in the sky. If Hibs are doing their due diligence there is a standout candidate who knows the league and has a proven track record. Better buckle up because if we manage to retain TW if HIbs come calling I'll be shocked!