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  1. It's pretty sad to see everyone getting chippy waiting on this new sensation. There is no way we will not sign someone before the window closes and we might get a pleasant surprise. There's loads of decent players in the English lower leagues who know they are not getting regular games with their respective teams who will jump at getting a move for first team football and put themselves back in the picture. It's been too damn quiet from the front office but news will break soon.
  2. This is delusional; Del went out on a limb to get May for Aberdeen and if there was any way he was back to the form he was at before he left for Wednesday I'm sure he would have got a tune out of him. I'd like to see him back because we could use him in a number of positions and his industry was never in question but to expect him to be a better player - I'm afraid that's a stretch.
  3. This is all moot. I'm bored of reading about Steve May. Either sign or leave me alone.
  4. First half we were awful. Sitting off Livi we looked liked the away team! they grew in confidence and my lasting impression of today was how much fitter they were; we were breathing out our ass near the end. Some really nervy performances today all down to lack of confidence. To be fair the team really looked like themselves after the goal and best I've seen of MOH since he has been back. Wish we could have got him more service down the right. I was sick when they got that late pen - we looked like we were determined to throw the game but fair shout to Zander who earned that new contract and boosted his confidence with a tidy save. Lets hope we have turned the corner. Kennedy was a mile ahead of everyone on the park but his fitness too looked suspect near the end.
  5. A few thoughts: I'm just back from holiday and my wi fi connection was poor but tried to keep up with developments - some of the posts were depressing. I must be honest I thought the May deal would have been done by now but I still expect to see him in the team tomorrow. Seriously some of the conspiracy theorists on this form need a reality check. Brown is a hard nose b****** like his dad but to even suggest he is trying to drive out TW is crazy. We are desperate to see some new faces like all teams but we are prudent fiscally and that is the way people will be watching St.Johnstone long after we're gone. I expect to see some new faces before the window shuts for us and if they are in the mould of Kennnedy and Dre Wright ( Remember him) I had never a heard of either before last year we are in good hands. Great to see Zander extending his contract - wish he'd get rid of that F@@@ing beard!
  6. Lets move on from May. It's sad that he has not chosen us but money talks and we have our ceiling. Frankly I was bit MEH about him coming back and my biggest issue is we have lost valuable time when we should have been looking at other targets. I'm still hopeful TW will have someone in the frame by next weekend.
  7. I don't want to be disrespectful to you but I think you are confusing our budget with a " Hearts" or "Aberdeen" type pay roll. Prudence will always be our strategy and it's why we as a wee club constantly compete with the big guns.
  8. The reality of the situation is that all this " chat" is speculation and until we receive a statement we don't know the facts. I am in full support of Brown, however, to make the right judgement call- I don't want us throwing money around on a good but in recent years unproven Goal scorer. If May wants an extra 5 grand that ain't stopping this deal - if he wants another 50K that's a game changer.
  9. These Butterkists your eating; are they from the Saints shop or did you bring them in with you?
  10. SaintJet

    Betfred Cup

    Bang on Rab, He puts a power of work in and unsettles defenses. If anyone thinks berating a young player they are so wrong.
  11. SaintJet

    Betfred Cup

    I hope in the cold light of day a few people reflect more reasonably about our performance yesterday. I thought we looked bright early on and I was reasonably happy with the effort. Of course the the two Ross goals changed the whole complexion of the game and we just couldn't get started in the second period. Every team and their dog is looking for that elusive striker to start banging in goals and we are in that same boat but I will say that some of the negativity surrounding Kane is well out of order. The lad knew he should have scored when put through and he must have felt as low as you can get when pulled. He has plenty to offer this team and like all players confidence is the key. There is so much doom and gloom surrounding the site just now and we better pull out of it soon or we really will be in desperate battle to stay in the league. Come on guys- we have a quality manger who has steered us through troubled waters before and we still have the bones of a good side lets start looking a bit more positive.
  12. We Couldn't afford to pay for Adam's football boots! Charlie Adam's Jersey hangs in the Clep Bar on Clepington Road; if he comes back up here he is on record as saying he wants to play for Dundee before he retires.
  13. SaintJet

    Betfred Cup

    Strange decision? De Ligt? He's old enough and will grow in to the role. He won't however, transform a defense lacking confidence.
  14. Oh Calm Down! I'm not convinced May would be worth his price tag so lets move on. I think our manager will be prudent enough to have another striker in the frame and there is still plenty time to add to the squad.