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  1. SaintJet

    Season Tickets

    I have missed 3 home games this year but don't have a season ticket because of personal circumstances I simply can't always manage. I will be buying a season ticket for this coming season whatever the outlook. I hope like minded Saints will understand the severity of the situation and follow suit.
  2. Season Ticket holders to get access by random ballot I suppose. I read an article that suggested that televison would be asked to assist if the worst came to worst with the 3pm curfew for live games being relaxed. It might be a way that clubs could try recoup some of the lost revenue by way of temporary subscription. We are all speculating but no doubt this is going to have a serious impact on our game. We can only be thankful that we are nearer the end of the season than the beginning.
  3. If anyone is wanting to see Saints in the next month they better be at this match on Saturday; wee Cranky has just spoken at first Ministers questions and confirmed that from Monday the advice will be that there should be no gatherings bigger than 300 people.
  4. The Irish lad with the ponytail liked the running up and down the sideline though. It drives me mad how much refs let teams add another 8 yards on when the ball has gone out of play.
  5. Really resilliant performance on Saturday. Livi are a very physical team and are extremely well drilled - our defence had to be on their mettle all game but came through with flying colours - McCart has been a brilliant addition to the team and Jason looks like getting back to his best. Praise also to Zander who has had a rough time recently but he has had a few vital saves for us lately and looked really sharp on Saturday. I mentioned that McCann was pretty ragged on Wednesday against St.Mirren but it was business as usual for him Saturday; he is an oustanding young player and his understated quiet industry in midfield keeps everything ticking over whilst probing for that killer pass. That was a great result on Saturday and when you consider our start to this campaign - if we were to beat Hibs and win our game in hand we would be on the same points as our visitors on Saturday and they have been mentioned in lofty discussions as the possible team of the season - quite remarkable!
  6. After a pretty tough outing in Paisley we're back home to tackle a very tidy outfit Livi. I recall coming back from the away game after a 1 -0 defeat thinking we could have played worse and won on another occassion. Livi are a very hard working team and have goals in them throughout their team. I happen to think their goalie is the best in the league. Hopefully young Hendry will be available and I see Holt and MOH starting. Tough game for us but Livi had hard game during the week too. We are due a win against Livingston and I think it will be tomorrow.
  7. This is an excellent idea for future games through there when Rangers are at home. The traffic was stop start for about an hour.
  8. Your quoting out of context here Mainstand. Yes, being late home is not significant at all where loss of life is involved. My postscript about the traffic was the summing up of long trying evening.
  9. Last night was brutal. This is the type of game and location that drives fans nuts. I left Dundee at 5pm and because of the Rangers and Aberdeen games the traffic was murder around Glasgow. Got to the stadium at 7.30pm only to be met with a queue of about forty Saints fans waiting at the ticket kiosk. I got in just after kick off. St.Mirren are needing our money surley they can put a cash gate on for midweek games especially against diddy teams like ours? The game was equally trying - no free flowing football, big hooves up the park aimlessly trying to pick out Stevie. The ball was like a hot potatoe and and even young McCann displayed a lack of composure which is his trademark. I thought the game was crying out for Holt who was on the bench - Spoony who is having a good season was well out of the game. I have real issues with the substitution - bringing on Swanson who hasn't had any game time for months in place of May. The game was in the balance and Craig who had been booked earlier was always going to be throwing himself in to tackles and that's exactly what happened - a complete lack of awareness that could have cost us dearly. Sorry Tommy, you got this one wrong - Liam Gordon was on the bench too and could have came on and really squeezed the the life out of the game in the middle of the park with the hope of us getting a lucky break. McCart was again excellent with credit to Zander for pulling off that late save. A performance to forget but ultimately a very valuable point. Oh, then to add insult to injury major road traffic accident on the M8 meant a huge travelling support from several teams going around the house to get home. Scottish football....................
  10. I can't see Spoony starting tonight, not with MOH and Holt available. I also think Kane will start with Hendry coming off the bench. Just win please.
  11. After a good showing on Sunday we should be approaching this game with some confidence. Our last visit here we were terrible so I'm hoping we can try to get some revenge. I can see a few changes to freshen things up - maybe give May a wee rest and start with Kane and Hendry up front and Jason Holt coming in for Spoony. Would love to win this and put clear daylight between us and the teams at the bottom.
  12. Yes I agree 100% about the funnelling out of the ground after the game. It wasn't so intimidating yesterday as after the Rangers game but if we beat either of these teams you better believe there will be serious issues and some poor fans are going to get caught up in a fracas.