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  1. HSF, I noticed after the Ross County game your post and was curiuos that I hadn't seen you posting for some time. I am sorry to hear of poor health and like veryone here you wish you all the best. Thanks for sharing and be aware that we are pulling for you.
  2. I actually laughed when I read this. This sort of vitriol is something I normally associate with irrational behavior; I can only conclude that Kane must have wronged you in the past. Did he park his Ferrari across your drive or something?
  3. Would you and Rhodes give it a f@'''king rest. You don't like the lad okay we get it. Instead of slapping our players down how about we start getting behind the lads after a pretty impressive character showing performance.
  4. just heard this; how the **** can Ginger Baker die? RIP legend
  5. Desperate for a win. We really need to show our metal for this one. We are not a bad side and the team which marginally missed out on a top six last year are still in this team just bursting to get out. Lets start talking ourselves up. We have enough to waltz in there and deal with with Ross County with plenty to spare. Comfortable win and finally a few breaks to set us up for a wee run COYS!!
  6. Succesful teams ride out the storm and turn the corner. Look at Dundee last year, how did that work out even if I did enjoy seeing that wee prick McCann getting canned. I can't believe people are seriously looking at changing our manager when we have enjoyed decent succces under Wright and yes that is staying out of the relegation zone year after year. We have arguably one of the best squads of players we have had for years and moaners who were greeting about us not spending to get Steve May back are now greeting about us being under pressure from a run of and a I agree poor form. We need to be sticking together and looking more to us turning the corner than all this doom and gloom.
  7. I wish one of the MODS would get rid of this stupid thread. It's ridic to even be thinking about this line of doom. There is a long long way to go before we know where this team is headed; last year at his time everyone was excited about how TW had replaced most of the old gaurd and we had an exciting young team on the park.
  8. I think the rule is one that I completely concur with; you don't want a loan-nee coming back and embarrassing his parent club. The lad looks like a real prospect and all we have to offer is good management and an environment that convinces players that they might want to return a decent club built on football and respect.
  9. Well Andy, I admire your candour. I myself seen something in Tanser all that time ago and could see that that with a wee bit of confidence and a regular run he was going to be a first team regular. Kane might not be a natural finisher but he is in and around the attack fighting to hold the ball up whilst waiting on support and if he gets some help and let's hope that May we will see the best of him. Chris Kane is not a Haddy but living away from Perth now it is refershing to see that this term of dis endearment is alive and well.
  10. Not Keen on seeing Spoony back for such a hugely important game. Maybe stick with Liam for a bit of dig. I've got to think Dre Wright is going to be back too. Lets hope we can make a statement.
  11. This is from someone who I recall not that long ago stating that Scott Tanser was never a premiership player in another months of Sunday's.
  12. the lad looks like a decent player but was as nervous as a rapist and couldn't wait to hand the ball off we'll play worse and win handily
  13. totally disagree Kane run himself in to the ground and was putting himself about and holding up play for support which was never there