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  1. SaintJet

    Saints v Motherwell at home

    Would love to win this game and set us up for a great Christmas slate of games. Expected to be very cold with sleet or snow.
  2. SaintJet

    Stjohnstone v Aberdeen away

    What a great performance and it makes you proud to be from Perth. One of the things I miss about not going to the away games is the sense of Camaraderie when we win - joy of celebrating with the team especially when the odds are against you makes it special when the boys come over to salute the fans at full time. I genuinely applaud all the fans who made that hellish trip on Saturday to my least favorite ground. Well done guys players and fans.
  3. SaintJet

    Stjohnstone v Aberdeen away

    With you on that; haven't been for ages and was contemplating going but the whole place, the cold, the stewards, that pathetic corner they give us to sit in - can't face going. Good luck to the lads tomorrow.
  4. SaintJet

    Saints v Hearts 5th December

    I have to say Craig's yellow was fully merited as the Hearts guy was breaking away and at that time of the game the players are pretty exhausted it - was a dangerous moment.
  5. SaintJet

    Saints v Hearts 5th December

    Yeah but the crowd had reacted to the previous incident and it was almost like Dallas trying the square away not sending him off.
  6. SaintJet

    Saints v Hearts 5th December

    Losing two soft goals was disappointing but it's a measure of where are now that we came back and could have won the game; last year or the year before we lost goals inside 5 minutes and we could have went home there and then. We were the better team no doubt but I think a draw was about right - If we had kept it tight until we found our feet we would have won that game in a canter. Good team performance again - Zander looked a bit static for both goals though. Continue to be impressed with the hard working Craig, Kerr and Joe were excellent, Tanser gets better with every game - hope he is okay - special mention to Gordon who looked classy when he came on - never has a bad game - what a prospect. I hope Muzz's beard grows back in soon - the clean shaven version looks tame compared to his " Wild Man from Borneo " brother.
  7. SaintJet

    Manager of the Month

    I could care less if he ever got another of these dust gatherers; nobody respects us anyway and they always bring a dip in form.
  8. SaintJet

    Saints v Hearts 5th December

    I have a cold flu like thing - I feel freaking awful so I can't contribute. However, the trooper that i am If I have a pulse I'll get to McD on Wednesday.
  9. SaintJet

    Drey Wright

    I was at the Physio yesterday ( regarding a knee injury) and asked her about Dre's injury. She was extremely knowledgeable and explained we won't see Dre until October next year providing all goes well with his operation. Didn't realize how serious this injury was. Get well soon Dre and all Saints fans are pulling for you.
  10. SaintJet

    Drey Wright

    This is disappointing news but we need to keep a sense of perspective.Injuries are part and parcel of the game - Hearts have been dealt with huge blows which have derailed their season so we have to get on with it and hope someone steps up; let's be honest we have more depth than we have had for years. Like everyone I wish Dre a speedy recovery and match fit ready for the new season.
  11. SaintJet

    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    Thanks - Definitely Chris Burke - I googled him after you posted but I agree with McCari that Power was also very good. Killie are an extremely good side so we should be pleased that we can go toe to toe with them.
  12. SaintJet

    Scottish cup

    Heh hehehe. You should be on the telly
  13. SaintJet

    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    Glad a few people on here thought like me that Willie Millers appraisal of the game was way off. When I got in the car listening to the radio I thought he must have watched a different game from me. Killie are a good side and we matched them up well and that game could have went either way. Defense were again excellent, Kerr and Joe commanding and Tanser continues to excel, I really rate him; wish he took the free kick near the end. Best I've seen Spoony for ages but I thought Muzz looked quiet. Tony Watt didn't get a sniff but don't underestimate the how keeps the opposition honest. Wright and Kennedy have undoubtedly added a new dimension to our game we look very capable and I think we might give a few teams a fright this year. Good entertainment for a 0-0. Would be remiss not to mention the baldy midfielder for Killie who was man of the match - I don't know his name.
  14. SaintJet

    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    Not impressed with this appointment. Collum is capable of refereeing to a high standard but he is too prone to making sensationalist decisions. I won't be surprised with a sending off for either side and the outcome of the game resting on his impetuousness.
  15. SaintJet

    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    That's a nice bit of work Paulo. Hope the Saints hierarchy see this and feel a bit embarrassed. Lets get right behind Saints on Saturday.