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  1. Back to the day job. A tough visit to Livi who continue to defy everyone with another impressive season despite their budget. We managed to scrape a draw in Perth at the start of the season but it was clear then that this team work hard for each other this is their strength. They have a blue print to make it difficult for visiting teams on the plastic pitch. If we could continue our good form and manage to get a win it would transform our position in the league and with some big games coming up we really need to be taking something back from east lothian. Team on the same lines as Saturday's cup win with Hendry getting a rare start in for Chris; Kennedy not to feature again so conspiracy theorists will have a field day.
  2. Two Minutes applause for our old Manager Bobby Brown before kick off.
  3. I'm interested to see if Matt Kennedy gets a start tomorrow; I think as much as TW would like to see him stay and keep in good form he knows he still has some manouverability if we keep him available for Aberdeen for the cup; we could still end up getting something out of this deal.
  4. This is another veiled dig at Steve Brown from you at it's becoming tiresome. Let's see where Cove are in twenty years.
  5. I laughed aloud on reading this. This was just before Bob Crolls I believe. I don't recall the manager he was just before my time but he was held in high esteem by all in Perth and always will. RIP Bobby
  6. I agree Cagey. The lad had a real motor about him and added a good bit of stability in midfield. I was sure he would come back in to the picture, seems strange he just dropped out of favour. He always gave a 100% - good luck to him.
  7. I think everyone is forgetting that Steve Brown declared early last year that he was frustrated that Kennedy's agent refused to entertain contract talks until a "later date". It was the same with Dre Wright who was still on the treatment table when Brown tried to open negotiations. It is frustrating but players come here find brilliant form and then look for a bigger stage where often they dont realise the form they displayed at St.Johnstone. It's something we should be proud of and display our bona fides when trying to encourage a player who we want to come here.
  8. The only thing that could expidite the Kennedy situation is the Scottish cup tie if Aberdeen don't want him cup tied. There will be loads of activity near the end January and pure speculation before. Frankly, it drives me up the wall.
  9. Only if it suits us. Aberdeen have to put up something to make it worth our while for us to jettison our best player.
  10. I've got to assume you don't watch Saints every week. There is one player who stands out from the rest of the team week in week out. Matt Kennedy. It's a real shame that we couldn't get him signed for Saints for the longer term.
  11. Not keen on this "cash and players". Which players? To lose Kennedey would be a serious blow to us and despite some saying we have cover, his style isn't going to be replaced easily. I doubt Aberdeen are willing to part with serious cash and I don't like the idea of us taking on another couple of fringe dumplings who can't make at Aberdeen.
  12. Agreed. I hope he ends up going out of the divison though.
  13. I've been resigned to losing Matt since Steve Brown informed us that his agent wouldn't enter in to talks until the time was right for them. It's a shame but it is what it is.
  14. Whats's incredible? We all know our limitations financially and unlike Hearts who are probably going to flush a few million down the pan to get rid of unwanted players we have to be prudent. Besides you don't seriosly think that TW hasn't been crunching numbers to see what he needs to do? There may well be a couple of new faces on board by the close of the window but in turn players will be moved out even if it is just on loan. We won't be the only club in this boat hoping a change of scenery for some misfit might benifit us in the short term.
  15. He's on serious money at Celtic and arguably not as good as Jason or Liam Gordon - there was no way he was coming to Perth.