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  1. Being away for the third straight year is totally unfair. All fans deserve to have an opportunity to start the season at home at least every other year. This is poor. And before any body starts this is not computer generated fixtures so they are not random.
  2. I'm convinced we'll be at home; last two years away to Killie. I wouldn't be suprised if we open at home to Rangers on the Sunday.
  3. Wow. Thank goodness! He is one of the reasons Dundee are plummeting downwards. We need to be showing a bit more guile in picking up good squad players who can contribute.
  4. I'm taking the high ground on this and will be the first to offer "smarmy Arab" commiserations. We are better than that. United were poor though and really need some better pros to steer them to the big league - the league has changed since they were up with Macnmadud. St.Mirren will be better next year so we better smarten up.
  5. He reminded me of Bambi on ice. He scored a scorcher against Raith in the cup and that was all I can fondly remember about him.
  6. I remember that game well; that was a braw team and looking back we never really appreciated what a good side Totten put together.
  7. There is a game today folks but there doesn't seem to be much appetite for it. Hoping for another descent performance and a win but not expecting a lot of goals between the leagues two most pragmatic sides. Hoping to see Hendry and Kane start up front.
  8. I have a feeling we will win this handily. 0-3 St. Johnstone
  9. Spot on Cagey! A legend and a gentleman. I will be disappointed if there is not 2 mins for the big man on Saturday at all games. RIP Billy.
  10. Season is pretty much over for us so hope we use a few of the young guns to see what they have. Totally pointless giving Joe or Tony Watt game time - lets start planning for the new season. I have this down for a banker draw. Hope Joe gets 15 mins last home game of the season - he's been a good servant for us and deserves a wee bit of praise for his efforts,. I wish him all the best.
  11. Seems to be the mindset of most teams nowadays that the first goal is crucial and if you get it you have to work your socks off to keep the lead. We are far too pragmatic in our set up to open up. Our most emphatic win this year has been 2-0!
  12. How can the SFA justify that 1st fixture after we've just played Dundee in Perth? Good grief I swear they are trying to drive fans away from games.
  13. So on the back of nice win we go to Killie who have been excellent all year and will be a stern test. We opened the season here back in August and alarm bells were ringing with our performance but we steadied the ship. Outside of Celtic Kilmarnock are the best team I've seen at McDairmid and we played well to share an entertaining 0-0 draw in October in Perth. Still hope we might put out the same starting team as Wednesday and go at them with the same tempo we showed early on Wednesday.
  14. That was a fine display and we could have won more convincingly. The one thing I noticed about our best performance for months was the real tempo we were playing at and it suited Kennedy and MOH to a tee. Defense looked pretty solid even if we got caught a couple of times with some sloppy passing. Callaghan was outstanding too. Kane again led the line with authority and great to see Hendry involved even if he was short of match practice. Two exceptional game changing saves from Zander the best goal keeper in Scotland by a country mile. PLEASE....... barring injury can we start with this team on Saturday?
  15. I can understand your thinking and on Monday that would have been the mindset from Dundee but when match day arrives and the magnitude of the game for them dawns the short hop to Perth you would think will attract them.