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  1. Don't think they are any cash gates so anyone going has to purchase at McDairmid before the weekend. - Plase correct me if I'm wrongabout this.
  2. I though we better get this thread started for Saturday's crucial game with the Jambo's. Hearts will be expecting the "bounce" factor of a new manager to help them whilst we are still fragile but hopeful after a decent draw with Killie. Team on the same lines as last midweek with Muzz back at a ground he always plays well at. I think we could surprise a few this week and get that first elusive away win. COYS!
  3. This is exactly where I'm coming from. I'm not disparaging Random's point of view but it is clearly only his point of view not factual and plenty of speculation.
  4. You should apply for a job Random you seem to have all the answers. I think the reality of running a club with limited resources is a completely different.
  5. if your of a certain vintage Connolly & Hall will always be legends
  6. Never celebrated a zero zero like that for ages. The result showed our players are all playing for the team and TW. I was really worried about another doing last night and we can at least see the players have the appetite for the fight. The Hearts game is going to be a huge battle. COYS
  7. Tanser will be starting. Liam Craig, MOH and Dre Wright starting . Don't see Gordon starting tonight but hope your right. Kano dropping to the bench and May up front on his own again.
  8. I didn't realise it was a two match ban. I agree about Holt not doing a great deal on Saturday - I've been pretty dissapointed with his contribution since he's been here to be honest. I'm convinced Liam is starting now- I hope we start this game with the right mind set and don't allow Killie to set a high tempo this could be a grind.
  9. I suppose Muzz will be back for this one and TW might put Vihmann in for Duffy who didn't look too clever coming off late. I'm thinking we might see Liam back in to sit in front of the back four- we need some experience in to lend a hand. Holt will keep his place I suspect at Spoony's expense. I'm pretty sure our game plan will be to try to frustrate Killie and see if we get a long over due break. I would be delitted with a dire 0-0 draw. COYS!
  10. Well said WS; back pedal a couple of pages to see slf and I weigh in on the same issue; I was disgusted with a small number of d*** heads who let us down.
  11. I can't understand the constant critisism of Tanser. When he goes forward he is very comfortable on the ball and takes men on no problem; he also can take a brilliant free kick. Like everyone else on the team just now he is short on confidence that's all.
  12. oh FFS lets just forfeit.
  13. Cheers slf. Never seen them before either - they can f%ck off. I was bealing
  14. I couldn't think of any positives leaving Fir Park yesterday. We started brightly and had a good spell when we were 2-0 down but it's clear we are fragile in the center of defense. 'Well did a good job keeping Matty quiet and we looked clueless at times. The confidence in the team is very low and we need a boost somewhere. I'm also going to call out the fu%%ing morons who were berating Zander at every opportunity. There were four in particular who when challenged by other Saints fans started on them also including some women. Sad when the head steward has to come in to the stand and censure our own fans. I get it - we pay our money and entitled to our opinions etc. etc. but the laddie is great keeper and short on confidence and needs all the support he can get. If you can't come out and encourage the players in Perth blue jerseys stay fu%%ing home!
  15. Absolute p%sh! Like everyone else in the team Tanser is lacking confidence because of our issues in Defense. Tanser on his game is a game changer and Beast was nearing the end with constant injuries.
  16. One of my favorite away venues; will do everything to be there. Lets get our first away win.
  17. I was unwell yesteday so had to watch from the Couch. I though the pitch despite being in great condition for this time of year didn't help us - it was really sticky and our footing was suspect. When Del took off Main I thought that was the game because clearly he thought he would button up and take the 1-0 but just shows you how things can change in a blink. Brilliant subs at the right time and a great goal from Kennedy and brilliant lay off from Kane. Disappointing that the game changed again with the sending off's but great character to hang on and I agree with others Zander looked better late in the game despite going down like a bed-settee for Cosgrove's goal. Saints keep giving us hope and we should be grateful for that - gutsy point. If we can get that elusive away win it would lift us all.
  18. Very dissapointing on Saturday. After us showing some real guile in the last two matches we looked like a team lost again. Losing a goal so early is a killer and the defending was awful all afternoon. Teams will be watching this showing and will target our lack of awareness in defence; Tanser was constantly being doubled and no one took the initiative and plugged the gaps. We can all see that defence is our biggest issue and until we sort this out we will struggle. I'm worried about Zander's confidence, he looked a shell of the big goalie backing up Manus. I left after the fourth goal and honsetly thought it would five or six. Off topic I went to the Institute for a couple of glasses as I wasn't driving; boy that place has really deteriorated over the years.
  19. Looking forward to this. It's time we started seeing a more confident Saints at home. I think we will take the game to Hibs and I'm confident we can win this. A Kane double for a Saints win.
  20. SaintJet

    Free week

    This is why the break after Christmas is a waste of time. The weather in early January is no worse and likely better than early February and the past few years we have been lucky. We all know that we could have two weeks off with the break in perfect weather and when we come back get hit with another 'beast from the east' and be off for another two weeks. The people running our game are incompetent.
  21. I can't see why they can't squeeze a game against either on the 2nd January - we have a break after the game against Ross on Sunday 29th. Highly unlikely though. Lets be honest these games against the OF are a waste of time anyway.
  22. Been saying this forever. Kane can handle himself and put it about among central defenders.
  23. He was exactly the same on Saturday- throwning himself about and harrying the opposition; Muzz has really grabbed the bull by the horns in turning around our fortunes.