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  1. I think the rule is one that I completely concur with; you don't want a loan-nee coming back and embarrassing his parent club. The lad looks like a real prospect and all we have to offer is good management and an environment that convinces players that they might want to return a decent club built on football and respect.
  2. Well Andy, I admire your candour. I myself seen something in Tanser all that time ago and could see that that with a wee bit of confidence and a regular run he was going to be a first team regular. Kane might not be a natural finisher but he is in and around the attack fighting to hold the ball up whilst waiting on support and if he gets some help and let's hope that May we will see the best of him. Chris Kane is not a Haddy but living away from Perth now it is refershing to see that this term of dis endearment is alive and well.
  3. Not Keen on seeing Spoony back for such a hugely important game. Maybe stick with Liam for a bit of dig. I've got to think Dre Wright is going to be back too. Lets hope we can make a statement.
  4. This is from someone who I recall not that long ago stating that Scott Tanser was never a premiership player in another months of Sunday's.
  5. the lad looks like a decent player but was as nervous as a rapist and couldn't wait to hand the ball off we'll play worse and win handily
  6. totally disagree Kane run himself in to the ground and was putting himself about and holding up play for support which was never there
  7. Can I offer a sincere thanks to Paulo for a comprehensive report of last night's meeting; greatly appreciated from one of our most respected posters on this form. It was clear to all that the May saga was outwith the control of the club but naturally some on here jump to the conclusion that Steve Brown is behind some kind of conspiracy of misdirection. I'm glad we have finally got to a happy conclusion. The report clearly highlights how precarious our financial position is and we need to start getting behind out chairman and the club. The situation surrounding the St.Johnstone future of Drey Wright and Matt Kennedy is depressing and brings in to focus how the club are being hamstrung because of agents.
  8. Looking forward o this. Killie were impressive last year in Perth and totally bossed the game although we hung on for a creditable draw. Hoping we can keep the positive vibe from the last two games going and hopefully get our first win of the season. Great to see Drey back in the frame for a starting spot.
  9. Well said SLF. Too many people on here think we have financial resources beyond our means. Many years ago I fell out with Brown senior at an event when after a pretty successful few seasons we wouldn't renew Nicki Dasovik and John O'Neill contracts because we couldn't match them with outside offers; I recall vividly him telling me we had no revenue to support this ambitious policy without fiscal policy to back it up and up yet the road Dundee's version of Laurel and Hardy were throwing dough at the Argentinians which ultimately meant several administrations and they now rent their stadium from Dundee UTD shareholders. We are in good hands and people need to wake up and smell he coffee.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. That game at MCD last year when Hibs escaped with a win was redic.
  11. what a smashing fightback. Lets start talking ourselves up; we are still a decent outfit under the guidance of a very astute manager I was jumping about the house like a hobo thrown out from the "Red Web"
  12. Moving on........................ I wonder if there will be any news breaking soon.
  13. Decent reply but my point is - teams with far bigger crowds and money than us - (lets say Hearts for instance) are still looking for that elusive striker with bags of goals. It's called being realistic. My aspirations are the same as yours but there is something to be proud of in that we are run prudently and professionally and if the club keep working hard we will bring through another young Steve May who hopefully we will encourage from the stands.
  14. I cannot understand the continual negativity towards Kane. Anyone sad enough to follow your instructions to see the lad miss a goal needs to seriously question if they are Saints fans. Maybe look a wee bit after the miss and see Kane sitting in the stand after he has been hooked and see how distressed he was makes me sick! This bating of of our strikers is pathetic and it's following a similar train to that of Zippy who also was so bereft of confidence he was glad to leave. We are St.Johnstone - we have no right to demand 20 goals a season strikers and if some supposed fans went to more games and encouraged our boys we might have more success!
  15. It's pretty sad to see everyone getting chippy waiting on this new sensation. There is no way we will not sign someone before the window closes and we might get a pleasant surprise. There's loads of decent players in the English lower leagues who know they are not getting regular games with their respective teams who will jump at getting a move for first team football and put themselves back in the picture. It's been too damn quiet from the front office but news will break soon.
  16. That's what a forum is all about
  17. This is delusional; Del went out on a limb to get May for Aberdeen and if there was any way he was back to the form he was at before he left for Wednesday I'm sure he would have got a tune out of him. I'd like to see him back because we could use him in a number of positions and his industry was never in question but to expect him to be a better player - I'm afraid that's a stretch.
  18. This is all moot. I'm bored of reading about Steve May. Either sign or leave me alone.
  19. First half we were awful. Sitting off Livi we looked liked the away team! they grew in confidence and my lasting impression of today was how much fitter they were; we were breathing out our ass near the end. Some really nervy performances today all down to lack of confidence. To be fair the team really looked like themselves after the goal and best I've seen of MOH since he has been back. Wish we could have got him more service down the right. I was sick when they got that late pen - we looked like we were determined to throw the game but fair shout to Zander who earned that new contract and boosted his confidence with a tidy save. Lets hope we have turned the corner. Kennedy was a mile ahead of everyone on the park but his fitness too looked suspect near the end.
  20. A few thoughts: I'm just back from holiday and my wi fi connection was poor but tried to keep up with developments - some of the posts were depressing. I must be honest I thought the May deal would have been done by now but I still expect to see him in the team tomorrow. Seriously some of the conspiracy theorists on this form need a reality check. Brown is a hard nose b****** like his dad but to even suggest he is trying to drive out TW is crazy. We are desperate to see some new faces like all teams but we are prudent fiscally and that is the way people will be watching St.Johnstone long after we're gone. I expect to see some new faces before the window shuts for us and if they are in the mould of Kennnedy and Dre Wright ( Remember him) I had never a heard of either before last year we are in good hands. Great to see Zander extending his contract - wish he'd get rid of that F@@@ing beard!
  21. Lets move on from May. It's sad that he has not chosen us but money talks and we have our ceiling. Frankly I was bit MEH about him coming back and my biggest issue is we have lost valuable time when we should have been looking at other targets. I'm still hopeful TW will have someone in the frame by next weekend.
  22. I don't want to be disrespectful to you but I think you are confusing our budget with a " Hearts" or "Aberdeen" type pay roll. Prudence will always be our strategy and it's why we as a wee club constantly compete with the big guns.
  23. The reality of the situation is that all this " chat" is speculation and until we receive a statement we don't know the facts. I am in full support of Brown, however, to make the right judgement call- I don't want us throwing money around on a good but in recent years unproven Goal scorer. If May wants an extra 5 grand that ain't stopping this deal - if he wants another 50K that's a game changer.