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  1. Very surprised Melbourne Saint thinks our Goalkeepers are fine . In my opinion this position is probably our biggest concern.
  2. Great team effort and deserved to win. Either Tommy has blind faith in Clark or Parish is useless because our keeper is our weakest link. What was he doing for their second goal. Either come out and command the 6 yard box or stay in your goal, he did neither.
  3. Tommy's man management skills are great and he gets the very best out of our players most of the time. He would be very hard to replace but I must say he has had the tendency to squander quite a bit of money on loan players over the past few seasons. Last season we had a couple ( midfielders from Ipswich and I think QPR ) who were given very little game time and in my opinion were a waste of our money ( wages ) . This season the defender from Estonia has been a waste of wages .
  4. Shaughnessy's move to Southend not worked out well for him ( although wages are probably quite a bit higher than we pay ) so maybe chance of him returning ? .
  5. You are correct , should really be in different section , still a bit of an amateur with Fans Forums ! .
  6. Figures are for 12 months prior to signing shankland so the next set of Accounts will probably be even worse.
  7. Still some crazy people running football clubs. Dundee Utd just announced a yearly loss of £3.7 Million. Accounts also reveal their Salary Costs are 133% of Turnover !! . These figures are an absolute disgrace .
  8. My only change would be Ohalloran coming if for D Wright. Wright still not back his best and I think Ohalloran could cause Hearts more problems.
  9. Not for sacking Wright ,however the situation with our Defence is 100% his making . He has been well backed by our Chairman but choose to overload in Midfield/Wide Players instead of replacing Joe with a good experienced Central Defender. Good example is Ralph Callaghan , will probably be on decent wages and not even on the subs bench yesterday. Duffy might in time be a decent defender but he has been thrown in far to early in his Saints career. If the big Latvian is not good enough to get in this defence then he represents another waste of money by T Wright . Our scouting/forward planning is very poor in my opinion. Finding Goal Scorers is very difficult as they are in short supply / big demand but bringing in some half decent experienced defenders should not be as hard .
  10. I personally feel that S Brown supports our Manager very well from our limited resources but certain fans feel he is rather tight with our cash . Year End for the Accounts is 31 May 2019 . Turnover in total is 4.7 Million but this is not broken down into separate categories so I am unable to comment re Hospitality Income as a % of Total Income.
  11. Saints yesterday released their Financial Accounts for the 12 months to 31st May 2019 showing a Trading Loss of £150,000 . Although not great news at least we have the comport of having almost 2 million in the Bank to cover this loss. Today I have read that Caley Thistle are holding an Extraordinary Meeting tonight to try and raise funds to ward off Administration . Apparently they are about to release their Financial Accounts showing a yearly loss of £800.000 !!! . Without wanting to gloat about Caley Thistle's problems I think this just shows how important it is for clubs our size to have Directors who are prudent and do not let their hearts rule their heads. At times S Brown might appear pretty tightfisted but this is necessary for the long term future of our club.
  12. The only positive thing I can say about yesterday is that Motherwell are not much better than us and are sitting 3rd in the league. From an attacking/creative point we were probably as good as them but their defence/goalkeeper looked far more organized and solid.
  13. I feel Clark,Gordon and Kerr are all overrated by a number of people on this Forum. Over the past 5/6 seasons we have been very fortunate to have had several good quality/experienced defenders at the club and this gave the rest of a pretty average team a good platform to play from . This is no longer the case and we are giving away loads of very soft goals . Instead of signing so many wide /midfield players we should have been bringing a couple of decent experienced defenders to steady the ship. Hope I am wrong but I do not see Saints ever getting decent fees for Clark or Kerr as I feel they are both no better than average players despite Tommy talking them up in the press from time to time.
  14. My first visit of the Season to McDiarmid Park yesterday and on the evidence of this performance I sincerely hope that Liam Gordon is as good as some people on this forum seem to think. If he does not live up to expectations then a new strong Central Defender is as much a priority as a Goal Scorer. To say I was disappointed with Vihmann would be an understatement.He was very very poor yesterday and I struggled to find any strengths in his play.