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  1. Why don’t they boycott UEFA like they do to the BBC. whats the betting they will be playing behind closed doors in Europe?
  2. Cagerf

    TV Games

    That’s the first one that I cannot get to due to TV.
  3. you You may be surprised what his total income is. I guy at the last place I worked plays for Wick Academy and he is on a lot more than Chris Kane when you combine his football earnings and what he gets payed at work and Cove Rangers splash the cash compare to Wick.
  4. The highland subleague is already turning into a head to head race.
  5. celtic rangers hibs aberdeen hearts Saints motherwell county Killie livi hamilton  st mirren
  6. But you do it so well LAUGH OUT LOUD
  7. Thank you guys for this work you do I really enjoy it and keeps me in touch with Club