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  1. I am just going to fill in my form I feel it is the only way I can help saints at the moment.
  2. You could do a series of programs on say best saints game best saints team best saints player in various positions best saints managers As well as updates on saints news as available
  3. Hi Guys would really appreciate if you could carry on as I have a health condition that puts me at risk and would appropriate the chat.
  4. Silver lining to every cloud!!! And Dundee cannot get up through the play-offs
  5. Steve May scores to level game
  6. Just incase anyone relying on updates here we are winning 1-0 at half time. Hendrie goal.
  7. Ticket bought yesterday all COYS. let the businessmen/board worry about the money. come on Saints 40 to 1 (Hearts 20-1!)
  8. thought I would stick this up to show it can be done!
  10. A well no hospitality for SLF then.