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  1. Is your Dad, the owner of St Johnstone, genuinely happy with the running of the club and does he have no concerns at all about what could be construed as the early stages of its decline?
  2. On a scale of 1 - 10, now that the Old Firm are more or less back to total domination of Scottish football, to the detriment of clubs like Saints and the game in general, exactly how delighted are you and the rest of the owners/Chairmen that fought tooth and nail to ensure that Scottish football's duopoly should continue ad infinitum when Rangers died ? I'd say it's probably about 20.
  3. Reading between the lines, I think we were always going to bring in one striker on a permanent deal and another on loan. Think May will still be the former so we're looking at loan options as Hemmings didn't work out.
  4. I think this half and Hendry's goal reaction show they do care.
  5. No it isn't. We had a 10-15 goal striker within our grasp and let him slip through our fingers!
  6. I've heard from a reliable source that we're looking to sign Andy Carroll. There you go. We've been linked to him now too.
  7. Don't forget that Geoff still owns the club and Steve is basically just running it for him. I'm sure if he wasn't happy with the Chairman's management style and performance he'd have had a few words in his young lad's ear by now.
  8. So basically our obsession with turning back the clock for a now non-scorer has cost us the regular scorer we desperately need. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.
  9. Middle ground doesn't exist when it comes to Saints, just as when someone suggests spending a bit of money they get Gretna. Dundee, Motherwell thrown at them.
  10. I'd rather we went for Hemmings if we're only going to go for one. He's got the the current consistent scoring record which is what we need. We aren't in a position to take chances although nothing's guaranteed with any transfer.
  11. Just what's needed after that...a bitter *** gloating in text speak. No matter how bad we get we'll never let our club die as you and your fellow bigots did though.
  12. I'm taking the positive out of where we are...yes, there is some believe it or not! The League Cup campaign has indeed been disastrous but the injuries gave us the chance to do what many fans always want and play the young guys. It's shown that they aren't ready yet for regular first team football which isn't the greatest of surprises. Better to find out now though than sail through the group stages with a full side only to find out they were lacking if called upon after the transfer window and no room to replace them. Better a disastrous early season cup campagne than a league one. There's still about a month left to strengthen the squad so I'll wait to see where we are then. If the Chairman hasn't seen we need to strengthen more than planned and we're still humphing and hawing about players then I'll start to worry.
  13. Obvious troll is obvious as they say. Well, obviously not obvious to all going by P&B.
  14. I really wouldn't believe most of what Tommy says to the media when it comes to this. He knows exactly what he wants and what he's doing. Play it any other way and he hands the initiative to agents which obviously only means one thing. I've no doubt Tommy is doing it the right way for Saints.