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  1. The only thing the authorities should be doing is ensuring when a club kills itself it remains dead.
  2. ScottMann

    Betfred Cup

    I have to agree with your latter post! Spot on.
  3. Kelly's meant to be going to QPR. After Les Ferdinand's visit earlier in the season I wonder if they were choosing between Zander and Kelly and have gone with the Livi guy.
  4. ScottMann

    Betfred Cup

    Good to see us start the new season with a bang to help get the fans in, doing bugger all on the first Saturday then the next weekend the first home games moved to the Sunday for TV. Wonder if we'll get a token home Saturday game during August when the league fixtures are announced.
  5. I totally agree. A football-less summer is bad enough but it would be even longer if we had signed everyone and had the new strips out by now. It'd be 6 or 7 weeks of...
  6. The return of Callum?
  7. I think a lot of contracts are until the end of May, June even, so announcements are relatively quiet until after that and the players have returned from Dubai and 'Marbs'.
  8. No hoops or navy blue you say...
  9. ScottMann

    Jason Kerr

    Looks like they all did!
  10. ScottMann

    Jason Kerr

    Excluding loans, the Livingston keeper has spent most of his career at Rangers and has played for Scotland at numerous under age levels. He has come through 'the system' with the establishment club/s before his move to Livi. Zander has played for Saints. Anyway, diddy fans should know by now there is no point in rational argument when it comes to the Scotland team.
  11. ScottMann

    Jason Kerr

    I genuinely do not understand why any Saints fan still expects any of our players to be included in a full Scotland international squad. Peter Grant gave a pretty good insight into the mindset of Hampden Park's finest when slaughtering Zander earlier on. It's Scottish football and it's just not going to happen.
  12. That one looks better on here than it does in reality.
  13. They seem to be the company of choice at the moment and they come out with some good stuff so was hoping it might be them. They do also like a tacky effort though so I'll still be holding my breath until we see what we're getting. A version of those Umbro mock ups would be ideal.
  14. Tommy presumably had his doubts about Alston last season as he only got the one year contract. Blair obviously just didn't do enough this time to justify another one. These things happen.