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  1. Tommy for Rangers

    I think it's because it was stated when he was appointed Assistant Manager that the plan was for Callum to take over as manager when Tommy moved on. That's Tommy, who won the League Cup in N Ireland and gave up his managers job to become Saints assistant. What a terrible career move that turned out to be.
  2. You're right yet the winning goal move actually started with a Foster punt up the perk! Liam then won it back neatly just inside our half and we then played football to go upfield and score. I wish we'd do it more too.
  3. They do this every so often though. It's so frustrating. They can look superb playing the ball on the ground but it never lasts unfortunately. The Rosenborg win was the finest Saints passing display for decades. To think I thought this was how Tommy was going to play his football from then on.
  4. Youth Academy News

    The cost of steel bit rings a bell. Think the SFA changed requirements, priced us out and Glasgow/west benefited instead. Of course that sort of thing would never happen nowadays.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    It was in the SPL days but Livi tried to pull this one with Hassan Kachloul and got fined for it even although they'd mucked it up. I'd imagine any loop hole will have been closed after this. QP being an amateur club may be treated as an exception.
  6. Tommy for Rangers

    A similar position but with a less restrictive way out of it than an international team. I think he'd be better with us than trying to follow O'Neill but agree he'll go if offered it.
  7. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Is this the one we couldn't afford because he's an architect?
  8. Youth Academy News

    Can't recall the full story but I remember Geoff wanting to build an indoor facility behind the East Stand many years ago and it not being allowed by either local planning or the SFA for some strange reason. We were far too progressive for some folk at one stage!
  9. Youth Academy News

    Cup Final is ok but totally agree about the others, International breaks especially. Most folk I've heard comment are against them. The season's just getting started and it's off again, then on, then off then on. Ridiculous.
  10. Youth Academy News

    Quite right too! I think that is ridiculous. The club game ie the week in, week out games attended by most fans, should always be the most important. International football should always be secondary. Changing an entire league for the sake of a few games a year is farcical. FIFA & UEFA really are intent on ruining football for the sake of their own egos.
  11. Tommy for Rangers

    Yes, similar core situations but hes only his own achievements to be measured by here!
  12. Tommy for Rangers

    Watching the N Ireland game and there have been numerous comments about the age of the squad. Got me thinking, has Tommy ever said he actually wants the job or is it just assumed? Would following O'Neill not be a bit like follow Sir Alex Ferguson given what he's achieved? Looks like his successor is going to inherit either a very aging side that has peaked and needs a clear out or possibly one that has lost a number of them through retirement. I don't think it'd be the best move for Mr Wright, yet.
  13. Youth Academy News

    Ra Gers and ra Celts are there so it is the best v the best in their eyes.
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    It wouldn't surprise me if you actually thought that.