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  1. ScottMann

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    Was writing something similar. We haven't even scored against them in the last 7 games although we did get one draw in that. 7 games! Airdrie did better against a strong Celtic in the previous round and no wonder folk think Celtic have perked up since they lost the Old Firm match...they've played 7 games which include 3 against us! They've also played St Mirren, Hamilton and Hibs. Earth shattering. Ignoring all the football manager style drivel, something just isn't right these days when we play this lot.
  2. ScottMann

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    He's right with about 98% of the stuff he comes out with. He's in the know.
  3. ScottMann

    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    I don't buy strips but to me Joma's main problem was the shade of blue. This season's offering just proves that the real problem with Saints strips isn't the supplier but the person/people at McDiarmid choosing them.
  4. ScottMann

    Scottish cup

    The first league game of the season that came right after the 6 wins out 6 League Cup games was 60,000.
  5. ScottMann

    Scottish cup

    I wonder if we get 50% of 98,000 crowd Celtic will say was there or the 21,000 that actually was.
  6. ScottMann

    Celtic v Saints, Premiership, 30 Jan 2019

    There's an even bigger nightmare scenario than a 6-0 cuffing that hasn't been mentioned yet...we draw the cup tie.
  7. ScottMann

    Saints Tv

    Good to know it's a Saints guy. No negative comments so he must have done ok. Thanks.
  8. ScottMann

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Looks as If McMillan's going to Hamilton it could be as player/manager.
  9. ScottMann

    Saints Tv

    Who did the main commentary on the Livi game, a Saints guy or someone provided by the production company? I saw that Roddy was on co-comms. He came over well when he did the BBC coverage from Minsk beside Spence.
  10. ScottMann

    Hearts v Saints at Tynie 26/1/19

    I am shocked and stunned to hear that our national broadcaster is slagging Saints support.
  11. ScottMann

    Taxi for Tommy?

    I think it's more would Hibs fancy Tommy and I expect the answer is no. Not a big enough name and the fans wouldn't be too please so he'd be up against it from the start. They could actually have their own Steve Clarke situation with Gordon Strachan so will be interesting to see how much ambition they actually have. In the meantime we can rest easy.
  12. ScottMann

    League Game 21: Saints v Livingston Wednesday 23 Jan 2019

    It'll be -'re wrong, we're right.
  13. ScottMann

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I think it's unfair including Stevie May in the struggled after leaving Saints category given it was a career threatening injury that held him back. Even then he's 'only' at a club that's about to financially blast us out of the water trying to get our captain. I wouldn't call that failing.
  14. Admit it're really Rosenborg supporters desperate to see your big team again!
  15. Probably thinking that he would be left out if he was going to Aberdeen so as not to cup tie him rather than him slacking off during a game.