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  1. I thought it was more to do with the possibility of a loanee doing something that would benefit his actual club when out on loan or be perceived to even if they didn't mean to eg Holt misses a glaring last second chance to score for Saints against the ***s meaning the blue bigots collect the three points. Did he really just miss it or did he deliberately miss? Probably the former but all doubt or opportunity is removed if the guy just doesn't play.
  2. Totally. 'Places like this'. Disgraceful. He should have been asked to explain what he meant but his media minions would probably be thinking the same thing. Arrogant *** ****s.
  3. She's obviously a very classy lady. I wonder if she'll get a comp and seat in the directors box on Sunday.
  4. If they'd added racist they'd almost have had a full house of brain dead snowflake responses.
  5. A Rangers supporting weegie that had a hit once. Two of those three facts supposedly make her relevant to the media. Use your skill and judgement to decide which.
  6. Unleashing the Kennedy brothers could just be the masterstroke to kickstart the season.
  7. Zander's probably thinking it's a blessing he hasn't been involved with any of Scotland's recent performances but, currently off form or not, Jason must be wondering how bad he actually is if he's apparently not good enough to get anywhere near that defence.
  8. No caps at all. He's never been in 'the system' so they probably only know him as the guy that lost seven goals against Celtic. Not being in the English 3rd Division is another major drawback.
  9. Agreed but not just this site though. Spoony's time has passed, Callachan and McMillan were on the point of inheriting the crown until they were banished so it's Kane's turn. Wallace and 'the Estonian' are running him close though. Agree about May though. If he doesn't score regularly the amateur accountants will be out in force saying he's bankrupting the club.
  10. I think some people miss the point. I doubt anyone thinks Zander should be the number one choice for Scotland. People feel that given some of the third/fourth choice and younger keepers brought into the squad that are no better and sometimes actually worse than Zander, eg Jack Hamilton, he should be given his chance in the squad. At various points I've seen fans of other teams say Clark and Kerr should be included in squads so it's not just blue titted specs that has Saints fans saying they be, when they are playing well enough to deserve it.
  11. Nope. I avoid Twitter these days. I've seen some comments though so have an idea. Amazing. It's very hard to believe. I'd hate to see your comments towards a player you don't like then.
  12. This rings of damned if you don't, damned if you do.
  13. Jeez, give it a rest. We get it, you don't rate Kane. Tommy was probably talking about your numerous posts slaughtering the guy when he said what he did.
  14. It's similar to managers who say they'd be interested in a job and all the club needs to do is call him. Well if you're that interested mate, you call them! I doubt they'll knock a chunk off your salary because you got the finger out.
  15. They must think a headline of 'Alan Hutton Issues Come and Get Me Plea' a bit beneath such a legend of the game.
  16. Be frustrated if he'd joined Ross County and was rattling them in. He hasn't though. He's still in the league below as nobody better signed him.It's utterly pointless making comparisons like this but there are so many of them being bandied around everywhere at the moment it's ridiculous.
  17. Good point well made. He's scored as many Premiership goals as Chris Kane and Zander Clark this season seeing as you ask.
  18. Yes, ploughing millions into a major business development project that has a football ground as one of it's elements is exactly the same as ploughing millions into a football club.
  19. Is your Dad, the owner of St Johnstone, genuinely happy with the running of the club and does he have no concerns at all about what could be construed as the early stages of its decline?
  20. On a scale of 1 - 10, now that the Old Firm are more or less back to total domination of Scottish football, to the detriment of clubs like Saints and the game in general, exactly how delighted are you and the rest of the owners/Chairmen that fought tooth and nail to ensure that Scottish football's duopoly should continue ad infinitum when Rangers died ? I'd say it's probably about 20.
  21. Reading between the lines, I think we were always going to bring in one striker on a permanent deal and another on loan. Think May will still be the former so we're looking at loan options as Hemmings didn't work out.