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  1. Finally! Stevie May scores his first league goal from open play for more than 18 months and atones for that missed penalty. He cuts across goal, gets to Danny Swanson's neat flick, and drives the ball into the far corner. GET IN. COYS
  2. Stevie May's penalty is saved by Ross Laidlaw! It wasn't a great hit and the goalkeeper is able to get down low to push it away.Seconds late the ball comes back to May, but this time his shot is blocked. Are you kidding me are you just ****ing kidding me on.
  3. It's a bit of a calamity at the back for St Johnstone. Initially the cross comes in, Saints almost concede an own goal but scramble clear off the line, but the ball gets played back to Joe Chalmers who scores from close range. Concede first AGAIN chasing the game AGAIN
  4. St Johnstone: Clark, Ralston, Duffy, Kerr, Tanser, Wotherspoon, McCann, Davidson, Kennedy, Swanson, May. Substitutes: Parish, Vihmann, Booth, Wright, O'Halloran, Kane, Callachan. Spoony over Wright or MOH???
  5. Agree with this especially the bit about teams knowing how we play so how about this. So far every corner that Saints have defended we, without doubt, pull everyone back into the box & leave 1 up top committing two opposition defenders to sit back & avoid a potential 1v1. On Saturday it was May that was left to chase down any potential clearance. How about for a change we leave two up top & even drag someone to sit just outside the box. No doubt it carries risks but how would teams react knowing that MOH & Kennedy, both with pace to burn & are able to finish, are sitting on the halfway line with someone like Holt sitting just outside the box looking to release them if the chance arises. As I say it’s not without risk but I’d love to see how the opposition react. Do they gamble & hope or would they be required to drop four back to cover. Would it give Zander more room to come and command his box. If he takes the corner well then we’d be able to transfer defence to attack more rapidly. Sadly it’ll probably never happen & week in week out we’ll have to suffer the same “let’s set up & play not to lose the game” rather than applying a “let’s go win this” mentality
  6. Tommy Wright insists slip-ups are to blame for St Johnstone's woes, not his system. Wright says his formation is not the reason his side are bottom of the Premiership. (Scottish Sun, print edition) Now I know that “reports” in the media should always be taken with a pinch of salt & their “accuracy” should always be questioned, but if our current management can not see that their formation is not working and persist with one up front and allowing that player to become isolated throughout the match is not a problem, then I fear for us this season. As things stand we’ve only had one win this season (Brechin). Our current league position doesn’t lie. We’ve not been in a winning position in any of our league matches and been pegged back, we’re the ones that have had to do the equalising. Our last league win was in May and the last time we started a season so badly we were relegated. Now I’ve been a Saints supporter since I was 10 and the days of Rennie, Morton, Brogan, Tulloch and Rutherford to name but a few. I’m a season ticket holder and like before when we’ve been relegated I never have, nor will I ever stop supporting my team. However, no manager, historic and most likely once in a lifetime cup wins aside, is immune from being replaced. Any manager at any club in the world simply has stewardship of that respective club for a while and if Mr Wright and his players don’t start turning this around soon then Tommy, as much as it will pain & hurt us, will be replaced.
  7. Callum Davidson back at the club please
  8. Saints11

    Betfred Cup

    This seasons league cup has been a failure. Plain & simple. The objective, as it should be in any domestic cup competition Saints are involved in, should be to try & progress as far as possible as they present the best chance for clubs like ourselves & every other team with the exception of the old firm to win silverware. We’ve managed just one win in four against weaker opposition. So not only have we lost the opportunity to win something we’ve undoubtably lost out financially as well. As for the “it’s only a friendly” or “its a meaningless game” or “important to get minutes into legs” I strongly disagree. It’s just failure, plain and simple.
  9. Saints11

    Betfred Cup

    Losing like winning for players becomes habit & in turns affects confidence either positively or negatively. As for fans, losing habitually allows anger to grow before eventually giving way to apathy. Pretty much the story for Dundee last season & will be ours as well if we don’t address our current form
  10. A late hitch has put Stevie May's move from Aberdeen to St Johnstone in jeopardy, with the Perth side's manager, Tommy Wright, avoiding media duties where he would have been asked about the 26-year-old's predicted signing after a medical. (Football Scotland) I’m hoping this is what it appears to be, idle football gossip
  11. Total & utter garbage.
  12. With Dundee taking Miller & selling Wighton to Hearts I wonder if they’ll pursue Shankland at Ayr or does the arrival of Miller put an end to that. Not that I’m interested in the transfer dealings of Dundee. I just wonder if Saints would be in a position to pursue Shankland. Don’t know what happened with him at Aberdeen but he doesn’t seem to be a one season wonder as he’s continued his goal scoring form this season & at a higher level. Or is it just wishful thinking on my part that Saints would be willing or could even meet Ayr’s valuation
  13. Given that this is likely to be the last contract Macca will sign before moving down the leagues or alternatively into a coaching role I think it’ll be a cracking move for him in respect of significantly improving his wages albeit I don’t know how much game time he’ll get. I’d also suspect that he may have already been told that Kane & McMillan are likely to be ahead of him in the pecking order next season. Intelligent player, great link up play & he’ll be forever remember for his goal in the cup final. I’ll miss him but onwards and upwards. As for Muzz that would be a loss. Hopefully we can keep him but again we’d be unable to match any financial offer that Hearts could make to him
  14. Hat Trick for Cummins tonight. No longer with us but good to see him doing well with Cork City