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  1. Total & utter garbage.
  2. With Dundee taking Miller & selling Wighton to Hearts I wonder if they’ll pursue Shankland at Ayr or does the arrival of Miller put an end to that. Not that I’m interested in the transfer dealings of Dundee. I just wonder if Saints would be in a position to pursue Shankland. Don’t know what happened with him at Aberdeen but he doesn’t seem to be a one season wonder as he’s continued his goal scoring form this season & at a higher level. Or is it just wishful thinking on my part that Saints would be willing or could even meet Ayr’s valuation
  3. Given that this is likely to be the last contract Macca will sign before moving down the leagues or alternatively into a coaching role I think it’ll be a cracking move for him in respect of significantly improving his wages albeit I don’t know how much game time he’ll get. I’d also suspect that he may have already been told that Kane & McMillan are likely to be ahead of him in the pecking order next season. Intelligent player, great link up play & he’ll be forever remember for his goal in the cup final. I’ll miss him but onwards and upwards. As for Muzz that would be a loss. Hopefully we can keep him but again we’d be unable to match any financial offer that Hearts could make to him
  4. Hat Trick for Cummins tonight. No longer with us but good to see him doing well with Cork City
  5. Massive pressure on Brown. Does he stick with Wright hoping it gets better albeit we're in free fall or does he bite the bullet agree a severance package & fire him over the weekend & announce it on Monday morning.
  6. Wright & Co will & rightly so, be forever etched into Saints History for their past achievements. However, a club can not rest on its past achievements. The club, team & infrastructure must all continually move forward. Those that have played a pivotal role in that success should be thanked, remembered & allowed to leave with a degree of dignity
  7. Enough is enough. Another defeat. How much longer & how bad does it have to get before Brown, who is far from blameless in this situation, takes action. It can not continue like this
  8. Surprised by Paton going. Will always remember his goal & celebration against Dundee. Hope he’s got something lined up
  9. Being a child of the 70’s my love affair with Saints started in the early 80’s in the days of Brogan & McCoist etc. However, what I’d give now for a forward line of Moore, Maskray & Grant. I just wish Saints would go back to playing with two wingers. Often think our initial mindset seems to be a negative one of setting up not to lose the game rather than a positive one of we’re going to score more goals than you
  10. No MOH in the Rangers line up tonight & Murray not in the Hibs line up. A permanent signing & a loan signing for Saints........if only. I think MOH will be on the move but sadly not to us & as for Murray I think he’ll end up at Dundee
  11. That said if Stevie Brown fancies opening his wallet and making Rangers a cheeky wee offer for MOH I’d happily see him back at Saints. Imagine Saints playing with 2 pacy wingers along with Kane & McMillan. We’d no doubt concede a few but hopefully we’d become a “they scored 2 but we scored 5” type of team
  12. Whilst not knocking or objecting to players signed on loan from other Scottish clubs it’s great to see some loan signings that won’t be restricted by the “can’t play against their parent club” nonsense & will be available for selection no matter the opposition
  13. How much longer do we need to put up with this & I’m not referring to full time
  14. Utter garbage today. Last home win 23/09. 1 goal scored during this time. Another 3 points gifted to a team that has been below us in the league all season. Add in a run of games this season when we failed to score at all. Sick & tired of Saints at the minute tbh & I’m a season ticket holder that has watched them since the days of Brogan, Pelosi & co