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  1. Haha haha poor cagey what did he do to deserve that
  2. Yes totally but I hate when people say things then they do the opposite people shouldint say things then you see it all the time not just football you see it with friends partners etc rant over LAUGH OUT LOUD
  3. We will soon find out if he really does enjoy playing at saints or if he will be off at the first offer
  4. Oh I forgot about George Williams saying it aswell then signed for forest green he even had his kid in a st Johnstone top saying how much he loved it here and couldn't wait to the start of next season just all bullshit I was very angry about all that
  5. Why tho he said he wants to stay at saints
  6. Win this and we will be 7 points clear of hearts
  7. It is indeed a draw won't be good enough
  8. Personally I would prefer to lose a squad player and use the funds for a scout