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  1. Received my jacket today very happy
  2. It's good to laugh in life and have some banter with some fellow sainties apart from that I bet I know who's already got his ticket to see the Bros reunion show at the o2... ps a clue he's got a long way to travel LAUGH OUT LOUD
  3. I see that scougall has signed for Carlisle
  4. Yeah yeah I bet you're there number one fan really LAUGH OUT LOUD I hear there making a come back but I bet you know that already LAUGH OUT LOUD
  5. dunkeldneil

    Betfred Cup

    Would be great but maybe it's being too greedy
  6. David Templeton signed for Burton Albion another player that has wasted his career
  7. LAUGH OUT LOUD sorry cagey I've been on the pop what I tried to say is that it's pathetic that he's signed for forest green
  8. I used to work by there this is dire Gavin gunning is at forest green also prefer to play in the 2nd division
  9. Rest in peace Alex Rennie I salute you Sir
  10. What a day Scotland beat England in rugby and saints beat county the table looking a lot more healthy
  11. Don't be like that fella relax it's only a song after all
  12. Walking around a supermarket today in london hearing sweet Caroline playing on the tanoy i love saints no matter what as Wendy saints said this is the time to get behind the club tommy and the players and show our support