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  1. Help getting to Euro game 29th June

    If you don't squeezing into the back of a Golf then you're more than welcome.
  2. Help getting to Euro game 29th June

    Cash at the gate, so I'm defo going. I'll probably be heading up after work (Finnieston), but happy to detour if you need picked up.
  3. Help getting to Euro game 29th June

    Hi, I plan to be heading to the game; will be able to confirm as soon as the club puts tickets on sale and I can get one. Happy to give you a lift. Where in Glasgow are you?
  4. Quiet in Here

    Hi, guys. Seems very quite in here. With the new season fast approaching should we try and get a bit more of a social feel about the place? Perhaps a wee meet up and a few beers before the Euro fixtures? Maybe even try and find a place in Glasgow that has a feed for our away leg (very long shot I know).
  5. Our New Council

    This has all gone a bit Follow Follow.
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Graham had a stinking attitude on the pitch. I remember Dave MacKay laughing at him when he proper chucked his toys out the pram when he didn't get a pass he was asking for. Has a propensity to dive too. I'd quite happily pass. We need pace up front. Cummins is pacey, but he's a half yard short too often.
  7. Indy Ref 2

    I think the timing of the vote, if a vote is authorised, will be key. The Westminster government needs to be be given as much time as possible. They need to prove to the Scottish electorate that Scotland are partners in the union and not just along for the ride. What I think is clear is that this vote is a choice between 2 unknowns, it's no longer a case of voting No to maintain the status quo.
  8. Seating for Old Firm Home Matches

    Old Firm? Rangers died in 2012. That said, I'd be willing to give Celtic and The Rangers the East Stand and the North Stand. Although my season ticket is for the West Stand and I'd be hacked off if I were asked to move. Perhaps a free pie and Bovril as compensation for those displaced?
  9. Best Saints songs ever

    We hate Dundee. The classics are the best.
  10. Saints v Sevco Wed. 28/12/16

    They're no different to Grenta. Admitted into the league and financed beyond their means that has elevated them to a false position. Saints have nothing to fear from Sevco5088. Tonight is a test of bottle, not of anything else. I wouldn't see a win tonight as an achievement. I would see a defeat as a setback mind you however.
  11. Car Park mayhem

    The car park is just a shambles from start to finish. I have a season pass so choose to park there, but I won't be renewing it next year. In all honesty I get back to my car and sit and listen to the radio until the place has thinned out a bit. However on the rare occasions were I have somewhere to be in a hurry the place is an utter shambles. Pedestrians wondering apparently aimlessly in and out of traffic is a real hazard. Why the stewards do not funnel them I have no idea. Then when that's all done there's always some grey-haired arsehole in a Mercedes displaying their sense of entitlement by barging through and stewards who don't seem to be able to count. The solution, as I see it, is 2 fold: 1)Channel pedestrians into specific lanes and 2)First in first out for traffic.Empty the carpark from nearest the Ormond Stand row by row; the traffic to the West of the main stand comes out last.
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I'm not sure I would have Loy. I haven't seen anything of him that makes me believe that he is special in any way. I don't think Azeez is up for contract renewal at Partick, but I think he'd be worth a punt if available. Big, fast and decent feet. I just get the feeling he hasn't bedded in there.
  13. Is anyone going to this? I might have a drive up once I've had enough of the office for the day.
  14. New website

    I've been a critic of the old website for some time and I have to say that the new site is a vast improvement. It's pretty basic and the icons are very Fisher Price, but I don't see that as a bad thing; the old site was cluttered to the point of being inaccessible. Now they just need to work on functionality and the jobs a good'un. Top marks to Saints for sorting it out.
  15. Nuclear weapons keep you safe

    The Trident vote was a foregone conclusion sadly. For me the outcome wasn't as disappointing as some of the arguments that people used to justify their existence. Arguing that they created job is like arguing to retain slavery because labour rates would go up. It was also disappointing to see politicians who purported to have opposed nuclear weapons all their lives voting for them. And don't even get me start on Hillary Benn; Tony must be rolling in his grave.