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  1. Our New Council

    Good luck getting a reply from him. Man’s an arse
  2. Europa League 2017 - 18

    Old town in Vilnius seemingly superb
  3. Aggie Moffat

    Wasn't Aggie. That was Mrs Gibson
  4. Best Saints songs ever

    We had joy, we had fun we had Dundee on the run
  5. Best Saints songs ever

    Perth st Johnstone are the champions they're the best team in the land. Henry hall is the general and the leader of the band so good bye Partick thistle farewell Aberdeen and to hell with Kilmarnock and Dunfermline willie waddell and jock stein
  6. Best Saints songs ever

    They took away the muirton park spanners
  7. Best Saints songs ever

    The Saints shall not lose
  8. Another shop bites the dust...

    Bob Croll`s
  9. Charge Down Goals

    Doug Barron at Hampden v Queens Park. Goalie hammered the ball off his nuts and it went in
  10. Sevco v Saints 22/10 Match Thread

    get in there
  11. What Is Your Top Mcdiarmid Xi

    I`m going for:- GK - Alan Main (just shades it over Mannus) FB - Dave Mackay (has to be Scottish Cup Winning Captain) CD`s - Baltacha & Kernaghan (doubtful if we`ll ever see quality defenders like them again in our team) LB - Brian Easton - (just shades it over Calum Davidson) Mid - Chris Millar (IMO our best midfield player by a mile last couple of years) Mid - Nick Dasovic (quality, experienced player, hard to play against, scored in LC Cup Final) Mid - Harry Curran (always good for a few goals from midfield) FW - Alan Moore (oh to have him on right wing now, tough little player who could get past defenders and cross/score) FW - George O`Boyle (quality finisher) FW - Steven McLean (Heart & Head of team - magic!)
  12. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Steeple could be St. Ninians Cathedral?
  13. World Champs!

    Only Scotch Pie worth eating. Have one many a lunchtime
  14. Perth Paedophile’S Home Overlooks North Muirton Primary School

    Paedo got 40months in nick
  15. Yes Or Naw?

    Wrong with that point Denzil. UK economy is EU strongest at moment. That`s why EU want an extra £1.7Billion from UK. If UK a basket case I hate to think what sort of state the other countries are