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  1. Taking the bairn to the fitba

    Well I managed to get the wee man to his first but hopefully not the last Saints playing in Europe game. Went ok actually. When the opposition scored he started greeting (better get used to that son you are a Saints fan now) just before saints equalised he fell asleep and even managed to stay asleep during the goal celebrations. Half time came and he was still sleeping even through the pipe band going past. He woke up and saw the scoreboard reading 1-2 and started greeting again. Managed to get to 70 odd mins and I decided he had seen enough for one evening. He was also needing a change. So back to the car put the radio on while I changed him and managed to get away before the full time traffic started. Hope his next visit proves more successful with a saints win.
  2. Taking the bairn to the fitba

    Cheers for the troll reply to a serious question Dundee, it's much appreciated. Ifvyou have nothing sensible to say best say nothing eh. As for the input from sensible people, cheers folks.
  3. Taking the bairn to the fitba

    My wife and I had a baby just before Christmas so he is now just over 6 months old. I fancy taking him to his first Saints game next week but I am totally unsure as what would be the best way to do it? So my question to you is, have you ever taken a young baby to the fitba? Which stand would be best ?(obviously we have a family stand) Any experiences tips and advice would be greatly received. Oh BTW the wee lad is called Niven. it means little Saint! (the Mrs didn't realize why I was so keen on the name haha) cheers in advance Jazz
  4. MOTM Saints 0 - Aberdeen 0 - 07/08/16

    Ando for me too, great work rate from the man. Good defensive display by the back 4 unit today. Mannus even caught a cross ball! Happy with a point and a clean sheet tbh.
  5. The I suppose we should have a Euros thread thread

    Oh and this is quite good and worth a watch as well......
  6. The I suppose we should have a Euros thread thread

    At half time the pundits were discussing whether Joe Hart should play in the quarter final against France! The utter arrogance that they show is what makes it all the sweeter when they under perform on a big stage yet again! The first thing that came into my head at full time last night was this....

    Talking of mobile shops, who remembers Sandy's mobile shop? I mind he used to go round letham. Always got a 1/4 pund of kola cubes.
  8. New website

    For feck sake Saints (Mr Broon et al) get it sorted! If the North inch golf course can have an online system that lets you prebook and pay for a round of golf then surelyy a senior professional football club can run a webstore type site. http://www.northinchgolf.co.uk/visitors/teetimes/ just saying like!
  9. The I suppose we should have a Euros thread thread

    Must be a cultural thing. They even throw bottles at cricket matches! You will notice in the pic that they are plastic bottles, I think that reflects the pointlessness of cricket.
  10. Collum Excels Himself.

    It's good that France and Albania had some Collum decisions to debate this evening. I wonder what we are Albania have to say about him
  11. The I suppose we should have a Euros thread thread

    Oh dear! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-36506917 What a bunch of morons.
  12. The I suppose we should have a Euros thread thread

    I do hope that the England fans behave themselves this tournament! OH WAIT A MINUTE..................................
  13. Rise of the Tories...........

    #toryelectionfraud currently trending on twitter
  14. Honest Saints Fan

    Congratulations Mother knows best! Of course she will be a saintee
  15. Manager of the year

    Great news Great manager Great club Great supporters Fecking Great!