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  1. Manager Blasts Negative Fans

    One person's negativity is another person's opinion. Every Saints supporter can be forgiven for having negative thoughts or feelings at times, Saints could be the proverbial yo yo club and even in my time watching I've experienced every division and all the highs and lows that go with it. Supporters can especially be excused for being negative as it took 130 years to win our first major trophy, so we cannot be excused of being impatient! Tommy and his group of players have to undo all of the previous players, teams and managers poor performances and results an impossible task, but for the best part of the Brown's era we have enjoyed and managed to achieve the success that we have all got used to and somehow my have taken for granted. Optimism for the club and football I watch is based on the result or results for that week and depending on how Saints perform or the result they achieve I'm either pessimistic or optimistic, but is that not what football is all about and why we continue to support and follow our team regardless. Tommy and the team deserve to take flak when they do not perform and cannot either entertain with decent performances and score at least one goal every so often, just as they deserve our credit and support when the performances and results go our way. I don't think Saints or the fans can complain after what we have witnessed over many seasons, but regardless Tommy and his players will be judged by me come the end of the season.
  2. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    "If you defend well but keep giving the ball back to them, eventually they will wear you down and very quickly, if they get that first goal, they can score two or three in a short space of time." Tommy's quote before the match today! Well we certainly didn't defend well and has been the case far too often we didn't keep the ball either, played with an isolated striker and no-one willing to get further upfield at the crucial times I fear this is only the start of a rut we will be unable to get out of. I cannot see where our goals will come from and with a defence leaking goals it's going to be a difficult few months coming up for players and manager, but mostly the fans!
  3. Saints v Partick Thistle 19/8/17

    That's Paton for a red card next week now Ghostie! let's hope it's late in the game and we're a few goals up if it happens.
  4. Tommy for Rangers

    Dave H on! Matches especially at home have been hard to watch, but the final league placings are most likely all that will be remembered along with a few goals and results in certain games. Finishing 9 points from Rangers is a fantastic achievement given our respective budgets and as you stated the Dundee team with Sara and Caniggia could only finish 6th! Would like to see us be defensively stronger and more entertaining in order to bring in an increased support, but that will require quality players, better cup runs to hold the fans interest and that unfortunately also costs the club and people coming along more. Tommy will probably never be offered the Rangers job, but if he ever does it would be interesting to see whether he could do any better than their current and most recent managers with the financial backing that comes, but from my and Saints point of view I hope it never happens!
  5. Accies away!

    What a pair of April Fools!
  6. Saints v Dundee - 11/03/17

    Paton... hates Dundee!
  7. Tuesday Team Talk

    Excellent broadcast by the people behind Tuesday Team Talk and's great to hear the stories from people connected to Saints from behind the scenes and the great work being done by Atholl Henderson and Many people involved here give their time for free and deserve to be rewarded with further sponsorship from the people of Perthshire and afar.
  8. The The Rangers (AKA Sevco) v Saints. 1/3/17

    Hardly a must win match, but we must have known with Rangers coming off of their latest defeats that they would be up for it! Tommy admitted before the game as such from BBC Sport: "The one thing Rangers will have is possession. They have created a lot of chances, they haven't maybe taken those chances and that's the one aspect of their game that has let them down this season, they have admitted that themselves. "We have got to make sure we are right and limit them to very few opportunities, because the worry for us is they all of a sudden start taking those chances. That would cause us a problem." Well we didn't limit them according to the stats and if they had taken their chances, or not for some outstanding goalkeeping from Zander, Rangers would and should have been out of site by half time! Not for the first time Saints concede the first goal and give themselves an uphill battle, unlucky when we managed to get it back to 2 -2, but ultimately useless when we fail to close out the game to take the point! Once again an opportunity lost to pull away from others, overtake Hearts and catch up with Rangers, no wonder the fans are frustrated!
  9. The The Rangers (AKA Sevco) v Saints. 1/3/17

    COYS!!! Ando!!
  10. The The Rangers (AKA Sevco) v Saints. 1/3/17

    Free header scored by Waghorn.....long way back now!
  11. St Johnstone v Killmarnock 25/02/2017 Saints Day

    It's not the fact that it's at least our 3rd time this season, it's historically been Saints problem of not taking a step forward when it matters, probably many other teams problem as well. Not addressing the reasons behind this is the frustrating part and although not deliberate, it should be getting addressed by the management team and it's not! Even last season we had to come from conceding the first goal to too many teams on too many occasions, giving our strikers too much to do in having to score two or more goals in order win matches! This season with the exception of Celtic and Aberdeen every other team appears to be inconsistent, but it's my own team's mixed performances that I find frustrating as I'm sure everyone connected with the club does as well. Like many Saints fans I fear that rather than being inconsistent, the results turn into a run of defeats in which Saints rarely manage to get out of the rut. Let's hope they get a result on Wednesday and yesterdays result will be forgotten in an instant.
  12. Alan Mannus: past his best?

    Yesterdays game proved Tommy should not have changed his defensive line up from our previous match! If he was to now drop Zander and bring back Mannus for our next game at Ibrox this would further unsettle the team who appeared not to be at ease with the manager's changes. Zander kept us in the game with some fine saves prior to halftime when Killie could well have been out of site. The midfield were totally void of pace and any tackling ability yesterday and left the defenders exposed. These same defenders kept punting the ball long to our two forwards MacLean and Kane who were mostly outmuscled and the midfield did not get up in support often enough, or chose the wrong option when they did hold possession. Mannus has been a great servant to the club and will always be a great backup to have should Zander get injured or suspended, for these reasons alone I believe he should be offered another deal, however if we're looking to bring in another player/players he may well be sacrificed and our younger goalies promoted.
  13. St Johnstone v Killmarnock 25/02/2017 Saints Day

    With Wright and Mackay no longer with Saints and Midge at an age where his injuries appear to have taken their toll, the mainstay of a competent Saints team has gone! Factor in the recurring injuries to Murray Davidson in Saints midfield and I would say the steel that the team had has most definitely gone! Hopefully Tommy has called it correct in bringing in Paton to fill this role. Whether the defensive players Tommy has brought in to replace Wright and Mackay also prove to be any better, remains to be seen, however our final league position will go a long way to answer that. This Saints team has built a reputation of being difficult to play against and certainly within the media we are being told how astute Tommy Wright is in getting his team set up and able to pull off some incredible results. Today was not one of those days and it is alarming how many poor performances they continue to display at home, however if we think Saints are bad what must the fans of the other teams still below us be feeling regarding their season so far! I'm frustrated tonight as I have been on many occasions with Saints especially when we fail to take a positive step, however with Rangers, Dundee and Hearts to play within the next few weeks I'm confident we can continue to push the teams above us rather than worry about the others below us.
  14. Totten

    If only the present team could start off games the way Totten's teams did, we would seriously be challenging with Aberdeen.
  15. MOTM Saints 0 - Killie 2 - 25/02/17

    Alston the only creative player on the park although he probably missed our best chance!....everyone else made misplaced passes and wrong decisions throughout the whole game! Tommy tried to absolve his defenders by saying Joe, Foster had pass marks, but we still lost two goals and it could have been more.