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  1. St.Johnstone v Motherwell - Saturday 7th April

    37mins gone Cedric Kipre of Motherwell has commited 4 fouls yet no booking...not even for persistent fouling, just waiting for Murray Davidson to commit his 1st foul and end out in the ref's book! Just realised the ref is William Collum!
  2. Dundee v Saints

    Agree with most of the posts above regarding McCann's two game ban having less of an effect on him or Dundee FC than Zander missing two matches for us. Once again our punishment or part in any offence is deemed to be at least the same or worse as others even when reported otherwise! I guess that's probably because it was taken from the officials report or whoever was in closest attendance rather than just the TV evidence. The fact that McCann has now appealed this and since the incident is constantly in the news talking about Caulker and Graeme Murty his upcoming appeal will be dismissed and Saints and Zander will be the only ones to receive any punishment.
  3. Minutes silence/applause

    And John Muir.
  4. Whilst I don't believe two wrongs make a right, the decisions made last night and the downright lack of balance by both the pundits and media coverage is what I am disappointed with. Whether you believe Alston's challenge merits a yellow or straight red, it is not receiving a balanced response from the pundits or media. The referee called both Alston's and McGinn challenges a yellow, yet missed the shoulder/elbow by Marvin Bartley which could have been a red card. The pundits and referee chose to ignore Bartley's challenge along with other challenges he made and his subsequent dissent to both the ref and his assistant. After Anderson and Alston's bookings the pundits were questioning whether the ref should produce another yellow then red for both players following 2nd tackles, but they didn't query why the referee ignored similar challenges and surrounding of officials made by Hibs players going unpunished! Alston only got some positive comment by Steven Craigan when he stated McGinn had planted his foot across Alston to draw the tackle which caused both to go down and shortly after Alston was substituted by Tommy. This is why watching StJohnstone can be so frustrating when all we ask is to be treated fairly, but continually get this type of coverage in games. I guess I'll just have to wait to see the edited, balanced view from the BBC Sportscene experts in order to draw my final conclusion.
  5. Having watched the game at McDairmid I came home to view the recorded BT match and can only agree with many on here that we get unfairly treated by both the officials and media. Although this has always been the case over many seasons, I've lost count the number of times a Saints player is booked for a foul, but a player from the opposition commits an equally or worse foul and doesn't get punished! Although this happens to every team at some point, we do seem to get more than our fair share. It's even more frustrating when the pundits on TV highlight, as in Alston's tackle on McGinn that this should be a red card, then completely ignore the equally bad tackle McGinn made on Wotherspoon! Saints received five bookings last night with Hibs receiving one, referee called most correctly, but Liam Craig was booked for dissent whilst many Hibs players were able to confront both the ref and his assistants without being punished or mentioned by pundits or media, Several other challenges went unpunished or were never mentioned including McGinn's challenge and a shoulder / elbow blow to Liam Craig which was similar to the challenge deemed red in the recent televised match. For the many people who say " it will even itself out over the season" I can tell you having watched Saints for many years, it hasn't evened itself out over my lifetime far less a season!

    If you take it Motherwell are having as indifferent a season as ourselves this result is not good, Motherwell look to have strengthened and Saints look weak and keep making the same mistakes! Glad to see that Motherwell substituted Curtis Main as it looks like he was running the show according to the stats from BBC Website. Still don't believe we're the worst team amongst the teams in bottom six, but the fact these teams continually take points from us even when we are in top six it certainly does'nt bode well for the remaining matches.
  7. St Johnstone v Partick Thistle, 27 January 2018

    These things in the words of Mr Cosgrove don't " even themselves out over a lifetime far less a season"
  8. St Johnstone v Partick Thistle, 27 January 2018

    Red obviously thought a Saints player was pushing or jostling an opposition player and gave them the benefit by chalking off the goal...never mind these things even out over the season !! Not!
  9. St Johnstone v Partick Thistle, 27 January 2018

    Radio apparently reported Spoony’s goal was disallowed for a push by another Saints player after ball had been struck.
  10. St Johnstone v Partick Thistle, 27 January 2018

    No leadership on the park far less off of it, has been the case since Wright and Mackay left when we had two leaders! Still not competing from kickoff and once again conceding first goal, Tommy has mentioned this fact in his post match summary, but this has been a recurring problem even before this season and has’nt been addressed. We do not have much luck and still seem to get punished for mistakes or in some cases the officials errors, but as is the case when any team is make your own luck! Game in hand may be crucial, but need to get things right as certain so called better teams have ended their season looking forward to championship football.
  11. Saints v Dundee

    Whether you agree with Willie Collum or not regarding the booking for Denny Johnstone's two footed tackle on Glen Kamara or the straight red card dished out to Foster for catching the back of the calf of McGowan (not as BBC reported his 'knee') the worst tackle of the weekend was Lafferty's scything tackle on Shinnie. How Levein can say the red card was 'harsh' is beyond me and has been reported that Hearts will be making an appeal! Saints very rarely appeal even if they have good reason to and given our success, or should I say non success it will probably be no surprise if they don't appeal on behalf of Foster on this occasion. Personally I wish we would appeal more often than we do even if it does cost us as surely by the law of averages we may eventually overturn a decision. (I'll not hold my breath)
  12. Saints v Dundee

    We shouldn't be having to come out 2nd half and having to have a go! Saints should be starting a game straight from kick off, dictating the tempo and preventing the opposition from scoring....something which we continually fail to do and always leaving us with an uphill task to either equalise or score two to win! Failing to sign a striker at start of season, letting a striker out on loan and if it's true dropping Cummins due to his imminent transfer back to Cork City is not the sign of a club or team prepared in any way, shape or form to go into a match with a hope of winning it, far less a game against rivals who must relish playing against us when they can score and not concede.
  13. Saints v Dundee

    Poor preparation, poor set up and start from kickoff and once again a poor home display! Better hope this was our worse 45 and the 2nd half is better. Saints only committed 4 fouls according to BBC Stats yet 2 players booked and 1 sent off meanwhile Dundee commit 7 fouls, but none deemed bookable!
  14. Manager Blasts Negative Fans

    One person's negativity is another person's opinion. Every Saints supporter can be forgiven for having negative thoughts or feelings at times, Saints could be the proverbial yo yo club and even in my time watching I've experienced every division and all the highs and lows that go with it. Supporters can especially be excused for being negative as it took 130 years to win our first major trophy, so we cannot be excused of being impatient! Tommy and his group of players have to undo all of the previous players, teams and managers poor performances and results an impossible task, but for the best part of the Brown's era we have enjoyed and managed to achieve the success that we have all got used to and somehow my have taken for granted. Optimism for the club and football I watch is based on the result or results for that week and depending on how Saints perform or the result they achieve I'm either pessimistic or optimistic, but is that not what football is all about and why we continue to support and follow our team regardless. Tommy and the team deserve to take flak when they do not perform and cannot either entertain with decent performances and score at least one goal every so often, just as they deserve our credit and support when the performances and results go our way. I don't think Saints or the fans can complain after what we have witnessed over many seasons, but regardless Tommy and his players will be judged by me come the end of the season.
  15. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    "If you defend well but keep giving the ball back to them, eventually they will wear you down and very quickly, if they get that first goal, they can score two or three in a short space of time." Tommy's quote before the match today! Well we certainly didn't defend well and has been the case far too often we didn't keep the ball either, played with an isolated striker and no-one willing to get further upfield at the crucial times I fear this is only the start of a rut we will be unable to get out of. I cannot see where our goals will come from and with a defence leaking goals it's going to be a difficult few months coming up for players and manager, but mostly the fans!