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  1. Worth noting that your match ticket for the FCL vs St J game will include public transport 3hrs before and after the match.
  2. Rail seats are a bloody nonsense. It's becoming a bit of a popular opinion that they are the future for teams in Scotland. Why not just have the traditional style of terrace? Humans are perfectly adept at standing to view an event. This is what we have at FCL: We can stand there, on the concrete or metal steps and we can also consume beer in vast quantities. It's all perfectly safe and civilised.
  3. I am not sure to be honest. From here Wheelchair users get free entry in Block A1/A6. An accompanying person pays the cost of a standing ticket (normally 28chf, but the standing area will be converted to seats and the cost for this game is 23chf) One accompanying person per wheelchair user is allowed. I did a stadium tour when the ground opened. I recall there being large wheelchair space over near the family corner with a great view.
  4. Get revising your budget if you're a spirit drinker! Camping Lido?
  5. £26 is indeed a horrendous price. Who do you lot think you are ;-) I suppose if you sell the ground out it will be justified, but if there's large blocks of empty seats it will be a proper shame. FCL are giving season ticket holders a free ticket to the game over here, and away fans have the cheapest tickets in the whole stadium.
  6. There is a sort of piano bar. It's actually a lovely spot with a stunning view and Central Switzerland's largest collection of Single Malts. You get to it by riding up in a short funicular railway. Hotel Montana
  7. No, i guess you've seen pics? It was upgraded to glass walls after complaints from away fans. There is still a cage like fence at the front though. http://www.luzernerzeitung.ch/sport/fussball/fcl/fc_luzern/Swissporarena-Bessere-Sicht-fuer-Gaestefans;art98,163064
  8. You won't need € here, you'll only get bumped if you try spending them.
  9. So you're telling me that we'll charge you double for a pint, but give you entry to the match for half your normal price? At least the beer is cheap* in Scotland. *for us travelling from CH
  10. I've just been to the FCL club shop to collect my ticket. The girl there told me that 3-400 tickets have been sent to St Johnstone. You'll also be able to buy tickets at the gate.
  11. I've not been in for a few years, but Roadhouse was always hoachin wi' minge and late night sport, and if it's whores you're after, there's a number of 'establishments' in the centre of town where your needs can be taken care of.
  12. Potentially, but you'd be wise to pre arrange that with the club.
  13. Best arrange somewhere to park it too. LU is riddled with tourist buses at this time of the year.
  14. until 4am during the week ;-) Then there are other 'nightclubs' open until the wee small hours...
  15. You can buy one ticket from Basel, EuroAirport to Luzern. It will cover you for the bus and the train. Or when you get here just buy a bus ticket from the airport to the train station. I wasn't aware of there being cheaper tickets on the SBB, we have a fixed price from A > B regardless of when you book it or when you travel. That's a good tip to know about the internet offers. The things you learn, eh!
  16. Any signs of mischief and they like to get their toys out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X53EJ8yMNZw They are also slight drama queens who are rather fond of driving Land Rovers with large fences on the front through the town when there's football on. The polizei are armed with rubber bullets and tear gas too. That being said, i've never witnessed any of the above shenanigans and LU is a pretty safe town.
  17. That's a restaurant/bar at the bottom of the picture. In the last few home games there was a tent and benches in the area between the ticket stands and the gates where beer was served.
  18. ^^^THIS^^^ See the 4 squares on the left, beside what looks like a car park? They are the ticket booths. These are conveniently located at the town end of the stadium.