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  1. ss75990

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I would be surprised if he went back to Aberdeen. Considering he left Aberdeen after being frustrated with the lack of games he was getting to then coming to us and playing nearly every game since and now club captain. If he did leave, Aberdeen must be offering much higher wages than we are
  2. ss75990

    Hamilton 19/1/19

    I am at the game but down in Perth for the weekend anyway
  3. ss75990

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I notice celtic are looking to send mulumbu out on loan. Think he would fit into the centre midfield role. Saw the impact he made at killie last season
  4. ss75990

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I think its generally a lot harder to make decent signings in January. Its generally players that aren't playing and so are not match fit or loan signings to fill cracks in the squad for cover
  5. ss75990

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    If we made 0 signings but managed to keep a lot of key players with contract extensions I would be happy. With them tied down can then build on this squad again in the summer and potentially be a bigger threat next year than what we already are
  6. ss75990

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I imagine there will be a couple of teams interested in O'Halloran. Motherwell were trying to get him at one point and there are a few teams down the bottom end of the table who I imagine will be interested
  7. ss75990

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    I think its good to make small changes to the team. Avoids players from injuries from over playing and it adds pressure to players performances knowing if they have a bad game they could be dropped and struggle to get back in the squad. It s the first time in a long time we have had this much competition for places. Shows the depth in our squad
  8. ss75990

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I think getting Tommy signed up is the priority and many players will follow knowing he will still be there. I hope this includes Watt. Although he has not been scoring goals recently I think his performances have been great the last couple of games. He is a real presence up front and uses his physicality really well. The goals will come. He is getting into the right positions. After he gets one the confidence and swagger will be back
  9. 1st round of matches done and we are in a good place. Up in amongst the teams challenging for top 6 and opened a gap on the chasing relegation battle, Expect a tough game against a very attacking Hibs team. Expect Tommy to play the back 5 formation to close out the space. Don't think Tommy will change much in terms of line-up. Possibly Drey in from the start as his performances merit a starting place and will likely be fresher after coming off the bench on Wednesday. Lets keep this run going. COYS!!!!!!!!!
  10. ss75990

    Sevco 2012 v St Johnstone 23/09/18

    I imagine he will bench McMillan and start with 1 striker and bring in another midfielder
  11. ss75990

    St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    Unfortunately can't make this game. Packing to move house. Will have the radio on though. Feeling surprisingly confident for this. Think we have a great all round squad and they are not as strong compared to previous seasons. With the added addition of them struggling for defenders gives us a real chance to attack them and we have the players to do it. I'm going for 2-0. COYS!!!!!
  12. ss75990

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    It will us the opportunity to rotate the team without weakening. Will keep players fresh and should lead to better performances. Also the competition for a starting place is healthy and something we have lacked for a long time. We have generally had a decent starting 11 but our bench was weak and never had anyone who could come on and impact the game. We now have that option. Saturdays bench looked very strong
  13. ss75990

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I am delighted with saints business. Best transfer window we have had in a long time. We have competition for places which will hopefully lift performances. Our 3 signings before today’s window have had a big impact on our style of play and is bringing exciting football. Hopefully an exciting season ahead. COYS!!!!!!
  14. ss75990

    MOTM: Game 8 Saints 1 v 0 Dundee

    A good few players I could have given this too. Think our 3 summer signings look like superb business, so hats off to Tommy and the rest of the board for getting them deals done. The With the 2 wide players and Tony up top we look like creating a good opportunity every time we go forward. Also though our wingbacks had good games. Foster is miles better than he was last year. (maybe it was the stress of his wedding). Also though the 2 CBs were solid. Winning a lot of headers. Dundee had a lot of the ball but rarely looked like creating a decent opportunity. Held them back meaning they could only shoot from distance which Zander dealt with comfortably. Great performance and entertaining to watch. Very promising for the rest of the season. COYS
  15. ss75990

    Macca Memories

    McFaddens comments on sportscene on Saturday afternoon was that it was Maccas decision not to play on plastic pitches