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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    We have been lucky the last few seasons that we have had a quick attacking winger in our side that brings assists and goals (O'Halloran and Swanson). Be interesting to see who is brought in during the summer as I imagine Tommy will want a similar type of player. The quicker we qualify for Europe, the easier it might be to get somebody signed up before other clubs start showing interest.
  2. Run in for Europe

    Not a lot of time to get flights booked after the draw if the 1st leg is away
  3. We Are Perth - Young Player Of The Year - 2016/17

    Went for Jason Kerr. Been one of the outstanding players for East Fife this season for a newly promoted team to once again be battling for playoff promotion. Can only help with his confidence when put into the saints line-up in the future
  4. Next meeting

    Has to be Kano's last minute screamer in dingwall
  5. MOTM Saints 1 - Hearts 0 - 05/04/17

    Easton got my vote by being solid at the back and brought an attacking edge to the game. Loads of contenders could have got it though. Back 4 was solid. Pates bullied their midfield. Cummins worked tireless up top winning plenty of headers. Great performance. A mention for Clive as well. Slotted into the position well in difficult circumstances and found his feet as the game went on.
  6. Caley!

    Won't make the game against Caley but a similar performance to last night and we will get the 3 points
  7. Hearts Game

    I am getting away from work early so a lift would be great. Where about at the industrial estate will I meet you. I sent you a text but not sure if I still have the right number
  8. Hearts Game

    I'd be up for that Kenny. Just need to check with my boss I can get away a bit early to get over there in time so will text you in the morning once I find out
  9. Hearts Game

    Bit of a late post but I am driving down to the game tomorrow night straight from work if there is anyone wanting to go and needing a lift. I work in the centre of inverness and will be leaving just after 5
  10. Accies away!

    Yeah they did, I was listening to it and Chick Young was saying he was watching it back to see what ignited it and described what he saw. Something along the lines of Foster pointing at Swanson then pointing at the tunnel. Then he threw a punch at swanson but slipped and then swanson kicked him in the face. From what I can remember hearing on the radio.
  11. Accies away!

    Not what we need with the hearts game on wednesday
  12. Tommy for Rangers

    Even though Tommy has proven himself as a success at this level, I think a lot of rangers fans wouldn't like him appointed as he is not a 'high profile' name.
  13. Dingwall - 18th Feb

    I will be there
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Preston manager has confirmed May is available for loan. Should we be making a call to see what they expect in return of finances?
  15. Celtic - St Johnstone 25/1/17

    Decent performance. 1st half we were right in their faces and got plenty of good chances. Even the Septic commentary gave saints a compliment for not sitting in at full time. They battered us second half. Needed to just keep the ball better. Gave it away far too cheaply. Would of been a good point but hopefully can take confidence into the next game and grab the 3 points. COYS!!!!