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  1. Forrest is a wee pxxxk kissing the badge d***
  2. Sick fed up of hearing the pundits gushing over Killies season.... we have never had that kinda press coverage definitely west coast bias... arses
  3. That’s because only 2 teams matter in Scotland according to the BEEB.... however that’s no excuse for the clubs Twitter
  4. Shite draw what an anti climax
  5. Why are we virtually the only team in the SPL unable to give them or the other half of the OF a game... absolutely dire stuff, And Chris Sutton is a class A WaxxxR
  6. Behave... we are not standing admiring them we are second to everything all over the park... confidence is huge
  7. Well said! Totally agree we can’t compete they have confidence flowing and it is showing...
  8. We can’t compare the 3-1 win in December with this game, Sevco are a different proposition tonight and recently, Hard to bear but it is what it is.... oh and Chris Sutton can get right tae fxxxk!!
  9. Completely of topic so apologies... dobbie and Kane with all 5 goals today against the pars! Well done
  10. 3 points today and all will be forgiven?!!
  11. Jody Morris to feature at loftus road in game for grenfell
  12. That's all folks..... night night, am away tae sulk I hate thistle
  13. Fcuk sakes what is it aboot plastic and us at mcd... they fckn love playin here...
  14. Aye maybe so but I am fckn gutted the Hamilton dirty bassas won they really are a bunch of cheatin bassas.....