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  1. I remember an in form 2014 Stevie May being utterly horse if played up top on his own.
  2. Lessons learned. If you have a good talent, tie them up so you get paid properly!!
  3. I don’t agree. He’d have marshalled that back line in a way that’s desperately needed. Him and Foster both would have pulled the young players through games. We really needed one old head in there
  4. Tanser a winger? I like my winger’s to at least have the ability to take a man on. No thanks on that one.
  5. Remember when everyone wanted rid of Shaughnessy... Careful what you wish for!
  6. Zero chance of Tommy getting that gig. Football operates in a “what have you done for me lately” environment. we’ve been poor for a couple of years.
  7. Tommy said definite reds. Kerr got himself involved in an unnecessary physical battle with Cosgrove while the ball was in the air, then slipped when trying to recover. we can’t complain about the red cards. Duffy had a clear and deliberate handball in the box that stopped an Aberdeen goal in the first half, so we got lucky there.
  8. MySpazz... Obviously had an afternoon on the sauce or something, guessing he’s seen the same footage as the rest of us. Murray’s was a leg breaker, Callum’s was indefensible.
  9. Aberdeen should have had a penalty and Duffy red carded for a handball in the box, we got away with a huge one.
  10. Hendry’s was 100% indiscipline. Murray’s was mistimed
  11. Very well done to the 9 men. Looked more organised than with 11 at the back! Much more like a Saints defence, that last 15. Big shout to Dee who was superb defensively when he came on.
  12. Not the way I wanted to win a bet. Disgraceful lack of discipline from Hendry especially. Would argue Murray’s was mistimed. With Duffy’s Handball, we could have 8 men
  13. Superb Matty. Yet again, we start looking decent when we start playing positively.