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  1. That fact alone means they stand no chance of being elected. I’m SNP and left leaning but have been VERY impressed by Rishi Sunak as a person. PM elect from me. It’s his to lose.
  2. I don’t know Andrew. I think they’re hoping that maybe we’ll all get back to some sort of normality after this. I actually wonder if this will be a catalyst for huge financial change. A lot of people under 50 are very poor savers, myself included. This might cause a change in attitudes, we might see people being more frugal and saving more, like those that lived through the war or just after it.
  3. Grant’s aren’t repaid as far as I’m aware. Loans are.
  4. All companies are getting the 80% payment backdated to the beginning of March, so they absolutely have a choice. *** Martin could easily have paid his staff, even a reduced 80% salary rather than full pay and recouped every single penny.
  5. I’m not sure TV agave breached any contract to punters. We buy sports channels, not a football package
  6. I’m sure we signed Jody outwith the window?
  7. Void the season and we’ll be in breach of contract on the tv deal I suspect. That is where all money comes from.
  8. Just read that more than 30 Scottish clubs don’t have any insurance cover for contagious diseases. Worrying!
  9. There will be thousands of cases by now. It’s rampant in the borders according to someone working in the hospital. They’re only testing when it goes to full blown pneumonia stage.
  10. Just received this email. I wish they’d distribute these things wider. “I just wanted to send a quick message out to all of our supporters during this difficult time. It’s important to look out for your family members, friends and neighbours. These are unprecedented times for this country and indeed the world, and we need to check in on those who are most vulnerable. We need to try and stay positive, follow government guidelines, and hopefully the situation will improve quickly. We’re all dealing with the uncertainty at the moment but hopefully everything can return to normal as soon as possible. I’ve seen myself first-hand the situation in supermarkets with empty shelves and I’d like to ask everybody to remain sensible when it comes to shopping. My brother works in the retail industry and he has assured me that there is more than enough food for everyone as long as people don’t stockpile food and buy more than they need. It’s the most vulnerable people at this time who suffer most from empty supermarket shelves. On the football side of things, there is still a lot of uncertainty about what will happen but this is entirely out of our control. I’m sure the footballing authorities will be working extremely hard during these testing times. When there is any update the Club will keep supporters updated via the usual channels. The players and coaching staff remain away from McDiarmid Park and we feel this is the safest and best course of action. All players have their own individual training programmes which are being monitored daily by staff assuring that when football does finally return they are raring to go. While football remains suspended, myself, my staff and the players will be phoning around our elderly Season Ticket holders for a quick chat and to see if there is anything that the Club can do to assist. Once we have called our elderly supporters, we will do our best to phone round as many Season Ticket holders as possible for as long as this break from football continues. So, if you receive a phone call from myself or one of the staff or players, it isn’t a hoax! Please look after yourselves, stay safe, and I look forward to seeing you all back at McDiarmid Park soon. All the best,” Tommy Wright St. Johnstone Manager
  11. I don’t know if you noticed, but not letting people out their house is exactly how you battle this. Britain is proving that if you don’t hard and fast shut these places, there will be idiots that know better than the experts.
  12. That’s what’s being said. Not all insurance is the same. People obviously take out different types of cover and loss of earnings for a pandemic often isn’t covered it seems. Im guessing a generic policy covers fire, burglary, flooding etc.
  13. They reckon a huge percentage of businesses won’t have cover for loss of income due to a pandemic, so I’d be surprised if that turned out to be true
  14. I have to say, I’m left leaning SNP, but this isn’t time for playing politics. I roundly applaud the Tories for what they’re doing. Been very impressed with Sunak. Businesses need to have the confidence that finance is in place to retain staff and stay open. It’s essential to sort that first. I fully expect some sort of payments for individuals, sole traders etc to be announced in due course. I’m a big fan of UBI and this is the perfect time to trial it for 3/4 months I reckon.
  15. I don’t think we can play new players in these games. Hearts could sign a new team and escape, for example. We’ll have to move the window I reckon