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  1. This is our biggest problem. There should be a constant feed of social media from all levels. Footage from the training ground, weekly interviews from all levels of the club from the Chairman down. I’d scrap the play by play nonsense on match day on Twitter. I’m not talking about reinventing the wheel here, NFL teams have been doing all this superbly for a very long time and while they clearly have very different budgets, we could imitate their style to some degree. The more you drum St Johnstone into people’s daily lives, the more access you give people, the more they demand and the more likely they are to choose Saints on a Saturday. Thinking outside the box, I would also look at having a semi permanent stage erected in the grounds of the stadium, have local bands and other entertainment on from 11 or 12. Activities for the kids. Beat the keeper, 5 a side, face painting etc and have a bar for the adults, merch stands outside that you can’t miss. All this while the weather is semi decent. Get people there early spending money. Home and away fans. Making an event of match day is what football in this country desperately needs. I went to 3 NFL games last year in London at £100 a ticket per game for 2 of us, none included the team I actually support and didn’t leave feeling short changed despite parting with best part of a grand for 3 match days before hotels and travel expenses.
  2. Del... the same guy that failed to utilise Stevie May in Perth, you could quite rightly argue
  3. He’s also played wide left and a supporting forward role a helluva lot. Asked to be the main man, I suspect we’ll see a very different player, especially after a few goals. I actually think we’d get a better player back than the one that left.
  4. Better be a joke. I’ve zero interest in taking on a kid that can’t get into a team that finished a couple of places above us in the league. We need a goal scorer, not a bench warmer.
  5. Or he’s hanging off til the end of the window. Wouldn’t you if you were on £4k a week or whatever and you were likely earning half that in your next job?
  6. I’d be amazed if we were looking at a 17 year old winger from Rangers. Given how stacked we are in wide areas.
  7. He doesn’t have a job description. He’s a Director that inherited the business. I’m struggling to find an area of the business other than financial prudence that gains pass marks. This bad feeling among the support comes from the top. It’s time for change.
  8. Yes. Absolutely. A welcome addition. Might struggle to make a Thursday as the kids have school but will try
  9. It really gets to me though. I can run mine 2 hours a day anywhere with an internet connection. I can see what’s going to happen here far enough.
  10. He should have been retained. The added value he was bringing to the business was worth more than any salary. We looked like a modern club when he was around and public relations were actually decent, mainly due to the club actually communicating with fans indirectly and directly through his content. Financial prudence is a must, but the things we’re getting wrong on the whole are very simple. Simple stuff like getting tickets out, getting tickets on sale, the car park passes, general communications. So many people STILL don’t know that we let kids in free. My gran lives in Perth, reads the local paper etc and had no idea until I told her. I also wonder how far and wide we cast the net for sponsorship. I think we’re missing a major trick by looking local all the time. There are undoubtedly companies in the U.K. and even places like Asia and such like that would pay to get on shirts. You’re getting TV coverage on Sky, BT Sports, BBC. Playing in front of 60k at Parkhead and Ibrox. English teams even in the Championship have cottoned on, and these companies could get similar exposure for a 10th of the price. I just don’t think we think big enough. I started my own business 2 years ago with £3k and quickly turned that into something turning over £500k a year and growing quickly. I genuinely would contact the club but as a guy in my early 30’s that isn’t a suit, I suspect i’d probably be sneered out the door.
  11. We might have had years of financial stability but the PR is a shambles. The only thing the club got right behind the scenes was Ross. Media has gone to f**k since he left. You have to think that appointment was probably more luck than anything else. This club is desperate for some young blood and modern thinking behind the scenes. Having a builder and a sparky running the club just isn’t working. The Brown’s have done great for the club down the years but I honestly think they’re at the stage that they’re doing as much harm as they are good. I think it would be hard work to f**k things up the way we have this summer. As someone who runs a largely social media based business, I’m honestly close to the point of emailing them and asking if they need some help LAUGH OUT LOUD
  12. 100% agree, and if we were to bring in May on 3 years, and it works. We likely have him for that full 3 years, maybe longer.