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  1. The irony of that page name. I’d rather drink my own piss than spend 5 minutes being forced to read that page.
  2. Just bought my first season ticket in 18 years, not that i’ll use it much, as it’s a 170 mile round trip to Perth, but it’s amazing what online sales can achieve! Managed to get the same 2 seats that I sat in 25 years ago with my Grandad when he started taking me to Saints games as an added bonus!
  3. With the Morris connection, that’s an obvious link to make.
  4. Surely Hearts/Hibs would be sniffing around?
  5. Scandi leagues are just starting. Assumed he was headed to Salford but you never know
  6. I think keeping Easton would be madness unless on pay as you play
  7. I lasted 5 minutes on that banter page. Full of absolute roasters.
  8. I think you can give up on football. The Browns should be electric this year! Exciting times!
  9. I would also sponsor the site. Already toying with buying an advertising board at the club for my business. I only view the site on my iPhone.
  10. I’ve more or less stopped reading the forum due to constant iPhone spam ads that divert me away from the page, telling me I’ve won something. They’re awful. I get in over half of the time I try and browse the forum and surely can’t be the only one
  11. We’ve had a horrendous, confidence sapping run of games. Hopefully things will start to turn now
  12. Do you not think our midfield looks more balanced with a Craig - Callaghan partnership. I love Muzz but he’s not a ball player.
  13. Is it a coincidence that our excellent run of form coincided with Muzza’s injury? I think our midfield looks a lot less balanced with him in the team. Would much rather see Callaghan playing in his role.
  14. As much as I love Tommy, it’s clear he doesn’t have the answer against the OF at the minute. Even against Hearts, I thought we worried about them far too much instead of focusing on our strengths