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  1. Nobody is claiming they were perfect, but you can guarantee they’re no worse than any other club’s group of young fans that congregate together on a Saturday. Every other club has managed to keep their young support attending matches.
  2. The East Stand linesman usually manages to rile everyone up at once!
  3. Why would it affect morale? I don’t know what happens at your place of work, maybe you ostracise people but that’s not really common practice. They’re work colleagues, not bed buddies
  4. I don’t think there’s a chance of him downing tools. Not one.
  5. I heard they’re not allowed to as they already play their games at Alloa.
  6. Is Matty not leading both goals and assists?! I’d suggest we very much need his input unless we’re getting £200k and a player out of the deal
  7. Absolutely no danger we’ll be on telly. It’ll be BSC Glasgow vs Utd/Hibs
  8. I was a Rangers fan as a kid. All my family were CB’s. Do you know what made me switch allegiances? Actually going to games regularly aged 7-8 with my Grandad. There’s no reason that most of these boys couldn’t have switched allegiances if they hadn’t been hounded out of the club.
  9. Wakey wakey! He was “injured” In all likelihood because Aberdeen are coming back with a 3rd offer on the basis that he isn’t cup tied
  10. I think we got Vihmann on loan from another loan club (obviously dealing with his parent club) Pretty sure that would mean he can’t play for another club this year, so going home would guarantee no game time
  11. You never know, he could still end up playing for Tommy next season!
  12. Hopefully frees up some space to bring one in.
  13. We should aim to be a selling club. That way, we’re bringing in guys with ability who might have lost their way a bit, then benefiting them and ourselves by letting them shine. We stuffed up here by not signing him on a longer deal quickly. You could see his ability when he pinged in a thunderbolt 30 yarder on his debut at Station Park. With players as good as Matty, longer deals should be on the table ASAP. Same with Drey.
  14. With £50k and the saved wages vs goals and assists provided in the second half of the season, I think we’d finish at a net loss