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  1. May has 1 goal in a couple of starts for St Johnstone. That’s all we can compare
  2. Could argue the same with Sky Sports. Most of us do.
  3. Normally I would agree but Kane has never been a goal scorer at any level. His work ethic is never in doubt but as a striker, he doesn’t hit the mark anywhere near enough. May is an example of a player who has been low on confidence and hasn’t been performing at the sort of level he’s capable of for a long while as far as goals are concerned. But we know it’s in his locker.
  4. If May had scored the goal from open play BEFORE then penalty, we’d have came down the road with 3pts, I’m sure. absolutely delighted for Stevie. Can see what that goal meant to him. Hopefully now he’s broken the seal!
  5. Nothing stopping you buying a couple from Oz and donating them to the club for good causes!
  6. That’s a major issue. I suspect we’ll see Booth in first though? I’d rather have Ando back. I wonder if there’s a recall option in there
  7. Yes. I’m watching Leeds vs West Brom right now and WBA are playing a similar shape, but the difference is, their full backs are getting high up the park and the wide attackers are playing much narrower, almost within the width of the box when attacking. Then there’s an attacking midfielder supporting. We have our wide men on the touch line. May marooned in the box, and our midfield 30 yards behind.
  8. Worst start to a league campaign in FIFTY THREE YEARS and haven’t won away from home in 15 games. It’s at the stage now that you can’t really dress this up any other way
  9. I said much the same on twitter earlier. TW not actually seeing the deficiencies in our tactical setup is setting off major alarm bells for me. We seem to constantly go behind with his shape, then we he changes things and goes 2 up with 20 mins to go, all of a sudden the game changes. I am now very, very concerned and I wasn’t before.
  10. I thought James McPake was James McPake?
  11. I’m sick of not really taking the game to teams until we’re behind/70 mins in. I’ll forever love Tommy for what he brought to the club but I’m feeling like he’s maybe out of ideas.
  12. I’m surprised you’re not worried about our defence. It’s our biggest weakness right now IMO. Crying out for an older, streetwise head in there
  13. What’s even better is reading through this post and remembering some WAP legends. It’s great to see a really old post get a bump. I didn’t make Monaco, I was only 13 but I’m sure I remember my dad subscribing to ITV digital just solely to watch the game as it wasn’t on Sky. It was either for the home or away leg, anyway. I didn’t make either. My grandad passed away suddenly in his early 70s last year. At heart he was a Celtic man but both my grandparents took Saints Season Tickets back in the 90s and took me and my wee bro to games every week. Anyway... Both my grandparents spent their summers in the south of France and made the trip to Monaco without us, despite being “part timers!” My wee old gran spent a good hour regaling us with stories of that Monaco trip over this summer with a huge smile on her face, especially when describing the gendarmes taking off their riot gear and embracing the joy of our support partying in Europe. There’s no away trip I wish i’d been on more. To this day, I suspect it was something that money can’t buy.