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  1. Apparently he's on astronomical wages. We couldn't pay these and neither could any team outside the top 4 or so.
  2. Really great result, considering the issues going on. What has happened with Foster though?
  3. Does the fact that Callachan is back in the squad mean we're no longer looking for a centre midfielder (perhaps because we're now looking for a right-back too)? No Anderson or McMillan.
  4. Danish top-flight, not Swedish.
  5. Well, they've signed a midfielder who played for Udinese 4 times, but was sold by them to a Danish team who were relegated from the top flight last sort of. Can't see how it will affect the Shaw loan. I think we might be looking for a triple loan from Rangers: Holt, Dodoo & some 19 year old led back no one has heard of
  6. Why deadline day though? I mean, what makes deadline day the day we're going to sign someone rather than next Tuesday or January? Is it that clubs become desperate to get these players off the wage bill? Or those we have in mind are waiting until then to see if a better offer comes through? Or have we got signings lined up but we're saving money by not actually announcing it until deadline day?
  7. Perhaps his feeling is that May will realise that he's run out of options once we get to deadline day and sign?
  8. You've seen the fatal flaw in my plan to put positive spin on things.
  9. Sorry, Tommy, you're right. I'm hoping the reason we can't afford to loan Shaw is that there are 2 striking targets in mind. One is a cheap loan target as second striker (Hemmings, Shaw, etc.) the other is a large contract expensive signing (e.g. May). Negotiations are going on for both at the same time.
  10. I’m imagining he’s holding out for Hearts, but wouldn’t say no to Hibs. If he’s turned down Killie, we haven’t a hope. Hibs are more likely as they are actively looking for someone.
  11. One of the articles I saw (BBC I think), seemed to suggest that he was looking for first team football permanently, but with an initial loan. The other, Edinburgh Evening News, suggested he was going to looking to get a run of games somewhere else to then break into the Hibs first team. If it is the first possibility,then potentially a great signing. If the second, then we should be looking elsewhere.
  12. If this is our striker, I’d be pretty gutted. Advancing the career of a 17 year old for the OF, with surely no chance of signing him permanently. If he’s being taken on a second striker, to play behind someone else, then that’s different. I think Oli Shaw is different. I actually think he’d be a good player and it seems like he wants first team football, so the loan would hopefully become permanent. His goal return isn’t great, but he’s never had a decent run in the team and he’s only 21.
  13. True. Some are suggesting Dodoo was at the game yesterday with Jason Holt.
  14. Edinburgh Evening News says Wighton is in Levein's first team plans - dodged a bullet there potentially. Hasn't Jamie Murphy played as a striker in the past? What's Joe Dodoo like - signed by Rangers never played. Doesn't have a good record, but they must've seen something in him.
  15. I hope it's Bigirimana - I think he just what we need in midfield. I think this hunt for the striker has taken our focus off the fact that the squad is weak elsewhere. We've been chasing after shadows, and forgetting about the rest of the squad. Also, is it just me, or do the players seem unfit at times? We used to make up for any lack of skill with sheer ability to run like crazy for 90 mins, block every shot, etc. etc. We seem to now be run ragged after about 20mins.