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  1. Yes, no meetings over 500 doesn't mean 'just allow 499 in' it means, no one is allowed in at all, matches will be behind closed doors. Saturday's game could be absolutely vital, as it may be the last one of the season.
  2. Behind closed doors would at least mean the clubs may receive something through TV money (perhaps more games would be shown). It may be a case of the club that best isolates their players (& therefore has fewer players ill) will win the most games! You could find a situation where, for example, half the Celtic team are ill, and so have to play youth players, with Rangers going on to win the SPL (which is why Brown was suggesting the season should just stop now!)
  3. Yes, I think for any league to be really successful, there needs to be the safety of mid-table for some teams. You have to be able to look up and aspire to the next stage. At the moment, if you're not one of the Big 4 or 5, you're preparing for relegation every season, trying not to get beaten, defensive football, etc. etc. Any league next season might just be made up of whatever teams have survived the lack of earnings over the next month. This will push come clubs over the edge.
  4. This could get tricky. For example, if the season ended now and Hearts are saved relegation, I expect Dundee Utd could go to Fifa and potentially sue the SFA for loss of earnings by not being promoted. Some clubs won't financially survive the loss of income from not playing the rest of the season anyway, so when we restart, there might not be much point continuing. Apparently we're the country with the highest reliance on gate receipts in Europe.
  5. O'Halloran is staying, not least because he still has a year on his contract and I really doubt anyone would want to buy him. I would hope that we'd renew Craig & Davidson's contracts soon, and offer a contract to Holt too. Might it be possible to get Butcher back on loan again next year - he seems to be enjoying it. I agree regarding McCann, though - this would be a huge loss. I just hope the club will hold out for a very large fee with lots of add ons. If we have to look elsewhere, Ali Crawford is free at the end of the season.
  6. I think the fact that things have gone quiet over Wright suggests that he is looking elsewhere. I'd be happy with O'Halloran as the main player on the right. A New left-winger, and perhaps a younger player who can push O'Halloran for a place.
  7. I'd imagine Patrick Thistle would be a better bet. Better transport links to London, and didn't their owner die recently? With Brexit making it more difficult for these types of arrangements between English clubs and those in Europe, I wonder whether more clubs will be looking to do this.
  8. Yes, I did wonder whether that was the case.
  9. That was pretty woeful. I think we gave it all against Celtic, and that was still on the players’ minds. We just didn’t get into gear. We’re more solid at the back now, and that showed, but they didn’t offer much to test the defence either (although hit the post 2 or 3 times). Not sure why Swanson came on, game was crying out for Hendry who wasn’t even on the bench.
  10. Just play Drey Wright at right-back, he was excellent defensively on Sunday. I'd be quite happy with O'Halloran being in front of him. Ralston won't be back at the end of the season, and Wright is a much better player.
  11. True. I hadn't looked at the fixtures before posting above. I still think Hibs for 3rd & Livi for 4th. For us, 7th place would be a great finish.
  12. I think we can make top 6. Hibs will come 3rd and Livi 4th I think. Motherwell are in free-fall, Aberdeen are struggling (but will probably still get 5th place). It might be between us and Motherwell for 6th, Killie with an outside chance.
  13. Linky

    Wage Bill

    Yes, I'm not sure how Brexit is going to effect things. I'd be worried that wages will go even higher. If every European player needs a work permit, clubs in League 1 & 2 in England will need to stick to UK players only. They might look North in order to sign players, which could be bad news for clubs like us. In essence, there's a smaller pool of players for these clubs to choose from and so they'll be more competition for our players as English clubs with more money come looking. Clubs in the Premiership & Championship should be fine, as most foreign players they'd sign should be able to get a work permit anyway due to the high wages they'd be on.
  14. Great performance. Kerr was incredible. We chased their defenders for every ball, which meant they couldn’t get a rhythm going. They improved in the second half, but we still managed to hold them off. What is important is that now we are taking our chances, which is vital against the bigger teams. The only player slightly off the pace was Wotherspoon, not quite sure why. However, good team performance, right subs made at the right time. Butcher looks good, but still think Craig is better.
  15. Depends how much he’s asking for. He’s a good player, but I wouldn’t break the bank for him. Might be he wants to move back to England. All this is irrelevant if the club haven’t even tried to talk with him, which seems to be what Tommy is suggesting.