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  1. Are these ICT defenders any good? I haven't seen them play. I worry about two more young defenders, when what we need is a bit of experience. Devlin would be an incredible signing. I can't see him wanting to move to us. He could do far better. Kennedy is top of goals & assists chart and he is a huge asset to the team. But I worry about how him staying will effect morale. I wonder if there needs to be a clean break, new signings coming in. I don't think he will stop trying, but I'd be concerned that other players will be effected, as the squad feels less united knowing that the key player is off at the end of the season, but not knowing how he will be replaced.
  2. Ooops, might've been wrong on that one then. Although my unsubstantiated belief that Del wouldn't offer him has probably just as much evidence to it as the Daily Record hack's (i.e. none)
  3. Main would be a good addition I think, he is the sort of striker that would suit the way that we currently play. However, I can't see that they'd let him go so soon after signing him. He'd want more of a chance to prove himself too. I would've thought they'd want to keep Devlin. Ash Taylor would be more likely if it's a centre-back. I expect they are trying to offload Gleeson and Anderson though. Neither of whom we need.
  4. Yes, I've heard German football is much cheaper, and it means that the attendances are much higher. Ironically, Brazilian football was incredibly boring. No one really tackles or closes other players down, they just pass it into the goal, and the pace of the game is really slow. The technique of the players is amazing, but they barely break into a jog, as it's just sedately passed around the pitch. This was Flamengo against a lower league team, so might be different with two top-flight teams.
  5. I have no problem with playing with wingers, and crosses into the box but firstly, our crossing is generally woeful and secondly Hendry is the only striker who can get on the end of the cross and head it into the goal. Either we start with Hendry (& another striker who’s game is focussed on heading) each week, or we change the way we play. We’re not going to start scoring until that happens.
  6. The only experience I have of football abroad is Brazil and Spain. In both those countries fans seems to spend most of the time talking to each other and enjoying the sunshine. They only look towards the pitch if a goal is about to be scored. The place is noisy, but only because everyone is chatting about things nothing to do with the match. That said, it seemed like everyone brought the whole family along (this was at the Nou Camp & Maracana, might be different elsewhere).
  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team win 3-0 and yet play so poorly. Long balls from the defence, aimless passes, May & Kane running on top of one another. That said, a win is a win. Good points: Tanser looked ok on the left-wing, this will give us a bit of confidence, May took his goal well (& showed once again what he can do if given the right service). I really hope that if Kennedy does go, we use it as an opportunity to play in a way that suits May. We have to build the team around the player that is potentially our best, rather than repeatedly trying to stick him in a system that doesn’t suit him. This means balls through the middle, and ditching the out-and-out wingers. Unless new players are signed, MOH has to be the player that feeds May those balls, playing through the middle.
  8. That's what I was wondering. How does this rule apply with countries who run a summer season, and so are just starting a new season. The deal might be for a whole year, without an option to send him back anyway. If so, a short-sighted decision by the club. Callachan leaving will hopefully free up some funds. I don't think we're likely to get anyone in unless Swanson can move on too though. At the moment, the most likely signing is Berra on loan, but it might be that another club beats us to it.
  9. We couldn't get near his wages. Plenty of clubs ahead of us would offer more. Players from the Championship aren't going to move to the lower reaches of the SPL. Aberdeen just pulled off a coup by signing Dylan McGeough, someone not getting in the team at a League One club. This is the gap between England & Scotland.
  10. It also means we don't have to try to replace Kennedy, which would be very hard. Yes, I'd be happy with Booth instead of Tanser too. Playing this formation means we'd only need one signing - central defender. Although if Callachan and Swanson leave, I'd suggest we need someone to challenge MOH's position.
  11. If he is gone, I'd like to see us change our formation. Two wingers playing right down the line doesn't suit our strikers (apart from Hendry maybe) or Wotherspoon. 3 at the back, Wright and Tanser as wing-backs. They can make runs forward, but do more work defensively. Berra (or whomever) acts as sweeper. Play through the middle. I think MOH is better running at defenders through the middle, May needs those balls passed through the defenders for him to run on to. Clark Kerr New defender (Berra?) Gordon Wright Tanser Davidson Holt McCann MOH May I'd prefer Swanson for MOH, Hendry for May & Craig for Holt - but I know I'm in a minority on those 3. However, I think it more likely that Tommy will put Wotherspoon on the left and look for another striker & centre-back. We'll still play with 1 striker even with 4 in the squad.
  12. Yes. Players are only as good as the system they are played in. A huge amount is down to confidence too.
  13. Does that mean the manager doesn’t rate Ralston and doesn’t want him to sign for next season, or Celtic won’t let him go? Or, just more competition at right-back? Also, does this mean we won’t be signing a centre-back in this window?
  14. Aberdeen have a tight squad. The only players I’d see them offering in any deal would be Ash Taylor (centre-back), Stephen Gleeson (centre-mid) & Bruce Anderson (striker). Scott Wright is injured and Curtis Main is only 6 months into a new contract. Hearts offering Berra makes no sense. They’ve already told him that he can find a new club for free.
  15. Yes, it really needs to be done. I don't think medium-sized teams can begin to strengthen unless you have a big enough league to allow a decent-sized mid-table. Basically everyone from Motherwell downwards prepares for relegation each season, which means anyone outside the top 4 or 5 is playing so negatively as they just don't want to lose a game. It would mean the likes of Motherwell, Killie, and us could start to look towards pushing into that top 7, rather than looking over our shoulders all the time. It would also protect bigger teams like Hearts from relegation, which is always a financial loss for other clubs. For us in particular, it would mean derbies with the 2 Dundee teams more regularly, which always means a better financial return. I think Edinburgh City & Cove have shown that there needs to be a higher chance of non-league clubs making there way into the bottom rung of the SFL.