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  1. Yes, I have wondered exactly where the fault lies. There are some comments that suggest it is the Chairman: when Tommy said the Chairman 'likes a wee flutter' when it comes to the end of the transfer window, it sounded like Tommy wakes up the next morning and finds out who the Chairman has bought this time! There also seems to be a lot of mixed messages: Tommy says he wants a striker and a central defender, for example, and then comes out and says there is no budget for anyone. Is it that the Chairman believes he can get a good deal if he waits until the last minute because players are desperate? Maybe he's been priced out of pre-contract arrangements too many times because players' agents play clubs against one another? Either way, it comes across as if we're scrabbling around at the last minute.
  2. Whatever the ins and outs, we are without a central defender. The transfer situation has been bad - everything seems rushed, with little planning ahead. The Foster situation didn’t help, but was outside Tommy’s control I imagine. I’m a Tommy fan, but this hasn’t been handled well.
  3. Don’t think Ando has it in him. Gareth McAuley or Aaron Hughes please.
  4. Yes, but I’m not sure a shortlist of one quite cuts it. Our problems now started last season as we didn’t identify replacements, then continued with the May debacle in the Summer. I’m not sure how much is based on the Chairman trying to get things on the cheap/last minute and then missing out to other clubs though.
  5. What Tommy wants and what Tommy gets are different things. Everyone else knew we needed a new centre half this time last year, why has he only realised it now? There seems to be no planning ahead in the transfer policy.
  6. It seems to me that anyone who gets the ball into our box is very likely to score. Hearts and Hamilton just didn’t get the ball into the box. Tommy said we started brightly - we conceded in the second minute! So, we were bright for all of 120 seconds.
  7. Problem is, Tommy doesn’t sign players like RandomGuy has suggested. We sign players not getting a game at other SPL clubs or the occasional younger player from England (perhaps Drey Wright is an exception).
  8. I think the only likely signing we’ll get is a centre back in January, and that would be on loan. No way we can shift players. The Estonian will go back, and someone will come in. I know he’s not popular, but Hendry on loan from Celtic would be an improvement. Otherwise, Dikamona has complained about not getting enough game time at Hearts. Very few players would want to sign a contract with a team that looks like they might be going down.
  9. What is really frustrating is that it is the same defensive mistakes every week. I really like Tanser, but I think he’s more of a left-winger than a defender. He can be really good going forward, but gets bullied off the ball and is often at fault at the back. Ralston just isn’t good enough, and I said that from the first game. Kerr and Duffy are doing their best, but they are two young lads who look lost. Clark is the biggest disappointment - he flaps, he punches, he miskicks. I think this back 5 would struggle in the Championship, let alone the SPL. It’s a problem of Tommy’s own making.
  10. He certainly wants it, but why would they give it to him? International management is all about tactics.
  11. Northern Ireland aren't going to have to appoint until the end of the season, but might want to line someone up now. After their recent success I'd imagine they'd be looking for a bigger name, but who knows. I wouldn't want him to leave, but far better for him to go to that job than another in the SPL like Hearts or Hibs.
  12. I can’t quite decide whether their manager going is better for us or not. Will they be more disorganised, or will it give them more energy as they try to impress whoever comes next?
  13. Not writing him off, but believe we need to play to his strengths. The team needs to be built around his style of play.
  14. I’ve said elsewhere that I think he’s a great player, and I’m sure he will get snapped up by another team soon. As I said, he has moments of brilliance, which are beyond the dreams of most non OF players. However, he is a winger, and is better suited to the left hand side than through the middle in my opinion. You’re right, he puts good deliveries into the box - but May isn’t the sort of striker that is heading in crosses, so they are wasted. May relies on passes to run on to and Kennedy doesn’t provide that. On paper, Kennedy is the best player in the team. But, with the way we play, Wright & Wotherspoon are making more of an impact going forward,
  15. Hearts had 1 tactic, and we’d figured that out in the first minute. Muzz was MotM, but McCann was close behind. Defence looked much more solid, didn’t give them any time on the ball. We looked much more mature, with a clearer sense of tactics. Our set-pieces are still poor (but improved significantly when Craig came on), but we sorted out our balls into the box - no longer high but more whipped crosses which were more dangerous. May is worryingly poor. He was offside almost every time he touched the ball, and offered us nothing - Chris Kane with a pony tail. I feel that it’s like we’ve been playing without a striker all season. Tanser was excellent, as was the whole back 4 actually. Kennedy remains the most overrated player in the team. He just runs with it until it goes out of play or he gives it away, never looks for the pass. A few times this was almost fatal. He might have one or two moments of brilliance every game, but he needs to involve May much more and look for the wing backs that are overlapping. Again, both he and May kept going too wide. He is not suited to playing just behind May, as he’s more of a classic winger, I would look to swap him with Wotherspoon. A good win though - we battled for it, and got some luck with the goal. A more traditional Saints performance: good defensive set up, battling for every ball, pressure on the opposition, and a result at the end of it!