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  1. Saline Saint

    Hamilton v St Johnstone 18 May 2019

    You and I are St.Johnstone,probably more so than any player there today and the game meant plenty to me.By St.Johnstone I presume you mean the players and if a professional player being payed to represent our club has the attitude “this is meaningless” I would question his professionalism or is it alright to allow a lack of professionalism as its last game of the season.
  2. Saline Saint

    Hamilton v St Johnstone 18 May 2019

    Never been to a friendly in Belfast never will do,the place is a hole. Todays game was far from meaningless as it had great bearing on the resultant play off place.I would have been on my way to Dens thinking Hamilton will get a game off Stjohnstone today,nah they didn’t.
  3. Saline Saint

    Hamilton v St Johnstone 18 May 2019

    It wasn’t a nothing game for those in the Saints end who’d stumped up their hard earned and given precious time to give the team a backing to have that performance served up.Almost feel St.Mirren are due an apology.
  4. Saline Saint

    Danny Swanson

    Think it was “A year of British Murder” can’t remember the channel.
  5. Saline Saint

    Danny Swanson

    A few months back by pure coincidence I watched a documentary about the effects on family and friends when a close friend or family member is killed by way of a crime,this programme may have been on before I saw it you may all have watched it before I did. Anyway the Swanson’s family’s loss was the the very first case to be looked at,Danny himself contributed by interview expressing his experience,thoughts and feelings as well as how events have left himself and his family.He came across very well and it was plain to see how things have taken there toll on him. If he has been a naughty boy and it is proven to be so I certainly would not condone his actions,but I definitely would no rush to judge a comparatively young man(he is to me)who has been through the mill in recent years,no matter the glamorous life style,loads of cash etc etc we might like to think he has none of this makes up for the loss of someone close.
  6. Saline Saint

    Saints v Saints 16/3/2019

    In a way I think we beat 12 men last night as the St Mirren fans as has been mentioned were outstanding,that North Bank mob kept it going all night and when the rest all joined in it was mighty impressive,well done. ps.still hope you go down
  7. Saline Saint

    MOTM Game 38: Saints 1 v 0 St Mirren

    Went for Kane put in an almighty shift,chased and harried all night and was switched on enough to pounce on the St Mirren howler in their defence.He also had me eating my words as a few weeks ago I had him down as no more than an impact sub from the bench. Foster and big Joe need to get a grip,Joe in particular no longer gives me confidence when on the ball or when he is depended on to make the last ditch tackle,good luck Aberdeen IF your are taking him we have great replacements in our young defenders.
  8. Saline Saint

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    As well as all that crap you say it doesn’t mean we have to start doing are we not allowed to “hurt” after a result like that,as that’s how I’m feeling right now,wish I had your ability to brush it under the carpet and move on as quickly.
  9. Saline Saint

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    Too late already
  10. Saline Saint

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    Cricket score anyone? 2 in nine minutes
  11. Saline Saint

    MOTM Game 32 Hamilton 2 v 1 Saints

    Yeah Liam for the goal celebration,slightly cringe worthy but made me laugh on a night there was little to get excited about.
  12. Saline Saint

    Hamilton Away

    Thought O’Halloran’s contribution tonight was a reflection of his previous stints with us made a couple of hopeful runs early on then disappeared from the game. Kennedey a few weeks ago was unplayable but seems to have lost his way a bit.Goss does appear to have a bit about him and I think he will hold down a starting birth as others falter. Im not one for the long biuld up as has been mentioned,the back four can pass the ball back and forth across the field all night but with the attacking options we have we really should be terrorising teams like Hamilton.
  13. Saline Saint

    Hamilton Away

    What did Foster have on his feet the night? a pair of the wife’s high heels by any chance.Has to be the poorest I’ve seen him.
  14. Saline Saint

    Saints v Celtic, Sunday 3 Feb, league game.

    Well done Zander,kept it relatively respectable,reaction of Celtic players towards him at the end reflects how well he played.