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  1. Saline Saint

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    As well as all that crap you say it doesn’t mean we have to start doing are we not allowed to “hurt” after a result like that,as that’s how I’m feeling right now,wish I had your ability to brush it under the carpet and move on as quickly.
  2. Saline Saint

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    Too late already
  3. Saline Saint

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    Cricket score anyone? 2 in nine minutes
  4. Saline Saint

    MOTM Game 32 Hamilton 2 v 1 Saints

    Yeah Liam for the goal celebration,slightly cringe worthy but made me laugh on a night there was little to get excited about.
  5. Saline Saint

    Hamilton Away

    Thought O’Halloran’s contribution tonight was a reflection of his previous stints with us made a couple of hopeful runs early on then disappeared from the game. Kennedey a few weeks ago was unplayable but seems to have lost his way a bit.Goss does appear to have a bit about him and I think he will hold down a starting birth as others falter. Im not one for the long biuld up as has been mentioned,the back four can pass the ball back and forth across the field all night but with the attacking options we have we really should be terrorising teams like Hamilton.
  6. Saline Saint

    Hamilton Away

    What did Foster have on his feet the night? a pair of the wife’s high heels by any chance.Has to be the poorest I’ve seen him.
  7. Saline Saint

    Saints v Celtic, Sunday 3 Feb, league game.

    Well done Zander,kept it relatively respectable,reaction of Celtic players towards him at the end reflects how well he played.
  8. Saline Saint

    MOTM Game 28 Saints 1 v 0 Livinston

    Got to be Kerr,didn’t put a foot wrong.Another solid game under his belt.
  9. Saline Saint

    MOTM Game 27 Scottish Cup Saints 2 v 0 Hamilton

    Went for Callaghan,good tenacious performance with plenty of drive and seems to be improving with more and more game time.Most players in Saints strips were reasonable without having to stretch themselves. Surprised Kane wasn’t hooked,another poster had him down as Hamilton’s best defender,a bit harsh,but he does while in possession take too long to sort his feet out and lift his head thus halting some good flowing moves allowing defenders time to reorganise or dissposess him of the ball.No doubt about the boys engine and willingness to graft but maybe as a sub from the bench for impact purposes late on.
  10. I suppose its hard not to give some pay back to opposition fans if they’ve been giving you pelters for whatever reason.Maybe I’m old fashioned but if you celebrate with us your one of us.
  11. Saline Saint

    Andy Murray - Scotland's (and Britain's?) Greatest Ever Sportsman?

    Is anybody watching this guy,what a performance,odds are he still won’t win this match but my god struggling to walk in the 1st/2nd set to take it to a 5th. *** Henman are you watching?
  12. Saline Saint

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Tricks,flicks,back heals,dummies,nut megs,crunching tackles, precise passing,great goals,it had it all from Saints today.The confidence throughout the squad is great to see. Pass the word to all Saintees not present today to get up and get behind the lads,this team has a great buzz about it.
  13. Saline Saint

    That advertising bar across the bottom

    How distracting is that thing,get it tae
  14. Saline Saint

    St Johnstone v Hibernian Sunday 12 August 2018 Premiership

    BBC has it as an OG?