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  1. In what context do you think they won’t be with us? Other clubs coming in for them or the players themselves thinking championship here we come and telling their agents “I’m a player get me out of here” so to speak.
  2. Got to agree Cagey.Zander was palming away all but point planc shots for fun towards the end yet Cosgroves goal from out side the box seen all the way by Zander he goes down in instalments to try and stop it.
  3. Got the feeling Considine was the golden boy the day with his 500 up for the Dons,the comotators were wetting themselves over his professionalism,loyalty bla bla bla,infact they were gutted he didn’t head the winner late on,”couple o fannys”
  4. Murray is only ever one miss timed challenge away from a red card that’s just the way he plays,fare to say there was no malice in his challenge today but it’s no exaggeration to also say it was a leg breaker on another day
  5. Full credit Saints for holding out but they equalise when their on top then press self destruct
  6. Wouldn’t mind if this team had some fight in them
  7. Murray and Hendry have no room for complaint both had to go.
  8. Kane making the difference,who’d have thought?
  9. Yip,Stevie May chasing shadows,has hardly had a sniff
  10. ouch,definite penalty,lucky not to be 2 nil and a man down.
  11. Carse of Gowrie ploughing match Saturday,or Saints v Aberdeen Sunday, guess I’ll be firing up the John Deere.That Hibs game was hard to bare.
  12. Thanks Paulo for your very comprehensive report on last nights forum.Im not a season ticket holder and I’m sure I speak for many others like me that we appreciate your sensible straightforward posts that have cleared up many questions we’ve had over the last few weeks. Cheers.
  13. Stevie May and his “advisers” (whoever they may be) would have been naive in the extreme to think they would be offered the same deal again after taking the piss out of the club in particularl Tommy Wright. It’s all about actions and consequences and it was May and his people’s action that soured the deal. Im not entirely convinced that the club are to blame for the current situation ,after all Tommy Wright clearly stated on radio pre Celtic game it was not the club who “moved the goal posts”. Stevie May ain’t the player we all worshiped 5 years ago,I think there was an element of chancing one’s mit when it was obvious our need for a striker and in particular our desire to bring him back to the fold.Personaly I don’t think there’s much interest in Stevie from other clubsand he could well end up back with us,it will take something to break the stalemate between the two parties but an enhanced deal isn’t the answer.
  14. Does that mean we might have to put up with that hand tattoo goal celebration,always wanted to punch him every time I saw it,well suppose we will be greateful if we see it regularly
  15. You and I are St.Johnstone,probably more so than any player there today and the game meant plenty to me.By St.Johnstone I presume you mean the players and if a professional player being payed to represent our club has the attitude “this is meaningless” I would question his professionalism or is it alright to allow a lack of professionalism as its last game of the season.