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  1. Wow just seen the penalty incident. Clear penalty .........player barges in to MOH and the Keeper clears him out. Shocking decision.
  2. Great Result yesterday. But if you look at our haul 12 of the 19 points have come from Hamilton and Hearts. We really need to start taking points from the teams above us to get to safety. Ross County will be a bigger test and a better indication of where we really are.
  3. That was a tough afternoon to watch. Point gained but they virtually camped in our half at times.
  4. I don't see any points from this or Hearts game. Best would be a nil - nil draw at Killie but I just don't see it happening.
  5. Going in to December bottom of the League with a horrific goal difference. The writings on the wall. I think we are slowly seeing the end of Tommy's time here. I desperately want to him to succeed and turn it around but I just can't see it.More importantly neither can the players. Whoever is to blame for the recruitment shambles is irrelevant.We are where we are. I don't think we have enough to stay up and if we do drop down I would envisage a very lengthy stay in the 1st Division.
  6. It's a result that's cost Levein his job.
  7. A great result - can't get too carried away though as that Hearts team were woeful.
  8. Just seen the winning goal again on Alba. Terrific finish on his weaker foot. Eould like to see him start alongside May.
  9. Thread started day before game and only 3 posts ................says it all.
  10. If Tommy manages to extricate us from the situation we are in now it will be a bigger achievement than winning the cup. We are not playing as a team nd have an inexperienced defence which are a bombscare with zero confidence throughout the team.
  11. Looking across social media it's pretty obvious the consensus is that we are going down. More worrying is the team are thinking this way too.
  12. Relegation this year I'm afraid. Not even good enough for the playoffs. Getting rid of Tommy will change nothing - Not that I am advocating he stays but this team just isn't good enough. Defence is calamitous and the guys up front are just not doing it. Our seasons are made on how we do against the St Mirrens, Livingstones etc. No win since Brechin in July Says it all.
  13. How many weeks have we been saying this is a "must win" ? The next two games will go a along way to deciding what kind of seaon we will have. Its got to be 3 points.