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  1. I am genuinely struggling although I do remember a lengthy debate about tarpaulins and ground water a number of years back. This tops it though.
  2. Don't get me wrong. I love Saints - you could even say obsessed by them. But tongue in cheek or not this surely is the most bizarre thread posted on WAP
  3. Can't believe it's another away game to start - especially against those knuckle draggers. Would normally go to the fiirst game but was at the Scottish Cup caning. It's a no for me. Would have to agree that after the initial tough start we really have to do the business against our real competition i.e. St Mirren, Hamilton, Motherwell etc.
  4. A very dependable player who will be missed. WIll be interesting to see if he has put his injury behind him. I hope so.
  5. Sat at work and realised it was 5 years ago around 3.30.All came rushing back - never to be forgotten.
  6. I thought O Halloran had his best game since coming back. Great movement and pass for the second goal. Hopefully can get him back to where he was previously.
  7. Kris Boyd is something that starts with sh ....... but it's not shout.
  8. Inevitable he would move on but after 40 plus years of following the club it still hurts when a player moves to the Old Firm. Irrational but still gets under my skin. Was hoping for him and Saints it would be a move down south.
  9. A real test of desire and hunger for us with the fakes battling to survive but we are safe and with nothing play for other than pride. They also have fantastic backing from their fans. Would be happy with a point.
  10. Lots of great games to look back and reflect on. But for me this was a very very special game. People forget that just a couple of months before they had annihilated us at Tynecastle in the League cup Semi Final. They had run us ragged in the first half. They had knocked out Celtic at Parkhead previuosly. We came out second half and blew them away.A very special day and a very special team. Days like these keep you going.
  11. Much improved display. First time I've enjoyed a game since Dens at New Year.
  12. Seems that Zebra Finance are going the same way as BLK if the papers are to be believed. For a lot of fans it's the only way they can afford to buy a season ticket. Hope the club can find some other provider.
  13. Take your point about FCU. St Mirren really showed us up last night and was a pointed reminder of what we have lost.
  14. I visit the site most days but don't post often. I never have as I believe in quality over quantity. All these things have a shelf life I suppose but I would be sad to see it go.