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  1. Bruno Strasser

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    I think Drey is a tremendous team player. Always ready to track back and get a tackle in - when he isn't causing mayhem at the other end. A very confident and assured performance.
  2. Bruno Strasser

    Zander Clark

  3. Bruno Strasser

    Zander Clark

    Alex McLeish has a Beard ?
  4. Bruno Strasser

    Chris Millar testimonial Sportsmans Dinner.

    A great night which encapsulated all that is good at the club. Well done to all who organised it.
  5. Bruno Strasser

    Taxi for Tommy?

    I think in any walk of Life it's easy being a Manager when things are going well and your team are performing. It's when things go wrong that you really see who really is the best. How many times have we gone through a really bad spell and Tommy has taken us out the other side ? 5 - 0 down at half time against the Plastics and then to go win three in a row without conceding a goal is some achievement.
  6. Bruno Strasser

    MOTM Game 16: Saints 2 v 0 St Mirren

    Another confident display from Jason Kerr. Got my vote
  7. As someone has said it's complicated. I wouldn't disagree with much of what has been written. Something has to change though as the attendances are dwindling. Agree about the areas under the stand. They are bleak and could be brightened up (some saints related artwork from some local schools perhaps). Some rudimentary heating there as well as you try to escape the cold at half time bearing in mind it was freezing on Saturday and will get colder.
  8. Bruno Strasser

    Motherwell v Saints 20-10-18 K-O 3pm

    These are the games we have to win. There are really two leagues within the league and it's the results against the likes of Livi St Mitten etc which will determine our season. Not wallopings from the OF.
  9. Bruno Strasser

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    I think you'll find they'll hand out a few doings this season. Will get worried when we are getting humped from Accies etc
  10. Bruno Strasser

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    Knew it was going to be a bad day when I got stopped going in by a steward who insisted on frisking me before going in. Season Ticket holder in the West Stand - did they have Intel that the Tartan Rug and bunnet brigade were planning a pyro party ? Totally over the top - they insisted on checking everybody even gave SLF a going over without any protective gear on.
  11. Bruno Strasser

    Taxi for Tommy?

  12. Bruno Strasser

    MOTM Game 10 Saints 1 v 1 Aberdeen

    Tanser for me. Best game yet for Saints.
  13. Bruno Strasser

    St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    I thought Tanser had his best game for Saints.Thought he was outstanding first half.
  14. Bruno Strasser

    St Johnstone v Hibernian Sunday 12 August 2018 Premiership

    A really good open game. Much more entertainment from Saints with the wingers pushing on. A good point too as Hibs are no mugs.
  15. Bruno Strasser

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    We got out of jail .....................not sure he will