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  1. Really need a central midfielder...... hope a surprise is in the pipeline but not holding my breath
  2. On a more sane level - not heard anymore about Joe. Southend played him in friendly versus Millwall but they have not followed up on it. Not aware of any other interest. If there is a last minute signing he might be the one.
  3. And the moon landings did not happen, the Illuminati rule the world etc etc.
  4. If Saints have screwed him over and not delivered on some part of the deal I don't think either May or Vine would be holding back in pointing the finger. Both come out of this very very poorly. I really dont want either of them at the club.
  5. Whether correct or not if he is perceived to have welshed on the deal at the last minute to go to Dundee for more money he has destroyed any love for him in Perth. Not quite in the Mo Johnston league but I can't recall a fall from grace for any Saints Player like it. Hero to Zero.
  6. This just shows how things are at the moment when 158 people are on this site during work hours reading about f***ing Butterkist
  7. Having spoken to an Aberdeen fan we "May" have dodged a bullet. In terms of speed and mobility cart horse was mentioned.
  8. Looking at the fixture list a real possibility..........
  9. As mentioned already we are not buying the player of 5 years ago. Whoever buys him is taking a huge gamble on a player whose career is on a downward trajectory and has suffered a terrible injury. I wouldn't expect a blow by blow account but would agree that this is where a little bit of PR would be helpful but Saints being Saints that won't happen.
  10. Wearied of this. Genuinely think we should tell him to GTF. He can spend his extra money touring Alloa, Dumbarton etc with Dundee. This whole thing stinks. Part of the problem being that nothing usually gets mentioned until it is over the line. Expectaions have been built up and rightly or wrongly there will be a lot of disappointed Saints fans.
  11. I am genuinely struggling although I do remember a lengthy debate about tarpaulins and ground water a number of years back. This tops it though.
  12. Don't get me wrong. I love Saints - you could even say obsessed by them. But tongue in cheek or not this surely is the most bizarre thread posted on WAP
  13. Can't believe it's another away game to start - especially against those knuckle draggers. Would normally go to the fiirst game but was at the Scottish Cup caning. It's a no for me. Would have to agree that after the initial tough start we really have to do the business against our real competition i.e. St Mirren, Hamilton, Motherwell etc.
  14. A very dependable player who will be missed. WIll be interesting to see if he has put his injury behind him. I hope so.