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Ok, bus figures here... Currently 12 seats available for any friends from Edinburgh, Dunfermline or Deer Park.... The totals below INCLUDE kids... Let me know of any mistakes or if any figures seem wrong...

a tulloch     1
A urquhart    1
baldy marc    4
Barney    2
Bigstu    9
capital saint    3
Craig scotland    5
Davey    2
Dean and Alex    2
G myles    1
Iain Sinclair    2
hannahrchrist    1
ishy    2
Ryangordon    3
M Aitken    6
Mark tulloch    2
R mac    2
Ptolomey    1
malloys    8
nelly    4
nold    7
Ormond boy    11
P kennedy    1
Ptolomey    1
S mckerracher    5
I mcdonald    1
Dougie    1
Marc mates    3
Jack smart    3
Saintbear    5

supersaintee    4
Craig and Jane    3
D Macdonald    1
Kirsty wap     7
giffy j craig    1
Tony dumfermline    19

New Deer    
Gaz9274    8
chopper    2
big gav    2
big gordy    2
Blair     5

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Send you our bus money some time this week 5x (£75)

Tickets bought

Bus money

Train booked

Let the carnage begin ,but have been warned that Shay is playing football on sun at 10.30(cup final) but I know Andy and Big Gordon will look after me

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