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Bus Pickup Time And Location

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Edinburgh buses are leaving at 10:30 from the Alexander Graeme Bell Wetherspoons on George street.


They will leave SHARP so please be there by 10:15am at the latest.


If anyone is late, they will have to make their own way to the game, as I am not having 150+ sad people.


The pub opens at 9am, so plenty time to get there.


The buses will then make a pick up at Deer Park for the Livi people, so please can they be ready for 11am sharp (please try to be there 15 mins early) As above, there will be no waiting.


We are then booked into Craig Masters Snooker Club in Glasgow, for a wee shandy....


IMPORTANT.... NO ALCOHOL WHATSOEVER ON THE BUS.... The police have informed us that they will be doing bus searches, and it is Illegal to have ANY alcohol on a bus going to a sporting event (even if the seal is intact)


This includes soft drink bottles with alcohol inside them.


The bus company can AND WILL immediately cancel the booking if any alcohol is found at all. 


Reason for this is that the driver, myself and whoever has alcohol will all get a fine on the spot, and potential criminal record.  The bus will also be forced to return to Edinburgh and we will all miss the game. DON'T BE THAT PERSON...


Plenty of time to drink before the game, and when we get back to Edinburgh.


Lets all enjoy the day... Stu


Will post the names for each bus in a couple of days... I shall do this by putting all names into an online randomiser, and filling the busses in order.  There is no organisation or choosing, it is the only fair way.  We are all going to the same place to celebrate a great day.


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For the Dunfermline bus....


The halbeath park ride is a no pick up zone for coaches its for service buses only they will have to walk to the bus stop on the main road with the coach facing cowdenbeath we will tell the coach to be there dead on 1000 as we won’t be able to wait at the bus stop.


1 Edinburgh bus is also stopping at Livi... (as well as the Dunfermline one). too many people for 1 bus.



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