Saints Book Now On Sale

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Just been flicking through the book this morning - too much of a diversion from work!!  Just want to echo everyone else's comments on here - a fantastic piece of work by Rob.  Really deserves huge credit for pulling this together - especially in such a short time since May 17.  I really hope the club will help to push sales on this - really deserves their support as it's a fabulous piece of positive marketing about our shared obsession.


PS - looking forward to my 8-year old daughter's reaction when she sees not one but two pictures of her in the book :-)

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Brilliant book. Just got it through the post in great time for my holiday! Sleepless what a dad down in essex at moment and loves it too.

Great variety in it with some cracking stories.

This is such a positive and needs to be celebrated more. Don't know how though. It is a shining light in what a fan can do with the memories and sentiments of others.

We all get hot under the collar at times about what people say in this forum and on other platforms but it's clear we are all saints fans with our own love for the team and with our own unique stories.

Major respect to my fellow saints....even got some love for mainstand x

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Guest The Great Paddy Buckley

Mine has arrived. I am very impressed. I would recommend it. Rob has done the club and supporters proud.



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