Queen Of The South A, 6/7 Feb 2015

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Well its a long trip to Dumfries and back, but if you're up for it let me know asap.

To be honest, it's a pretty tall order for a mini bus trip. I estimate we would need a minimum of 14 people, the cost would be around £20 a head, and we'd probably be away from Inverness from about 8.00am til who knows when. That's if it's a 3pm kick off of course.

So if anyone fancies it please post on here by this weekend, early indications from last night's meeting show quite a few unable to go.

Another option is to drive down to Perth and pick up one of the Saints buses. Rhoda has already looked into this and it wouldn't seem to be a problem. Again though, numbers asap as these other supporters clubs need to organise coach hire.

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Sorry after much thought would be a hard one for me to make just to much travelling to be honest would have to leave here about 5 o'clock and not home till Sunday. Early kick of would be worse Sunday game likewise.

Once again sorry for not being able to make it. If only Brora had won nice little 50 mile trip down road.

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