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Tuesday Team Talk

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Meant to say on the programme tonight but ran out of time... No Tuesday Team Talk next week - we're all somewhere else.  

However, now that we've done 6 or 7 we'd appreciate your thoughts on...

  • How it's going
  • The sh1te or otherwise level of our discussions
  • What we should ditch
  • What we should attempt
  • Whether we should give up and go home....

Pleased to hear any constructive and genuine comments, good or bad.


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One great day at McDiarmid Park, 

Saints took to the penalty mark,

To knock out the Swiss,

The reaction was bliss,

Would never have happened with Stark.


A young man named Dave Mackay,

Raised the Scottish Cup trophy up high,

Meanwhile Jackie was cryin',

So he started lyin',

And claimed he had grit in his eye.



It's been a slow day.


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