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Watched Kelty Hearts getting skelped 3 - 0 by Auchinleck Talbot.  Decent enough game but some woeful defending by Kelty.  Serves them right for leaving Tam Scobbie on the bench.

Mind you someone should tell Barry Ferguson that there is more to being a football manager than turning up well groomed and then standing on the touchline with your arms crossed trying to look impassive while your team run around like headless chickens.

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Don’t give me shet for posting this here but I watched the video of the Sons of the Rock, about the group of young people getting behind their team. During the course of the video there was shots of some miserable old gits who didn’t seem to be enjoying the young teams exuberance, but all club members including the manager thought it was great so I hope the boys are not discouraged by the sweetie paper rustlers

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According to the BBC we're playing Hibs again tonight. Not doing so bad this time, either....

Score flatters Hibs

St Johnstone 0-2 Hibernian


Steven Thompson

Former Scotland striker on BBC Sportsound

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