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13 hours ago, rickardo said:

I think the club creating a safe standing area at the score board end is a great shout and would bring folk back.

Kilmarnock now have a safe standing section of around 324 "seats".

They claim it cost £40k to install.

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On behalf of the FCU

To anyone interested in creating better Atmosphere at McDiarmid
It is obvious that after Ayr away that we can provide a vocal backing for the team. There were numerous groups there who contributed to the noise. Let’s start filling sections with everyone together (fan groups/ pal groups, previous sections, previous ultra/ singing sections groups) and sit together in one area. Similar to the FCU section just not exclusive to the FCU. The fcu will be one of the groups within the section but would be good to create one big collective group who all create an atmosphere together home and away. Visual and vocal backing goes a long way on and off the park.

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The young team were outstanding at Ayr last Saturday and from what I saw the whole 90 mins was just good natured and constant backing of the team.

Brilliant to see them back again midweek and hopefully they're now back for good.

Home games been crying out for an atmosphere......


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