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New PSJ strips and sponsorship

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I have been looking into getting us proper PSJ badged strips and sponsorship which I will hopefully reveal later this week.

Another option I've looked at is getting PSJ tracksuits but unfortunately the funds don't go that far.
There is the opportunity for you to buy your own PSJ embroidered tracksuit top (same style as the photo) with your initials on it for £24.50.

I know this won't be for everyone but if you fancy it then let me know and I'll add it to the order.

Would be good to know by Wednesday evening who wants one.


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I'll take one. Probably need a medium. Last seasona sains top says In Brazil, USA and Mexico Id be a medium! Didnt realise they sold them over there...

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This is the final order.

Please like or comment if I have your order correct and let me know if any changes or additions by 3pm today.

1 x joma Zamora III goalkeeper set (green) (no. 1) large
1 x joma Zamora III goalkeeper set (black) (no. 1) large

19 x Joma Grada short sleeve shirt royal blue/ white with the outfield numbers on the back of the shirts being: (all size large unless stated)
3 - XL 
23 - XL
87 - XL (sully)

25 x joma crew II tracksuit top 
left to right after name is size, initials and squad number £24.50 each.

Graeme Doig - XL - GD - 1
Jordan Thomson - L - JT - 9 
Andy McDowell - M - AMc - 5
Kevin Sullivan - XL - KS - 87
Jamie Mckay - L - JMc - 11
Alisdair Thompson - XL - AT - 23
Cal Kennedy - L - CK - 3 
Grant Napier - L - GN - 2
Sam Rush - S - SR - 14
Daniel Scott - M - DS - 8
Gavin Logan - L - GL - 18
Ruari Kaylor - M - RMK - 17
Robert Lumsden - L - RL - 7
Chris McLaughlan - L - CMc - 72
Graeme Rodger - XL - GR - 21
Dougie Frew - M - DF - 22
Al Christie - L - AC - 10
Blair Kaylor - M - BK - 4
Dale Walker - L - DW - 30
Matthew Gallagher - M - MG - 57
Graeme Duncan - M - GD - 6
Neil Wilkie - M - NW - 12 
Joss Marnoch - XL - JM -24
Michael Rodger - M - MR -5
Michael Dunbar - L - MD - 69

Additional main strip top with no number on the back (10) - £21 each
Tayvista - L
Jamie - L
Tracy - S
Graeme - L
Nick E - L
Jordan - L 
Nick F - M
Dale W - M
Cal Kennedy - XL
Michael Dunbar - L

Staff Long Pant tracksuit bottoms (no logo) £13.99 each (5)
Jordan - L
Sam - S
Ally - XL
Cal - XL
Andy McDowell - M






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I am delighted to announce our new strip sponsor is Tayvista.

Tayvista is a web solutions, graphic design and software consultancy company based in Perth.

Please follow them on Facebook using the attached link and on twitter @tayvista.

Our new strip has been designed and I have a mock up photo of it.

If Tayvista get a few likes and follows today I will share this later tonight before we do a kit unveiling at McDiarmid Park once the order comes through.

This is the first time we will have had PSJ badged strips in the clubs history.

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