FK Trakai (A) - Europa League Round 1 - 06/07/17

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Here's a direct link for the match. Working fine. Should work on yer phones or VLC if on laptop.

If you want to play it on VLC Media Player, copy the link, open VLC then hit Ctrl+V. A box pops up with the link in it, press play.

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All I can hear on my stream is Tommy going mental, telling the linesman that he better start doing his fuc€ing job and shouting at Tanser for being wasteful!

playing much better last 10mins of half was our best.  Wish muzz had been able to keep going, reminds me of the Minsk game where they took a player out just at the vital moment and happy to take card.

our yellow cards were total joke.  Need to start getting shots off quicker but still feel this is do-able if we can get an early second half goal COYS!

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