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Scottish Football

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Are you not missing the point TS in regard to the unique situation prevalent in Scottish football.

After that debacle at Ibrox the other night I've linked an article by a current/former SNP/Saints FAN which, although it is from 2010, is even more relevant some 9 years further on. Clearly the current Ibrox entity cannot be allowed to fail as heaven and earth is being moved to ensure that they are ably assisted in their quest to collect a first trophy or league title.

Briefly he says...

"Yes, referees are entitled to support a team. They may support one of the two big teams.
"But when Rangers or Celtic come to McDiarmid Park I would like to know what teams these referees are supporting.

"And, if they are Rangers or Celtic supporters, I'd prefer they didn't referee a match between St Johnstone and one of the Old Firm."



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1 hour ago, Cagey said:

A Celtic & Scotland legend & great captain in the days when I didn't hate OF.

RIP big man.

Spot on Cagey! A legend and a gentleman. I will be disappointed if there is not 2 mins for the big man on Saturday at all games.

RIP Billy.

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31 minutes ago, sixties saintee said:

Stevie Chalmers passes away

The lions are dying off.

Remember him at Muirton tearing us apart with his pace. I think they put 7 past us but in the Ormond days it never bothered us as we knew we would probably win the next game.


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