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Monday Night Football

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Statement from 4.12.17 McDiarmid Park 8pm
Present.Gav Stewart Dan Shek Sean Stephen Derek Søreide David Kennedy Allan Main Token Dice Richie Mcintosh Lee Robertson Brian Campbell Eric Laing John Andrew Harty Niel Rogers Michael Scholsey Main Steven Taylor Stevie Carr Nodwill Joiners 
2018 Will officially be the 21st year of Monday Night Football since we moved from rotating night's at Bells Sports Centre to McDiarmid Park 
In that time we have played on 3 different surfaces  and well over a 1000 games using to date 160 players 
Unfortunately  the years 1997 and 1998  were not recorded (can be found) I have though got all the appearances from 2000 to 2017 recorded and will reveal at the Player of the year on December 30th  I hope to be able to add 1999 to the final details but the original sheet for this year has been badly damaged 
Thanks to Richard Selby for collating  all the details on excel for me
As I said I will be announcing  everyone's Appearances at Poty and 2018 will hopefully see some sort of 21 year celebrations to mark this  fantastic achievement 
There are some players playing tonight who will record between  700 and 800 + appearances, this would have been higher but for missing years 
Those players are Myself  Stewart Reid Mike Main Stevie Carr  Brian Campbell   Paul Bullions  and Allan Main  who on the same night sadly announced he was retiring at end of year, hopefully he be persuaded to give it at least one more year being it the 21st year
Eric Laing also managed into 500 plus appearances despite a driving job and a long holiday 
This has been a difficult year for myself with injury and then having to move to evening shifts and work when my place of work closed but keen to stay with same company 
I would like to Thank David Kennedy  for sacraficing part of a game to allow me to play.On the same note someone was needed in my absence, completely when I was injured and big thanks to Dan for doing this for me
Finaly  this brings me to the Player of the year on 30th December and in view of what I have been saying about 20 years I have stepped things up and hired the Hall in the Saints Club for a very special event  to allow us to celebrate alongside the other football I run including The 5s Fitt 5s and  Saints Seniors FFIT 
Tickets are free and include 2 choices of curry please make every effort to attend and the offer extends to partners wife's, pals etc and the more the merrier, I certainly don't want to be bouncing about a big hall with half a dozen folk  but I'm sure in view of the occasion and efforts being put in to arrange  such a  marker of years 1997 to 2017 ever one will support it where possible 
Hears to the 21st year and all who sale in her
Gav Stewart

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