Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

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7 hours ago, MySpazz said:

Bigger brands - quite simply the costs to buy the items.

First Team, Staff, Training wear, U20s, Women's to start ................someone count it up! Easily getting on for 1000 items right there... so the difference of 2-5£ would be felt by Saints on those deals. Similarly on the replica stuff sold in the shop (e.g. Campus).

The misnomer is that Saints get a cut every time one is sold. Saints get a lump sum upfront, so the idea that buying it in one shop or another "helps Saints" is moot. Saints get paid first! 

There are cheap companies out there doing decent kits. These are template, but we have always had a template https://www.ev2sportswear.com/sports/football/


Away kit should be thiscustomimage.png.ed8ab66cd6d163c9380d010a2efc4ea7.png

With either yellow or blue shorts and yellow socks. 

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Some really nifty looking kits and comments from Wappers.  Sorry to say that Bulletproof Broom will make the final decision, so it will probably be some dull shit looking thing and will only need laundered once a month.

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6 hours ago, ScottMann said:

The excellent source on P&B has today confirmed they'd heard it was Macron from next season. No surprise I suppose as they seem to be used by a load of clubs at the moment. 

Maybe it's a specially designed/subliminated top. You never know they might spring a surprise and it might be another company. 

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