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Steve McQueen

Prediction League 2018/19

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The Points system is as follows

5pts for a correct score line prediction
(you say it will be 2-1 saints and the score is 2-1 saints)

2pts for a correct result prediction
(you say 2-1 saints but it is actually 3-0 saints)


3pts for the first scorer

This applies to the first scorer in the match not the saints first scorer.

Own goals don't count, if the 1st goal is an og then the next goal will be given as scoring first. So it is possible to predict a 1-0 win & no scorer.

Another option is to say ‘ no scorer’ in your prediction and if it end 0-0 then you will get the first scorer points


1pt for anytime scorer

if your nominated players scores in the match but not the opening goal.

Following feedback I've changed the crowd points.

5pts for an exact correct attendance. (this has only happened a couple of times in my years)
3pts for a the closest prediction
2pts for a prediction with in 50 of the attendance
1pt for a guess with in 250 of the attendance

This gives a new maximum of 13pts for any particular match

As ever, all predictions will be taken for 90mins and will not include extra time and pens.
It will include Scottish Cup & League Cup  matches as well as the League games
Bonus points
Double points on offer for cup semi finals and finals (Scottish cup, or league cup)

League Table Predictions
1pt for each team in the correct position.
(ie if Saints finish 7th and they finish 7th you get a point, this gives 1pt for each team in the division.)

League Cup Group Predictions

1 pt for predicting the correct position.

3 pts for correct number of points collected in the group for each team.

1 pt if within 2 points


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For what it's worth , a Super computer has predicted the following places AND points total for the end of the season-:

1.  Celtic      88 pts

2.  Sevco     75pts

3.  Dons       65pts

4.  Killie        63pts

5.  Hearts    57pts

6.  Saints     54pts

7.  Hibs        53pts

8.  'Well        52pts

9. Livi          47pts

10 Dundee  29pts

11 Accies    27pts

12 Fakes     25pts.




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