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Radford 72

Reserve League News 2018/19

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16 minutes ago, Strawman said:

Always impressed by the set up at Kelty. 

New stand been built since I last visited.

If/when Jeanfields new plans are finished their new facility could be used by Saints for games like this in the future ?








Tidy little ground.

Committee doing a great job.

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On 12/3/2018 at 6:56 PM, HOODLUM65 said:

Not the Final Cagey. The "Semi".

Hearts v Aberdeen in the other Semi.

2nd half well brought on 3 under 18s out of five subs made ,they may have been all under 18 not quite sure ,we also had 5 under 18 subs and brought on one with 20 min to go a striker for a striker ,i find that totally baffling saints 18s are doing well just now the game is lost but second half saints did compete a bit more so why not put them on ,if i was them id be thinking we cant even get on at 6 0 down and they are good enough to go on in my opinion, very strange ,and semi will be full of first team probably hopefully not though these young boys have to learn thats why reserves were reformed but the sfa fecked that up as well 

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19 hours ago, mainstand said:

Depends if they want to risk him on astro. 


On 1/27/2019 at 2:51 PM, tucker said:

Hopefully see Easton in the team

 No Easton. Of the team I think only Comrie had first team experience.

2 2 BEFORE an unfortunate mix up which left hibs with a clear run on goal. 

Quite a good game 


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