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St.Midden Away Day

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This has become a higher pressure game than it really should be. Need to hold on to the good away form and pull in the rope on the top 6. Anything less than a win and it starts to feel a wee bit 'slumpy'.

Last 2 home games we've been digging in with a lot of hard shifts but we're missing Drey's spark and we're 5 minutes of football and missed penalty off a record-breaking unbeaten run, so it's not disastrous by any means but the fine margins seem to have swung against us recently. 

Watt starting please. Spoony on the bench and Danny getting a start would be a Christmnus bonus,  but not holding my breath tbh.Thought Callachan did on on Sunday, can see TW giving him another go. **** knows what he'll do, I'm going back to drinking. 

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