Rangers v Saints Saturday 16 Feb League Game 26

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28 minutes ago, sixties saintee said:

Lennon and Sutton sitting under the Saints flag reporting on the game on BT Sport, as a aside Sutton said Celtic humiliated us last week , wouldnt go that far.

Aye but Suttons an arseh##e last time I saw him he was covered in lovebites and they were all self inflicted

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Yup, Rangers have more of the ball but aren't creating clear chances, we started to threaten more at the end there.

Still no reason to fear them, Defoe is just standing next to a centre half and falling over, Kent the only one who looks dangerous. 

We need to get more of the ball in their half though, a struggle as Kane cant hold the ball up, but something needs to done to give us a real chance.

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