St Johnstone v Hearts 30/10/19

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Pretty poor game, but great win. Ref was shocking.

Fair play to the back four, they have taken a lot of flak in the last few weeks, but they dealt with the Hearts 'threat' (I use that word loosely). Particularly Duffy, who coped very well when the big lad tried to over power him.

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Great battling win.  Fully deserved 3 points, only one team trying to play football.  Shut out. 3 points. Off the bottom. Thought we controlled the game, everyone working their socks off, good press all game.

Hearts are cheating their fans, long ball looking for second ball. Kicking opponents at any chance. Completely nullified by a Saints team.   They are utter dug shyte!   The only passes they could make were backwards ha ha ha.

Ref was abysmal.  Really bad.  No protection for our football players.

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Great win. Thankfully the ref was not conned by the battering ram diving & fouling. He should have been booked in the first half for 3 fouls in 5 mins. McLean & Ichpeezu we're throwing their arms about.

Anyway we have to get Ali signed up. There can't be many better midfielder  in Scotland.

Tommy finally got the formation right. Hopefully not too many injuries to change it.

Whole defence were immense tonight . The more they play together the better they will be.

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