Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

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18 minutes ago, Abernethy Saint said:

Can you give us a clue, or point to how to translate - ta.

Yeah sorry, I think my browser must automatically translate as it came up in (bad) English for me. Copied and pasted below:


Karel Voolaid, head coach of the Estonian team, commented to Soccernet.ee on the decision of 19-time international Madis Vihmann to hang a crow.

Vihmann, 24, had his first offseason in the back-to-back career when he played for FC Florast on loan from Norwegian club Stabaek in the first half of the year and then in St, Scotland. Johnstone. When he started out as a solid base player at Stabaek, over time he dropped out of the line-up and the dry play time in the UK pretty much matched. 

"I knew something about the beginning of the week. Once, we met Aivar Pohlaku - not on Vihmann, there was a previously agreed meeting - and he told me about it," Voolaid explained how he learned about the news.

"But this is not a shock to me. During my time in the squad, I have had the most phone calls with Madis from the Estonian squad candidates. This is to support her during a somewhat difficult period in both Scotland and Norway. and to keep in touch, give advice and make recommendations. But from those conversations, it never came to me that "if I can't get in Scotland or if I can't fit in the national team, then ..." .

She continued, "But I think she's a fairly balanced and intelligent person and has thought through things for herself. Unfortunately, I can't really tell the reason."

What would Voolaid think about the role of Vihmann in the Estonian national team in the future and how big a blow to Estonian football will be today? "It depends on a variety of circumstances. When we look at last year's choices, Joonas [Tamm] and Karol [Mets] got the most play time, and Ragnar [Klavan] took some time off with family and club activities.

"If we had a big wave of injuries, we would have seen more of Madis in the picture. But the competitors did a good job at the club. Even Märten Kuusk did a pretty good season last year. "There are substitutes all the time, I can't say," continued the Woolies who took control of the national team last summer.

"Certainly he was a potential future player and we didn't see his full potential yet. Right now I'm just talking about this news because we never know if Madis will one day decide to start playing football again because he is very young. the ceiling did not materialize yet and there was a lot of stock left, which means that the blow to Estonian football is strong. "


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Also from this page


Tallinn FC Flora have announced that Estonian national midfielder Madis Vihmann (24) will make a big football final.

"I would like to thank the club, the coaches and the players I have played with and with whom I have played. It is a personal decision that I do not comment on," Vihmann briefly told Flora's press service.

Vihmann from Sangas, Valga County, acquired a football education in FC Elvas and received his first taste of the capital in Leviatha, but since 2015 has been wearing Flora colors. Last season he spent on loan contracts abroad - in Stabaek in Norway in the spring and in St. Johnstone, where he officially returned to Floras last week.

Floraga won the Estonian Championship in 2015 and 2017 and won both the Evald Tipner Cup and the Super Cup in 2016. Vihmann has played 19 times for the Estonian national team.



Comments underneath it say:

Purgene   •   3h
(193-143.10 ***)
Hard bang still. The man's decision must be respected. Good luck in the future!

Calva   •   3h
(37.157.105. ***)
WHAT !? WHY !?

Tarmps   •   3h
(87.119.182. ***)
How can that be?

Thugie   •   2h
(87.119.182. ***)
Um, somehow like completely out of the box, in the middle of the season and only 24 years old ... Something had to happen

Denis Krestinin   •   2h
(85.253.212. ***)
self-esteem dropped because he did not play in weak clubs abroad.Flora is currently also neglecting him ... will be back soon

Wingback   •   43 minutes
(213.180.19 ***)
It is a pity that acting in local Estonian top football does not compete with what non-sporting opportunities can offer. The young man might have made these calculations and all.
I would say one talent from Estonian football baggage has gone again. Sad.

Tom K   •   for about an hour
(90.191.1866 ***)
: (((

Taavi Usta   •   2 hours
(37.157.110. ***)
soccernet could ask for an explanation



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5 hours ago, garydavidson said:

Brian Easton with what looked like a collarbone/shoulder/arm injury after Curtis Main knocked him over when he was in the air.

Yeah, surprised there was no comments as he knew what he was doing & it was dangerous taking the guys legs from him when he was in the air.

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On 2/12/2020 at 11:06 AM, garydavidson said:

Brian Easton with what looked like a collarbone/shoulder/arm injury after Curtis Main knocked him over when he was in the air.

He has dislocated his shoulder - so out for anything between eight to 12 weeks.

Edited by garydavidson

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