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  2. The reserves are actually any player, there is no age restriction or number of players restrictions
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  4. Greylag

    Euro Memories

    Or taking a train ride to the top of a Swiss mountain to find that of the 300 or so people at the top you knew about half of them. Then taking the ski gondola back down and while walking to the bus stop into Lucerne being given a lift by fellow Saintees who spotted you on the road. Surreal.
  5. Going and playing and training on a daily basis on an astro turf pitch after having the injury that he had. Risky i would have thought.
  6. May heading for talks with Kilmarnock according to Daily Record Transfer Page which was updated a few minutes ago
  7. Nae home bus this weekend. You can get a discount on Stagecoach buses by presenting your Season Ticket to the driver. NO.1 and NO.2 buses leave from Mill St. opposite the Foundry pub. My tipple is a pint of Belhaven best. Cheers.
  8. HOODLUM65


    Nae bus this Sunday to home game v Ross County.
  9. 1. Rangers 2. Celtic 3. Aberdeen 4. Hibs 5. Motherwell 6. St. Johnstone 7. Hearts 8.Kilmarnock 9. Ross County 10. Hamilton 11.Livingston. 12 St.Mirren.
  10. Is @RandomGuy just sitting hitting F5 on the Dundee clubs Twitter feeds still?
  11. Ex Saint youth L. Appeare scored 3rd goal for Arabs against Cowden.
  12. Now that he has retired from football and had more clubs than Woods and Woosnam.
  13. That Sam Parkin we could use now.
  14. I think you mean, "International Striker and Scottish Cup Winner, Chris Iwelumo". (& Sam Parkin).
  15. May seen with Dundee skank playing with itchy baws, a wee bit of clap from the clep.
  16. 55saint

    Euro Memories

    Raising the flag in Monaco..............
  17. Remember the days when we attracted big name strikers like Chris Iwelumo & Sam Parkin.
  18. Stevie Clarke must be one hell of a manager!
  19. This is all shite. I’ve spoken to Stevie May’s Dad, who says he is not going anywhere.
  20. Dave Ferg

    Euro Memories

    I've been fortunate to make a few trips having been too skint to go to Monaco and bitterly regretting not going ever since. Many people I've spoken to that did go were equally as skint as me but went nevertheless! 1. The main memory of Trondheim was my cousin saying to me at the end "Fergie, the only thing that could top this would be winning the Scottish Cup". Little did we know how prophetic that would be! The night in the piano bar after was magical and something I'll never forget. 2. The night with the San Marino team in the bar in Yerevan was bizarre to say the least. Seeing some of their guys in Saints' tops is a special memory. 3. Crossing the bridge in Lucerne and looking back at the beautiful city we were in was up there too. Hopefully it won't be long before more special memories are being made!
  21. Hope his Mrs knows where he is and he is not at that hotel playing away
  22. That crossed my mind as well. Couldn't be much closer to half way between the two.
  23. Apex is halfway between St Madoes and Stevie hoose
  24. What time is tea time in Dundee?
  25. McInnes suggested that they were home last night and we're training this morning.
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