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  2. Scottish Premiership 2019/20 - To Finish Bottom Sun, 20 Oct St Mirren7/4 Hamilton2/1 St Johnstone9/2 Ross County11/2 Updated - William Hill - still has us at better relegation odds than Hamilton & St Mirren, even after today.
  3. Agree totally. The rot set in when we signed Goss and changed our play to suit. We have never recovered and its been downhill ever since. We did not recruit well, can't defend and can't score which now is a recipe for relegation. That is all the responsibility of the manager.
  4. True Cant paper over the cracks. relegation might not be a bad thing look at county
  5. Today
  6. Love this thread, Chips is a star for creating so many memory joggers. Frazer and I went through primary school together at Viewlands before I moved to England in primary 7. Remember your house in Scott Street well, just along from Jacqueline Donaldson if I remember correctly. Gavin mcleod, iain Montgomery before he moved to Bearsden, Gordon Adams, Richard voigt, David Coventry, David Armstrong, Ellie Graham, Julie Gordon, and many others went through primary together, hope u are well.
  7. That takes us back the current form had it not been for the early points in the bag we would have been fighting relegation nothing has improved since then in fact they have regressed stats are stats, facts are facts. The facts are uncomfotable reading but you cannot argue with them as it stands we are in dire straights and staring down the barrel of the gun
  8. If you dont see a relegation candidate in the room beside you, it probably means it's you. 25 games ago takes us back to last seasons winter break. Were we not easily in the top half at that stage?
  9. The alarm bells were ringing 25 games ago get real unless major change we are f####d
  10. Our biggest mistake was not signing an experienced centre back. Too many thought Kerr and Gordon would come good. They have not Most wanted May back into the fold but our formation does not suit his style of play. Today, he was an expensive version of Kane tried and worked hard but failed miserably. As for fight and passion from the players most of them will away next season so they do not care. I too fear the worst. Down and never to be seen again in the Premiership.
  11. Are we now the abysmal side? If we dont beat Hamilton at home next it's looking impossible to predict when we will win again? Getting beat in Paisley is the clearest alarm to hear. Alarm bells must be the current status in the club.
  12. Listened to the first half commentary ok but couldn't get it to work second half. Possibly lucky but if you pay for it then it should work. Did anyone else listen and if so did you get the second half?
  13. Watched the last 20 mins of first half on Alba. Can't bear to watch anymore. Goalie pumping the ball out the other end of the park & not commanding area. Have been a Zander fan & not to confident with other 2 but it is time to try another keeper
  14. Can't take chances - concede for fun. The toxic mix.
  15. FWIW, I think on average you need at least 36 points to survive. We need to pick up 32 points from our next 29 games. At a guess we need to win at least 8, probably 9, of those 29. Take out the OF games as we dont seem to win those anymore, then you're potentially looking at 9 wins from 25 games. We've picked up 5 from our last 25, with 2 coming against an abysmal Dundee. If you take 38 points as the safe target, we have 25 games to get 34. If we win 10, we'd still need 4 draws, which means we can only afford to lose 11 more games this season against non-OF sides. In other words, I think we're already down. I have zero faith in the defence allowing us to win that many games from this position.
  16. Get the ball into the box enough times and our defence or keeper will hand the opposition a gilt edged chance.
  17. Poor to watch, could tell after we fluffed our early chances where the game was headed, and it felt like the players knew too. First goal dreadful, boy looked offside but you just cant let opposition players have enough space to overhead kick a ball from 6 yards, Frazer Wright would be diving head first at that ball. After that we gave up, dont think we had a single shot worth talking about and the attack just completely shut down. Kennedy tried things, and MOH caused an issue or too, but there was nothing else. St Mirren just had to thumps balls in behind our centre halves and complete panic ensued. Todays the day we'll look back on at the seasons end and wonder why anyone was still thinking we'll be safe.
  18. That team on the pitch today was not a Tommy Wright team - the irony being, that he signed/gave a new contract to every single one of them. If you think of guys like MacKay, MacLean, Easton, Millar, Wright, Anderson - they are leaders. Not a single player on that pitch has the respect of the whole dressing room or the will to grab a fellow professional by the scruff of the neck when the manager is not in the room and tell them that they are stealing a wage.
  19. Tommy says he is letting the club down & the players are certainly letting the club down. Mainly the players then. Wright is the guy that signs the players,coaches the players & dicides formations & tactics. He said there are no leaders on the park. Well you selected the young captain & made Liam & Fozzy joint joint vice captains ,where are they now ?.
  20. We do better away from home as well. We must take at least 4 points from next two games . If not whole coaching team has to go along with goalkeeping coach.
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