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  2. Barnsley fans reckon they've signed a CB but wont announce it until they sold Lindsay and received the money...
  3. I'm not sure if this is genius or not!!!
  4. Free Kicks. = No attacking players in a wall of 3 or more. Who decides who are attacking players and who are defending players. In my opinion all out field players are at some time attackers and they all are defenders when we do not have the ball.
  5. One of the biggest complaints is consistency. That happens in our league with a bunch of educated white guys and these rule changes won't reduce that. So I would say the men's game is still going through this regardless of borders.
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  7. ScottMann

    Jason Kerr

    That looks like Liam Lindsay's away to Stoke for £2 - 2.5 million. Better strap yourselves in as things could get bumpy.
  8. The ludicrous offside decision given against Scotland was inexcusable at any level of football. It's a great shame that some of the officiating has been so poor given that the standard of play has generally been excellent.
  9. Mon Hoodlum want no excuses next year when i whip your butt once again.
  10. 1 point for each team correctly predicted. Teams are: Aberdeen Celtic Hamilton Hearts Hibernian Kilmarnock Livingston Motherwell Rangers Ross County Saints St Mirren This will be open untill week 3 of the new league season.
  11. Score, 1st scorer & crowd please.
  12. Score, 1st scorer & crowd please.
  13. Score, 1st scorer & crowd please.
  14. Score, 1st scorer & crowd please.
  15. 1 pt for predicting the correct position. 3 pts for correct number of points collected in the group for each team. 1 pt if within 2 points I want placings & number of points (between 0-12) for each team, 20 points up for grabs. Remember bonus points for penalty wins so there can be a weird number of points. Teams are (& example):- Saints - 12 pts Ross County - 9 pts Brechin - 6 pts Forfar - 3 pts Montrose - 0pts This will close at 3pm on 13th July when the group starts.
  16. The Points system is as follows 5pts for a correct score line prediction (you say it will be 2-1 saints and the score is 2-1 saints) 2pts for a correct result prediction (you say 2-1 saints but it is actually 3-0 saints) -------- 3pts for the first scorer This applies to the first scorer in the match not the saints first scorer. Own goals don't count, if the 1st goal is an og then the next goal will be given as scoring first. So it is possible to predict a 1-0 win & no scorer. Another option is to say ‘ no scorer’ in your prediction and if it end 0-0 then you will get the first scorer points 1pt for anytime scorer if your nominated players scores in the match but not the opening goal. -------- Crowd Predictions 5pts for an exact correct attendance. (this has only happened a couple of times in my years) 3pts for a the closest prediction 2pts for a prediction with in 50 of the attendance 1pt for a guess with in 250 of the attendance -------- This gives a maximum of 13pts for any particular match -------- As ever, all predictions will be taken for 90mins and will not include extra time and pens. It will include Scottish Cup & League Cup matches as well as the League games -------- Bonus points Double points on offer for cup semi finals and finals (Scottish cup, or league cup) -------- League Table Predictions 1pt for each team in the correct position. (ie if Saints finish 7th and they finish 7th you get a point, this gives 1pt for each team in the division.) -------- League Cup Group Predictions 1 pt for predicting the correct position. 3 pts for correct number of points collected in the group for each team. 1 pt if within 2 points
  17. Part of the problem is the understandable desire to use officials from all parts of the world, but this means using folk from areas where officials are undeveloped and inexperienced. You saw that in the last Scotland game, where some of the decisions were comical. The men’s game went through this phase as well.
  18. Roy you wouldn’t like it nae chippy around
  19. The rules are getting absolutely ridiculous. I haven't watched much of the woman's world cup but the handball decisions are inconsistent and the ones that have been given are scandalous.
  20. This change was trialled in Brazil last season, and apparently this is what is now happening.
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  22. And I always have the impression half our bookings are for the first foul.. 2nd fairest team in the league yet we wont shake off the workman, street wise, battling, agricultural style. So misplaced. Good to read, but wish we'd be dirtier and break up the game in a better manner on the half way line as opposed to have a great blocking record. Hearts, Accies, MWell - not a shock to see these manky mobs bottom of fair play, kickers all round.
  23. You missed ball does not have to leave the box before a defending player touches it from bye kicks and free kicks, attacking player can enter once defender touches it,.
  24. New tactics, just chip the ball up. Need to be wiser in the box for attack and defending. But the rules are evolving and no real issues with the latest updates... but offside needs some clarification, I grasp todays rule but seen an OG the other day by a defender that had to play the ball as the attacker was near (they'd have been offside if they'd touched it)
  25. The handball is ridiculous. Won't players just try kick it at the oppositions hands to win freekicks and penalties??
  26. Free Kicks. = No attacking players in a wall of3 or more. Sub's. = Player must leave the field at nearest point (this will be fun with a player getting abuse walking right round pitch). Coaches. = they can be issued with red or yellow cards just like players. Penalty Kicks. = Goalie must keep one foot on the line. Hand Ball.= Accidental hand ball deemed a free kick. Drop Ball. = No longrer to be competitive.(complicated). The job of the ref is difficult enough. I wonder how many of these rules will be missed by refs or forgotten about after Christmas. Are the 6 steps & holding the ball too long still applicable ?
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