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  2. Ach maybe a season ticket holder winner will treat you as one of their three guests.
  3. Geezo Gus, damned if they do and damned if they don’t. All the non season ticket holders I have spoken to think this is a great idea and certainly don’t feel alienated by it. Just imagine the uproar if it was one of the Old/New firms fans who always manage to get tickets in the home end who won it .
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  5. A ticket on a phone? Amazing. If they can do that, where are the personal jet packs we were all promised?
  6. I think we paid a very small fee for that supposed wonderkid who played for Auchtermuchty reserves or somebody and turned out to be no good and was let go. Couple of years ago?
  7. *Puts on Pedants Hat technically that is inaccurate, fee was in fact only paid for Davidson and that fee was £45k. He was initially refusing to move because Livingston owed him £5k in unpaid wages/bonuses. Deal was thrashed out that Saints would pay him the £5k personally and Livingston received the £45k as a transfer fee. Dave Mackay was the added to the deal at the last minute as Livvy's were desperate to get him off the wage bill.
  8. There's an easy way to make this right, assuming three quarters ticket holders and one quarter pay at the gate. 3 draws for season ticket holders followed by 1 draw for pay at the gate. That is a very simple and workable much fairer way of doing things. I was a season ticket holder for near 30 years and before McD always paid at the gate, hardly missed a game home or away. Purchased family season tickets and endless saints tops etc. Have moved to the Highlands now so season ticket just not viable but will attend as many games as I can. So having spent way in excess of 20 grand attending just home matches, there is no way to benefit from saints £15,000, hospitality give away. I know there are plenty others like me that have had tickets for years and moved away or have always just paid at the gate. I think it's fine for season ticket holders to be given first dibbs on match tickets and a discount in the club shop but with such an unprecedented saints give away to leave out those that pay at the gate is disgraceful. Whilst a great initiative it is also another own goal that has not been thought through properly. Saints need to correct this or they are going to alienate another bunch of supporters.
  9. cristo

    Season Tickets

    Just bought a ticket for the Killie game. E mailed to me immediately and all I have to do is show them it on my phone and they zap it and let me in. How simple is that. Knowing my luck the battery will die on my phone on the way to the game.
  10. This quickly turns in to a negative though, when he consistently fails to score. I don't want to be just constantly slating the guy but it's clear he's not good enough as a striker at this level. Just trying hard isn't going to cut it.
  11. MOH has only been effective through the middle once or twice. Most notably in the cup against Sevco. He's far more dangerous on the wings where his pace can do real damage.
  12. I wasn't saying anything is wrong with having an online system. I was interested to hear what was so different between making one phone call for a season ticket that put someone off doing it until an online system was available.
  13. It is my opinion and I have said it many times, I believe MOH is not a striker; he can't win a ball in the air, he struggles to hold the ball up waiting on support and he does not score enough goals. He is best played out wide where I think Wright and Kennedy will play. Hence why I said he, will drop to the bench as can not strengthen our weakest positions. It is just my opinion, he and Swanson have been tried up front already this season and showed nothing to indicate they can fill this position.
  14. Exactly. I don't think restricting interviews etc to paying members is doing Saints any favours & alienating the fans that used to see the interviews free like most other teams. Have no problem having to pay for replay of full game or highlights but surely interviews help fans get a picture of what's happening & why.
  15. While we busily spend weeks (months?) dithering around with the May deal ("have this much... no, have less... actually, let's make it a loan") he's probably also in talks with other clubs. Given his current situation and Saints' flaky incompetence when it comes to getting things done (see also the Hemmings nonsense), he'd be crazy not to be. I really wouldn't be all that surprised if he ends up signing for someone else completely out of the blue.
  16. I don't see why we can't have Wright and MOH in the same team, given that MOH can play right, left or up front. When Tommy first brought MOH back he said he was signing him with the intention of using him as a striker.
  17. A mate of mine is a bondholder at West Ham bought it (in the days when they were on their arse and needing the cash), cost was a £3k from memory , for this he gets his seat in the main stand , with a discount on his season ticket, one game at hospitality, discount on club merchandise, first dibs on ticket sales for away, cup games including cup semi or final. It is a case of give a little take a little, would Kim Jong Broon be so adventurous. Not suggesting that amount just the idea would appeal to some fans I'm sure. There is no way I would put money into the club when he is sitting on a mountain of cash, but I would pay to be a 'bondholder'
  18. St Johnstone boss Tommy Wright believes ‘big black cloud’ over McDiarmid Park has lifted There is still no sign of a new striker but the news on Wright’s injured players is cause for further optimism as Saints prepare for their weekend trip to Easter Road. “I believe in the players we have here and Drey Wright has been back training with us, which has given everyone a lift,” Wright reported. “He’s looked really good, although he won’t be ready for the competitive stuff until his consultant says he’s ready. Liam Gordon is available Tommy said “So when we add to the squad – which will happen – then I’ll be happy with what we’ve got.” “The chairman knows who we want and he’s working hard to make it happen.” Full article: It will be great to have Drey back but that does not help the team in our weaker positions all it does is relegate MOH to the bench
  19. That interview has a lot to do with fan and public apathy towards Saints
  20. General belief was that May was walking away from Aberdeen without any pay off. This means I guess he is likely to want as close to his current wage elsewhere. If we can’t match it and May himself clearly wants to come to us, are we trying to help negotiate a payment from Aberdeen which sees him released and us then being able to get closer to what he would want?
  21. Who decided it was a good idea to put the vast majority of media content from the club behind a pay wall. Do you think that is conducive to bringing in new fans. Would the pay wall not be best reserved for games only?
  22. That interview really, really boils my piss.
  23. cristo

    Season Tickets

    This, for sure. I may still get one and only because I can do it online.
  24. “But unless someone can convince me otherwise, come hell or high water, I will not change my mind. That’s it. If I think that’s the right way and no one can give me something to change my mind, that’s it." “It doesn’t matter if the manager jumps up and down, puts four or five pages of moans in the paper or goes on the radio, or whoever else wants to have pop. “I’m bulletproof and you need to be. If you’re easily influenced, you’ll never be a good leader" I think people need to move on from the Stevie May story, us signing him would require Bulletproof to change his mind..
  25. A £2,000,000 "sinking fund" that would cover a couple of seasons top league wages in the Championship? Saints have a very difficult balancing act accommodating being over achievers paying good wages on longer contracts which could potentially end up in the scenario of paying under contract wages we can't afford off the back of relegation.
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