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  2. I think you have to believe that the arrogance of Gerrard and the Rangers players is always going to trip them up a some stage. The 'bringing back the big guns' thing could be exactly the complacency that we need to deliver a shock. I hope the quality we showed in the first 20 minutes on Wednesday leads Callum to start with the same 11, assuming Guy is OK. Maybe Kane should start ahead of May, but that wouldn't change the shape. This is a chance to make a memorable season into something even more special, I think we'll see a terrific performance from Saints regardless of the result.
  3. What?? They'll be on 'loose women' next.
  4. Away from the Scottish cup thread thought I'd start this as it deserves it's own. Rangers will bring back all the big guns and will really fancy their chances. If they play to their strengths and move the ball about at will I don't see us having a shot. However............If we we employ that closing down game we did on Wednesday and take the undoubted chances that fall to us we might cause the biggest shock of the season. I think we have to score twice to win this. I don't think we get through but something keeps nagging at me that they haven't felt defeat this year - who knows................................
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  6. Fat lot of help you are! However, found it on f/b.
  7. Let's just hope the decision goes our way on Sunday, should there be a similar incident involving a Saints player's arm. But...... i doubt it.
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  9. First penalty was actually given for handball before the ball got to Rooney. They said that on sportscene and was also what Calum had said after the match as well. But linesman ruled arm was in natural position. second one arms may have been by his side but he moves towards the ball. As seen in the link I have added.
  10. Not forgetting Guy's winner at Dens and that fat mess Adam's missed penalty, both at a normally bouncing away end!
  11. The club previously known as rangers 0 SJFC 2 David Wotherspoon
  12. SFA have eventually made a decision . Don't know why it couldn't be done on Tuesday. Maybe they had to wait to see if Taverner came through last night game unscathed.
  13. Aye the hunter gathers came unstuck Coys.
  14. And a final game v Livingston that could secure us Europe. Would've been some brilliant memories made this season. Opening day at Tannadice, where we refused to lose despite being a man down for 50 minutes. O'Hallorans last minute winner v Kilmarnock. 5-3 game at Hamilton. Coming back from 2-0 down at half time to beat Kilmarnock. Oblitering Motherwell with Melamed scoring from 20 yards. Beating Dunfermline on penalties in front of the away stand. Late winner v County to secure top 6 in final 5 minutes of that stage of the season. Beating Hibs 3-0 at Hampden. Winning the League Cup for the first time. What a ****ing season.
  15. all played vert well just our finishing that let us down many to choose from went for McCart
  16. Round 45 - Rangers (H) Last gasp equaliser for what could be an important point. 1-1 was predicted by sixties saintee, 1 other forecast a draw. Wright scored 1st but wasnt predicted to score, neither was Craig predicted to score. This Round 5 sixties saintee 2 chips Latest Standings 108 Abernethy Saint 96 blueheaven 93 pezza70 90 Steve McQueen 86 sixties saintee 83 Hoodlum65, Kinnoull Kicker 82 Johnny B 81 slf 77 chips 75 Saturn 74 Coltrane 73 sleepless 68 Cagerf 59 Cristo 54 ejksjfc 50 Saintdunc 36 Main1 28 Salguodinmethven 21 Indicator 9 saint in the city 5 Melbourne Saint 4 jhq 3 Smarmy Arab
  17. I had switched off the stream in disgust at the officials. Saw a post on Twitter saying penalty and thanks to the delay, manage to get back in just before Liam stroked it home!
  18. Would hope we would sell more STs next season but not sure. We are playing better football than the eye bleeding stuff we had to put up with under Tommy but not sure if too many will be seeing it. I think Rangers & Hibs have already put theirs on sale already. Desperate for money.
  19. Celtic wifies showing their misfiring men how to score against Rangers*.
  20. Very true. I might have missed it though by trying for a quick exit from the car park! I know would have served me right.
  21. Hopefully it’ll show in next seasons ST numbers
  22. I actually think we might have pulled in some bigger-than-usual crowds this season, what with the way we've been playing, the Cup win, and the late surge into the Top 6. Pity.
  23. I remember back, must be getting on for twenty years now and Paul Wright scoring late late show to deny the ****. I'm Sure Wright did this more than once against Rangers. Sweet.
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