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  3. Knocked out two even diddier teams, then drawn against the mighty Bayern. Lost at home 2-0, and 2-1 away. However, at half-time in the away leg, this was the scoreboard. One of the most iconic pictures in Scottish football history.
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  5. Another 90 mins tonight and a worthwhile recall. We we were lucky to have him.
  6. I’m guessing The Bellshill Cafu won it?
  7. Potentially a good signing. He comes with a decent pedigree and certainly talks the talk. He’s played in Europa League matches alongside Lacazette, Özil, Ramsay et al. Two-footed playmaker, just what we need.
  8. Charlie Gilmour to sign this week
  9. Sell a “co-commentary” raffle. £25 a ticket. Winner gets to go and sit in the booth and get excited on the mic
  10. David Martindale declared a fit and proper person. Delighted for the guy and I wish him well for his future. Of course those good wishes do not apply to games his side will play on 6th and 28th February.
  11. Steve Bruce is encouraged by the second half performance of Newcastle against Leeds. Good night Steve, the end is nigh.
  12. Just a thought... Do you think Saints should/ could offer a 1-off final live feed for those that have not got Saints TV/ SkySports? Say, £10??? Or do Sky have exclusive rights? Expect they do...
  13. Don’t ever waste your time/energy trying to understand Rangers or Celtic fans
  14. Totally agree, the funniest thing is seeing Rangers fans comparing him to Tavernier and saying he must be worth £25m. The logic escapes me, £10m for a 20 year old who they obviously think has potential to £25m for a 30 year old who would probably last one contract left in him. No club in there right mind would do it.
  15. He’s just no worth ten million quid though is he. Obscene!!
  16. I think tehy are saying in excess of £10m some talk of £12m. He was not even getting a regular game so converting £300k into at least £7m after Man City get their cut is cracking business.
  17. Poor old Whatmough of Portsmouth. Two own goals against Hull on Saturday. Sent off after 29 minutes tonight.
  18. Did well, too. They also ended the business of Scottish Cup runners-up getting in if the winners were already qualified. That was due to a string of diddy teams qualifying and doing rather less well. Helped the coefficient a lot.
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