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  2. I like CL's transfers so far... Right age and ability. Essell will no doubt be sold on, as will Sibede. After a full season. Fair enough... As long as we don't do a McCann. Essell will probably end up at one of the ugly sisters. He's an absolute diamond signing...I think 2-3 more signings and we have CL's squad. Just wondering who's scouting them, or is it agents hawking them?
  3. J. Rae A. Raymond Essel McClelland (c), Captain N Sanders Keltjens Smith MacPherson McPake Steven Mbunga Kimpioka
  4. Alloa 0 St. Johnstone 3 Goal: Kimpioka Card: McPake
  5. I thought he looked pretty solid at huntly
  6. Anybody having any luck watching these games on the fire stick
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  8. The fact we brought in Rae it looked he would be fighting it out with Sinclair. Surely half a game up north wasn't enough to convince them that Sinclair wasn't good enough. Personally I think it could be that they think he is still liable to sustain wrist/arm injuries.
  9. I too sent over this idea and also suggested a statue of Geoff outside the main entrance and him being appointed as the club's honorary life president.
  10. I had a feeling you would have 😁 An excellent idea and great to see it happening.
  11. Run by the one and only Sam McKenna, also a shop at the side o the Playhouse, instrumental in setting up Saints bingo, if you go that far back, an getting Barrosa built, ignored by Saints, as Geoff couldn't get his hands on it.Should be in our hall o fame.
  12. Gee Ross must be wondering if his time will ever come after he had that injury last season
  13. AAFC 1. SJFC 2 Goal. Kimpioga Card. M Smith
  14. I bought a Saints hold-all there circa 1970, carried my school books and fitba boots in it when I went to Auchmuty School in Glenrothes
  15. I remember when it was the Saints Aid Club in South Methven Street. Merchandise pretty much consisted of old programmes and black and head shots of the players. I still loved going there, though
  16. This was one of the ideas I sent over to the club, so I'm going to take full credit for this thanks. 😁
  17. As a follow up to this, going by the ticket prices for the Aberdeen game, it's going to be £27 to get into most league games this season (same price being charged for both the East Stand and Main Stand). If that's going to be the price for most of the other games too, it means the season ticket is even better value than I'd estimated. So, at an estimate ... 2x League Cup games at £15 each. 16x home league games at £27 each. 3x home league games against the OF at £30 each. Total = £552 So an East Stand adult early bird season ticket would have saved you £197. One question I have is why the Main Stand and East Stand season tickets are priced differently, if the price for match tickets is going to be the same?
  18. Alloa 0- 4 Saints Goal- M Smith Card- Essel
  19. So presume the new experienced GK would double up as coach. Jon McLaughlin seems the most likely option. Right age, right experience, has played for Levein before.
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