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  3. I was referring to Saints "reaching take off velocity". Muppet
  4. We got around 800 grand for Dodds, so I'm sure GB got his money back...
  5. You hit the nail on the head "Sadly football culture seems to attract idiots" If you PM me your address or a paypal account i'd like to cover the cost or send a new scarf for your laddie - many of us on this forum and 99.9% of those in the stands at home games are football folk, not the idiots who come and go .....
  6. The frustrating or disappointing thing is we put up a good performance and get the 3 points like against Hibs and we then follow it up with pish and we look like a team again who are relegation bound. These false dawns are enough to keep CL picking players out of position and out of form as he thinks his system and tactics are working.
  7. Two very cheap goals. The worst moment for me in the first half (there were several incidents to be fair) was when Robinson and Gallacher doubled up on Armstrong and the Killie winger was easily able to swing in a perfect cross. The lack of intensity in getting in the faces of the opposition was really sad. It seems a culture of defeatism across the team, something which was evident in the teams since 2021. Not good enough all over the pitch. Sad, really sad. It's been rotten football for far too long.
  8. Ah the days when the taverns of Peebles were the number one source of in the know gossip. The glory days 😁
  9. There is no one in that squad that are not signed that I would want to see next season. I would also hope that emotionless mumbling Levein is gone as well. I don't want to see anti football again next season.
  10. I've just watched the post match interview and felt that Craig Levein show'd more emotion for Saints wellbeing than ever. I get the 'hands in the pocket' critisism and appreciate the fans concerns but, maybe, Levein is beginning to buy into Saints (maybe talking to Geoff) and he can get us through this to safety. Despite criticisms I do think we have the squad to get through this - caveated with the niggling uncertainty that they're being coached in the right way.
  11. I'm pretty sure we beat Motherwell but it didn't matter because Killie beat Hibs.
  12. I was on holiday in Lanzarote the game taking place during my return flight home. I was wearing my Saints top to travel walking down the aisle to my seat I felt someone grab me as I passed, it was Saints legend Paul Kane he suggested that I must be feeling awful I agreed and we had a nice chat for a wee while. Just as we landed in Edinburgh PK received a text turned round to me and shouted up the plane to me about 10 rows further back "they've f****n done it". I did get back to my home in Peebles in time to join the returning "Peebles Saints" fans in The Crown for a celebratory drink where we were joined by Stevie MacLean.
  13. Not sure Dodds worked out well. I seemed to remember he missed a sitter at Motherwell on the last day of the season and we were relegated. I am sure Geoff got his £500 grand and maybe more from Aberdeen.
  14. Saints eventually reach take off velocity? ... or don't they anymore? We need a messiah like Henry Hall what a shot in the arm he was!
  15. I refer to it as the McDiarmid curse... We've been crap at home for years.. away games alright. I get our tactics are counter attack, but it's a 3 pointer for away teams. Sell to the American lot and let them develop the land, build a new stadium and just maybe the curse of McDiarmid will be gone... It served it's purpose well in the early years
  16. I think this debate is a bit nonsense. To me it comes down to transfer budget... Totten had decent backing, so did GB's favourite, Sturock. So much so he forked out half a million for Dodds. That worked out well. But the other managers have had it tough on a shoestring... And now we're relying on loans for a squad... I still want to know where the money for MCann is going to drop... Crap piece of business by saints
  17. Who was the midfield diamond...? I'll get ma coat.
  18. Those were the days. When we actually had a team and a manager to be proud of.
  19. He'll go as soon as we get a new owner. Always happens.
  20. One team going for Europe and the other trying to avoid the play offs and it showed. They attacked , we tried to stop their attacks. We always play the first half in our own half trying not to lose a goal but we usually do and allow opponents the build confidence and usually a goal. We usually end up chasing the game and we are a team with lack of confidence and with the threat of relegation hanging over our head. Not conducive with good relaxed football.
  21. I'm not really wanting to get into the debate as to who was our best ever manager, but my one observation would be, under Willie Ormand, it was bloody enjoyable, a really good attacking team, it was fun. We beat some great teams, and even when we lost, we had a go. I looked forward to the next game. This stuff just makes your eyes bleed, it's been the same for years., I go every now and then, and think feck that for enjoyment. Best wishes to you folks who put up with it week in week out 👌
  22. We played a 4 at the back, but with Gallacher as a left winger and nobody on the right. Interestingly McInnes says the identified our style as 5-4-1 with a midfield diamond, which is probably correct.
  23. I think we were a four at the back today - and have been for the last while - but Gallacher on the left wing is just cruel.
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