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  2. Glad to see BBC eventually acknowledge the second most successful team in Scotland over the past 10 years.
  3. A Turkish chap posted a number of links in this thread - try a page back.
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  5. Yeah, one way systems and sanitation would be the main things I expect and have already been in place for pre-season so fingers crossed!
  6. always struggled trying to get bbc, even with a vpn.....also no iphone / i player. if anyone else knows a good site, or ppv option, please post
  7. I feel a lot more nervous than I did for the Cup Finals tbh
  8. Rangers got permission for full stadium. Can't see why Saints can't get capacity as it's bound to be easier to control 10000 than 50 odd thousand. C'mon Saints/PKDC get a move on.
  9. Maybe just playing devil's advocate here but - if they were restricted to fielding Scottish players, wouldn't that just result in them dragging all the best Scottish talent down to non-league level to play every week? Whatever they do and whoever they sign, I really struggle to see any connection between them and the improvement of the Scottish national team.
  10. Judging by social media there seems to be far more interest among Scottish football fans for our game than any of the others. Brilliant to see and hopefully justifies the bbc picking up the match.
  11. If the premise for allowing OF colt teams to play in lowere leagues is to benefit the national team then they should only be allowed to field Scottish players. Just another example of Sevco trying to buy success.
  12. Absolutely brilliant news. It sounds like Saints had to do a bit of work to make this happen, so huge thanks to whoever it was who was involved in that. Bet Celtic didn't have to do the same to get their game shown! As far as I can remember, this is the first time a Saints European game has ever been shown live on TV in the UK?
  13. I’m 100% certain that Saints will have had plans ready to cover all the variations and the correct plan will have been submitted. If I understand it all correctly they need to show they have enough sanitation stations in place along with 1 way systems and stewards.
  14. Exactly details based on 2 metre social distancing etc. not on the new guidance announced on Tuesday. Saints will i expect be having to set out exactly what they can do in order to try and get more than the 5000 that they are automatically allowed.
  15. Yes me too. Thank you BBC. COYS
  16. Looks like no broadcasts outside of Turkey & the UK. I'll probably go with a VPN + iPlayer. COYS!
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  18. I’ll be extremely disappointed with anything less than say 6,000 / 7,000 odd given the uglies look like they are getting and/or asked for full stadia next week. But we all know how those discussions will be going.
  19. Any fellow Saints fans in Thurso? I'm up there working next 2 days
  20. Amazed they pulled this off. Massive credit to whoever had a hand in getting this done.
  21. Also on tv BBC Scotland channel.
  22. Excellent. Really well done saints
  23. Game tomorrow is being shown on BBC! Link here
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