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  2. I have some leads to connect VHS to PC if anyone wants them. ...
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  4. As much as I love Macca, I’d have May and O’Boyle in front of him. And Roddy over Peaso. McQuillan is one my favourites too, but has to be Mackay in that spot. No Kernaghan either. I’m a couple of years younger than Eilidh but her team is full of holes!
  6. From all reports it is the bonuses that seem to be the best bit of the contracts Saints hand out.
  7. Too old & stupid to do links… Its on Saints twitter along with Stevie Mays Q&A.
  8. Chortle there’s always one
  9. Only an idiot would travel to a game just because a clock on a website said it was on
  10. Eilidh's choice showing how young she is. For the era she is talking about I would pick McKay at right back.Maybe not just this era but all time. As Jody says I will never know why he never got a Scotland cap. Cup tie not even on subs bench.
  11. Big challenge for Kirsten. Hope she is up to it.
  12. I agree - it's not the same as a refund, as it's a reward for buying a new season ticket and for being a returning customer. A refund would be something that you would get whether or not you renewed your season ticket for next season.
  13. Interesting that Saints have been so quiet. Ironically, given how well his last interview went down, this would be a time where I'd quite like to hear Steve Brown speak publicly about all this. I see Dundee United are talking about getting season tickets out as soon as possible, even though they don't know what next season's format will be or even what league they'll be in. Getting some sort of season ticket package out now could be a good way for Saints to bring in a bit of income, especially if it came with some creative incentives for buying early.
  14. Yeah,I don't think they have any option but to furlough, There will be at least another 2 months of paying Quite a large wage bill. With there be to many on the staff earning a great deal more than £2,500 a month after tax ?.
  15. County and United have placed all playing staff on furlough, Hearts and Hibs have gone for wage cuts - surely Saints will need to do something shortly?
  16. I see from the official Saints' website that the Hamilton game has not yet been postponed. The match countdown feature is down to one day before kick off! I hope the game will be called off in plenty time, we don't want any unnecessary travel in these difficult times.
  17. That’s ok I’m rubbish at fighting anyway! I don’t think it is though. If I was to ask for a refund I would be looking for money back for remaining games. I can’t be bothered looking but we must have at least 4 left which would be around £100 for an adult( minus whatever discount you get as a ST holder per game). That would be a refund whereas entry into a one off game would be a bonus/perk/gesture of goodwill and would only cost around £25 sometimes only £15 as our first Scottish cup games are discounted anyway Surely not having to pay that out refunds and avoiding the administrative hassle involved would be better for the club than giving free entry to one game!
  18. The issue with the recurring "I Accept" pop up should now be resolved - if you continue to get it repeatedly please let me know!
  19. There is a link to watch it on you tube. Great site Jamie. At least the virus has brought some good. Site should help sanity over next 3 months.
  20. Thanks. There have been a few like that-the issue being you can’t tell until you try to play the video on an external site! I’ll look into that.
  21. Boots or Max Speilman will transfer them for you around £ 20.
  22. The Dundee 0 st Johnstone 4 game is showing as not available, the owner has disabled its playing on other media
  23. That’s something I’m looking in to! If I find something easy I’ll let you know. Just to say also I’m aware that some people (including me!) are getting the cookie “I accept” screen on every single page. This is something I’m aware of and am trying to remedy ASAP because it’s very bloody irritating!
  24. Great stuff Jamie. I have some old Saints games from the 90s on VHS that are gathering dust somewhere - been thinking about putting them online for years but have done nothing about it, so would love to contribute them to this. Can anyone out there advise of the easiest way to transfer content from VHS to digital? Is there a reasonably cheap piece of equipment that anyone could recommend?
  25. Last week
  26. Good work. Look forward to some nostalgia.
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