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  2. Don’t understand the slagging of MacPherson stuff. He looked like the most able footballer on the pitch.
  3. There's a been a bit of tinkering with the system of late but I reckon Callum will go back to basics and revert to his tried and trusted big game formation for this one, which probably means Kane through the middle on his own.
  4. Interesting. He seems to be a centre midfielder which is a position we have quite a few options for. What is our connection with the Israeli league? First Melamed and then this guy. I know Celtic have successfully scouted the league in the past (not least with Ambrose).
  5. Ithink Im entitled to my long spoon my dad was also a Fifer he was from Cupar
  6. Celtic look like they are returning to some decent form so we could have our hands full on Saurday. You have to think we will have spent a good amount of time in training this week working on the defence; lets hope last week was a just a bad day at the office. I'm not looking for too much from this game but I'd like to see a bit more solid structure to the team and frustrate Celtic and maybe sneak a goal.
  7. Fantastic. Callum will likely "trust" him towards the end of next season.
  8. This appears to be his showreel: Always love the horrendous music on these things.
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  11. MySpazz

    Im steaming

    SLF you teatotal or can we have a Ska infused "i'm steaming" playlist soon ....thanks!
  12. Nor will they make you sit behind a bloody great pillar.
  13. Livingston away on 2nd January 2022. shite New Years away day . And it’s on the sabbath.
  14. Vertainen is 22 and just moved to a new country, and league, for the first ever time. He should be given more than 2 months to settle and adjust before writing him off. The club don't spend fees and 2yr deals on players they don't rate. He'll be fine.
  15. I’m travelling up from near Galashiels to take a bus to Annan! Should be a braw day oot
  16. Knew there was a bit o' a Fifer aboot ye. Huv ye still got yer Lang Spoon?
  17. It would be braw if they served ye pizza
  18. Exactly. annan aren’t charging ye £30 mind.
  19. Still chewing this pish over . forget. bring on stinky celtic. more folk going to Annan than parkheid. mental.
  20. I didn't watch the game, and haven't yet seen the highlights. However, I do think it's funny that the players people were raving about after the last game are the same ones we're now being told shouldn't be in the first team/cover only/not the answer. I do think the Eetu thing is really weird. We did the same thing with Melamed last season, and he turned out to be very good. I wonder if he might've stayed if he'd had more games from the start. Has anyone got any explanation as to why Eetu would be signed on a 2 year contract and then not be played at all? We did see him for a few minutes (I forget who it was against) and he looked quite lively. Does Davidson not have any say over signings and he just doesn't rate him? I'm sure someone a while posted with inside knowledge that one of the coaches said Eetu was terrible (or am I dreaming this?). As the weeks go on, it looks like an increasingly bizarre decision for one reason or another. But even more bizarre since it happened last season too...with a striker...brought from abroad with much fanfare.
  21. Graeme Jones interm manager at Newcastle, after they sack Bruce .
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