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  2. Levein said in interviews with the press that he is hoping to get a striker plus maybe a project ? in January. He said some would have to go out first though. Speaking about Sunday he doesn't think Clark or Considine will be ready. No mention of injuries to Brown or Carey .
  3. Reported on 15th June it was 6 months.
  4. Six months - expires in January.
  5. Has the length of contract he signed in the summer ever been confirmed?
  6. The summer window was mostly seen as another disaster until players found form. With Philips, Mitov, Robinson, Smith and Spangler we saw a basis to offer hope for the future. Maybe there are players from the summer intake who could be impactful but haven't had the chance of a decent run. Ballantyne was superb at the tail of last season, could he rediscover his form. Whoever found the successful ones were they involved with the peripheral ones? If yes, maybe there is potential. If not, use them instead for all transfers. The lack of Reserve League football is not helping those players who need to play to improve and impress the management. It doesn't give those returning from injury a way of building match fitness. So often they only last a few games before further injuries. Depending on an injury prone striker for goals is not sustainable. Jepchott needs to be ready to play and the midfield to play to his strengths in the box. I don't see any signings in January unless there is movement away first. The league is close so Levein, Kirk have to work to give the players a chance. Davidson, McLean stuck with the same for fear of using others. Levein has to take a chance on the unknown which in many ways goes against his ingrained habits to trust who he knows only.
  7. I'd be extending Kane's deal until the end of the season unless I was very, very confident of being able to bring in someone else better than him within our budget (not easy at this time of year). Really don't want to lose a fairly reliable player with an established role in the team, only to replace him with another Theo Bair. I'm fine with May and he still has another year and a half on his contract anyway. I think the others you mention are all out of contract at the end of the season and we're probably stuck with them all until then, unless perhaps a couple of them go out on loan. Can't see any of them being offered new deals, with the possible exception of MacPherson. Our best chance of clearing some of the budget to bring in alternatives in January might be terminating one or two of our loans (Turner-Cooke a prime candidate?).
  8. Kane deserves a deal he does the dirty work well.may was one of player's of the year last season he'll come good again look at andy considine.Gallacher played well on Saturday when he came on he's different got something he's a good option.understand crawford.macpherson.ballayntne and booth all not either good enough or injury prone
  9. Half of this squad isn't just not good enough, they're complete shite. Does Kane deserve a new deal? Very very debatable. Is May any good? Nope. Crawford? McPherson? Gallacher? Booth? Ballantyne? The list goes on of complete past it/not good enough shite. Complete overhaul is needed, let's see if Levein is capable.
  10. Saints 0 Celtic 2 Goal: Kyogo Card: Phillips
  11. Yep, I think so too. Wonder if he regrets turning down the Dundee job now.
  12. Sounding like Clark might be back more quickly than expected which would be a huge boost. I think the whole picture looks very different when Clark's fit and playing, as he seems to bring out the best in May and Kane too.
  13. Starts with a 3-0 defeat to Dunfermline. Good to see Liam get a gig.
  14. Fotball to consider implementing sin bins shock! What has taken them so long? Plenty of positive examples from other sports - rugby, ice hockey, hockey, where it is generally regarded as a positive move. Can't wait for the 'it'll never work', numerous 'what if's? etc. from our unimaginative press corps. And while they are at it, adopt central timing when referees signal stopping the clock (cue excitement for fans as the game enters the final minute), captain's armband meaning something, and, shock horror, doing away with the offsie rule. Discuss.
  15. Last week
  16. Bottom line is our strike force is our weakest link and has been for years. Given Clark out until new year we need to stay in touching distance of those around us until window opens and we can get rid of some of the dead wood up front and replace with players of Leveins choice
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    Thank you so much.
  18. Score, 1st scorer & player shown a Card please.
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    Can anyone remember the name of the Motel out Dunkeld road I think behind a filling station where the Saints social club was beside? I’m sure someone will know.
  20. Could have been better could have been worse. Airdrie sitting 4 th in Championship on their own patch will not be a given. Media could see this as a shock and may be televised on a Friday or Monday evening.
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