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  2. I take it we will see what out new away strip is like tomorrow night, unless they registered last year's as a third strip.
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  4. This week's podcast...
  5. Rangers will be even more up for it now That Celtic will not be playing for a couple of games & have a chance widen the existing gap between them.
  6. It is incredible that we are all facing these issues with the Premiership matches where players are being tested twice weekly , and low and behold we have youth and amateur football teams expecting to be given the go ahead to start playing friendlies in September and leagues resuming in October. Despite the fact taht managers will still have to remain 2 metres physically distanced and wont be able to administer first aid. We still have a long way to go until we get to the new norm.
  7. Suspect any thought of Butcher coming is up in the air until the management team at bournemouth review the playing staff. Pretty sure Howes assistant has been promoted to the management role.
  8. Wolves miss penalty, Goalie feet off line , two defenders encroach into box as penalty taken one heads it away and Var officials did not see it.. crap.
  9. Watching Wolves v Seville, what a boring non entities are Ian Darke an Robbie Savage the commentary is banale
  10. Celtic Sevco Hibs Aberdeen Saints Dundee Utd. Motherwell Kilmarnock Ross Co. Hamilton St.Mirren Livingston
  11. Ha ha. Did change the wording as I was posting it. Likely is what she taught me.
  12. Everyone says that until they need the money. Would still like us to see if Butcher is available, and I think Slivka is a good player who didn't get enough of a chance at Hibs.
  13. Again, irrelevant to the thread: I understand the context, just picking up on an inaccuracy. It's not really history, just a fact of modern religious practice. I can tell you - millions of non Roman Catholics across the world cross themselves.
  14. I like the cautious wording, clearly your granny, like mine, taught you not to tempt providence!
  15. By the date the Dons fixture comes around, we're likely to have played 3 matches away from Home .
  16. He stated he would refuse to play for any Scottish side that wasn't Rangers just months ago.
  17. Halliday would be a good signing. Has he replied to the deal?
  18. And are we surprised by anything that has happened. Not at all. How the SPFL couldnt see this happening is beyond me. The naivety in thinking it would be plain sailing and that there doesnt appear to be a plan in place seems ridiculous.
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