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  3. If you’re having issues try clearing browser cache etc. Make sure the web address you’re on starts with https and not just http. There’s been a few updates and you may just need a refresh to get things working again!
  4. Do I don't think for 1 minute Saints would but in wider industry that is the stark choice.
  5. But you would not have that choice as the players are under contract and unless you went to the extent of administration then the players contracts would be payable. Also would you really cut your nose off to spite your face by releasing prized assets??
  6. Role should have read dole. Bloomin predictive text.
  7. if I was being cynical, it sounds like a solution that solves a lot of problems. Hearts, Partick, Falkirk/Raith Rovers. I'm not saying it's the correct thing but it does take away a lot of hassle for those in charge.
  8. I'm not sure what this means? Maybe I just don't understand it do we lose a player?
  9. I agree. I don't see the point, or the need, for restructuring the leagues to create a set-up that most clubs will presumably see as inferior (otherwise why do we not have a 14-team league already). The ramifications would go right down through the leagues and would also mean extra clubs being promoted/relegated out of non-league a year down the line. For me, a reduced season might make sense if/when time becomes an issue, but I really can't see them changing the actual number of teams involved.
  10. That is putting in a lot of effort to save Hearts.
  11. They did touch on the following season and suggested that 3 teams be relegated.
  12. I think if we went for 14 then it would probably stay 14 or 2 down none up.
  13. Yeah,but furlough or role. I know what I would choose. Mind you you wouldn't want to lose Hendry & McCann.
  14. Hearing a lot of people suggest this sort of thing but I'm yet to hear any explanation of what would then happen beyond the end of next season - would we be stuck with a 14-team league beyond that, or would there need to be an abnormally large relegation zone to put things back the way they were? Can't say I'm a fan of either scenario.
  15. Have a look at Beatsons comments on Wap archive
  16. andrew

    WAP being weird

    It’s hardly a major issue but nevertheless still very annoying. We get a great enhancement with all the videos but then we have to lose something.
  17. Also worth noting that the players themselves would have to agree to be furloughed, it is a joint agreement.
  18. Last week
  19. As Mainstand says you would just have to rely on them using their knowledge of what they have had to do before to get through it. That is what will be happening for those teams that have already furloughed their teams.
  20. Don't really see what SB can say that would be of any value. I'm sure the club will be looking at furlough, but what else can he say? Statements from the club are a waste of time, especially when FIFA, UEFA & SFA don't know what to do as they don't know how long this will go on for or whether to scrap the season or re-start the season at a future point. There's a hell of a lot of money riding on this eitherway. Be interesting to see if transfer fees drop as clubs struggle financially & need cash.
  21. Can’t believe no one has found room for Rory Fallon. He played for New Zealand, you know.
  22. That is true, although we know the players are still “working” for the stuff, q&a’s, phone calls etc.
  23. I suppose it would depend if you also furloughed the sports scientist and the players did a plan using his knowledge and understanding as a friend and not on behalf of the club. Interesting discussion on BBC Scotland today where Neil McCann wanted an additional 2 teams brought in to save Hearts. if they play each other twice then split into 2 sevens, give you a total of 32 matches. or 38 if playing each other home and away this would please Sky who require 4 old firm matches.
  24. I use my iPhone to read the forum, tapping on the star next to a thread with unread posts. Suddenly it has stopped going to the first unread post and goes randomly to something that might be the top of a new page. Anyone else have this issue?
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